Discussions on 7th july

Dr.Jyothi Verma:
Namastee to all
Here is the case
Female patient 19 yrs with this condition
One year back this started from a small closed pimple and one vomiting with blood .
Afterwards redness and swelling increased day by day.
Since one year she was only on some ayurvedic medicines by some sadhu. But what was it not known.
Now she came to us
Her present complaint is headache which is pulsating in nature, lethargic, weakness.
Rest vitals normal with regular m.c.
We started with swarna suthshekar rasa

Vinaya Ballakur:
Is malignancy ruled out?

Dr.Jyothi Verma:
We planned for jaluka

Eyesight normal but if she watch TV for 2 hrs then strainful

She applied sarshap kalka over it two days back on her own told by some relative.
Now give ur valuable suggestions for the case

Vinaya Ballakur:
Multi punch biopsy / his to pathologic study needs to be done in this case

Report attached is of MRI PNS and face which shows the extent of lesion

Going for surgery first is an option. As it is the case seems highly neglected in not taking proper advise by patient and her family

Dr Suchitha Challa:

since no other problems related to other systems, and except maxillary sinus other sinuses are clear, and no CA, you can give shaddharana churna with proper ativisha (not subtitute of it) minimum of 3 gms per day, and app.3gms of  amrutha satwa and varunadi paneeya ever half an hour once for two days, swelling may reduce and other symptoms also may reduce. ask her stop usage of fan, or A/c avoid refrigerated food,  (not only chilled food, even those kept outside to become warm) as far as possible bland diet.


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