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Vinaya Ballakur:
On gall bladder stones please share your valuable inputs and clinical experiences friends.

We have direct references on pittashmari in texts so theoretical background is not a problem.

What is important is , are we able to apply the same and get successful results in practice?
If so up to what size calculus can we take up?

The other day, I had a patient aged 70 years enquiring about Ayurvedic treatment for her 29mm size single gall stone.
She had two episodes of severe pain in the abdomen but wanted to avoid surgery that was advised.
Her general parameters were OK.
I had absolutely no second thoughts over asking her to go for surgery soon.


Pt age 35yrs..
Gallbladder stone..8mm..

No symptoms..

I given
Punarnavasavam amrutaristam mix
Varunadhi kashayam
Arogyavardhini vati

Review after 15 days..

I will update after 15days..

Vinaya Ballakur:
Discussion on gall stone does not mean a conclusion on hypothyroidism. Please share your experiences as and when you can spare time friends.

Swathi Tumma:
Can i have the vaidhyas suggestions regarding what type of food should be given to a girl at menarche by which we can avoid many problems in her future

Vinaya Ballakur:
Susruta suggests paneeya ksharam in pittashmari. I gave yavakshara with arogyavardhani to a patient once but  stone size did not decrease, although, digestion and general condition improved. pain also decresed. Should I have added Hazrul yahood bhasma also?

Just like mutrashmari chikitsa.. except arogyavardhini

Vinaya Ballakur:
For prevention of mutrashmari I generally suggest regular intake of lemon.
Is it helpful in pittashmari also?
Lemon is amla padartha.
Which will be better ?
Kshara or amla.
Also ksharas cannot be used for long?
How long to use it?

As gall stones are formed due to concentration and stagnation of bile juice which is cholesterol based, can we achieve better results by using medopachan dravyas

Ksharas, Arogyavardhani, varunadi kashayam etc. are helpful for ksharana, lekhana and sarana of bile , no doubt

Will adding guggulu help?

I request subject experts and MD scholars to give their inputs. Many young Vaidyas eager to practice authentic Ayurveda are waiting for a little guidance.

Medho hara vidanga etc

Dr.pradp Noori:
There is diffrence between mootrashamarii is Tha sthana on is vatashana and Pittashmari is pitta sthana .both are kapha dried(kapha vata)

Pittashmari is atisnigdha sthira
Mootrashamari is atirooksha sthira?

Sandeep Kamnor:
These are the reports of a patient suffering from cirrhosis of the liver with carcinoma, ascites and portal hypertension. Doctors please say your suggestions in the form of prescription

Dr.pradp Noori:
Gomutra haritaki 1gm +
Aviltoladi(kshara)/choona 250mg with anupanam
Patolakaturohiyadi kashayam 15 ml before food. For forty days

Vinaya Ballakur:
You can add Abhraka bhasma shataputi 100 mg bd to Vd. Pradeepji' s prescription.

Grade 3 varices in oesophagus.
Give yashti kshir pak for rakta pitta shaman.

Multiple metastases in lungs. Patient age 71. Explain the asadhya nature of illness to family and take it up. Treatment can be palliative type only.

Kashaiah Vasam:
Good evening gurus,seniors and friends please share whate is the line of treatment  of brain strock (pakshaghata/paralysis) difference between bleeding condition/haemorrhage and clots/infarct stage.

Dr.pradp Noori:
Bleeding condition of Pakshaghata is V p condition, paka,Sroto vaigunya 
Lot is vatashamaka and pittashamaka snigdha slight ushna treatment

And dhatukshaya chikitsa needed ie better rasayana also needed. Bvc, manjista  Soothasekhar ras, brahmi rasayan, Mahavatavidhwansa ras VP SHAMANA like raktapitta

2. Type  Clot infarction is an Obstructive disorder. Vata kapha treatment. Lekhana ushna treatment required.
Yogendra ras Rasraj ras punarnava varna di kashayam
Bhallataki Lasuna ect

Both the treatments are vata treatment but the anubhanda doshas are diffrent and doshavikalpa is diffrent so diffrent treatment
My understanding

Vinaya Ballakur:
Vacha can be given in 2. Type for dissolving clots

.s.s Sir:
1. Loknath ras + Yakrit Pippali in morning with Tambool Swaras..
2. Mrigank Ras +Pippali +Marich  with ChatushKuvalaya Ghritam or Pancha Gavya Ghritam in Evening..

Vinaya Ballakur:
vacha rubbed over stone 4-5 times with water yields a very small quantity of paste . It is mixed with honey and applied over tongue in clot infarctions repeatedly but dosage should be taken care of as excess vacha can lead to vomiting.
Its our late Guruji Sripathi Rao's prescription in emergencies.

I too suggest it to patients who have developed clots from haemorrhages

Sandeep Kamnor:
In children aged Three years can we prescribe Arogyavardhini vati, Gandhaka Rasayana and kaishora guggulu

Dr.nageswr Gokul:
We can safely use
Kaishora guggulu,
Gandham rasayanam
In children

Sandeep Kamnor:
Sir dosage in 3 years of age

Dr.nageswr Gokul:
1/4 of adult dose


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