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Vinaya Ballakur:
In my clinical side...I am facing some problems to treat following disorders in ayurveda....

Gallbladder stones and
Thyroid abnormality

Please discuss above 2 disorders


For hypothyroidism
Kanchanar guggulu and Varadi , Varunadi kashayas  are helpful if condition is detected early. Along with yoga exercises can be reversed in some cases.

For hyperthyroidism, Narasimha rasayan, ashwagangha lehyam, Brahma rasayan am etc. work

A proper discussion will be very useful to all.

We can consider listing common symptoms of hypothyroidism, like weight gain, fluid retention, cold intolerance, hairfall, shukra and artava vikrutis and maybe analyse the doshas involved, dushyas affected, nidana, samprapti in Ayurvedic lines and analyse how Ayurvedic treatment can be planned.

Kompelli Vasudha:
In hypo thyroidism we can also give Hamsa pada kashayam (kotakkal medicine) and godanti bhasma.

Dr.pradp Noori:
Hypothyroidism is pitta vishiyated and kaphavriddhi

I think Tridoshas are effected...

Thyroid can be taken as vyadhi Sankara...

Agni vaishyamya
Sukra dusti..arthava dusti
Ati sweda..

Main ..Agni
As well as... samprapthi starts from rasa dathu..
Vitiation of dosa..first pitta...kapha...vaata..

Kanchanara guggulu ...varunadhi kashayam...yes ..it's useful..

But in anotomical thyroid abnormality only kanchanara varuna very effective...

What about hormonal imbalance(physiological) treatment in ayurveda???

Thyroid gland is normal...no abnormality...

But hormones Wise... abnormality is der...how can we treatment in Ayurveda???

Ayurveda always telling...if u treat root cause.. disease will subside..it means not symptomatic treatment..

But in thyroid problem we know..root cause is hormonal imbalance...

How to treat hormonal imbalance in Ayurveda???

Please discuss and post valuable suggestions...

Geetha Rani:
Most of the hypothyroid cases which I have come across is in females with mc imbalances, diagnosed during pregnancy first trimester blood test and on allopathic treatment. That time they are worried about pregnancy complications and do not want to take any risk and are on allopathic treatment and later cannot withdraw allopathic medicines but still suffer from hypothyroid symptoms esp related to mc and anxiety issues. Please discuss on this topic

Swathi Tumma:
Yes mam almost all the patients come to us only after starting allopathic medicine
So how to deal them and specially in infertility treatment how to maintaine the harmonal balance by ayurveda
Please enlighten us on this 🙏

Kompelli Vasudha:
If thyroid is anatomically normal but when TSH is raised

I mean in most hypothyroid cases the causitive factor is stress ,. Stress harmones constantly hit the thyroid gland and its functioning is slowed down so the kashayams like varadi(trip hala) varanadhi and hamsapadhadhi will remove these toxins or stress harmones from blood so automatically it's functioning will improve.

And also iam using godanti bhasma
Gorochanadhi tablets
Dhan want ram (101) drops( taken in nostrils ,i mean nasya karma ) to treat hypothyroidism. Most of the cases are responding successfully.

Bramari pranayama  is most imp exercise to correct thyroid functioning.


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