Jun 16, 2017

Ayurveda jobs 17th June 2017

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*Anatomy* - Reader -1

*Kriya Sharir* - Reader -1

*Samhita* - Reader -1
                     Lecturer -1

🏥Ayurvedic medical college , Shrigonda .Ahmednagar.


Space available for consultation in multispeciality hospital at Narhe Pune time slot available from 8 am- 6 pm 

Rent 12 K deposit 70k 

Gd place for Ayurveda homeopathy practice
Contact 7020801911

[16/06, 21:22] ‪+91 96192 89656‬: URGENT requirement
Any doctor near Dombivali area who wishes to work as a visiting doctor at Sampurna Ayurveda & Panchakarma Center (on Nandivali Road), plz contact me.
You are free to choose the number of days you want to visit. Morning working hours: 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM & Evening 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM.
One can choose to visit 1 or 2 evenings or alternate days morning evening, etc ...

Jun 15, 2017

Discussions on 14th june

Deepali Kakde:
Pt told operative
In case of stenosis and disc bulging which treatment and panchakarm is better

Madam... what is the age of the patient and nature of work? His/ her prakruthi.. onset of the problem, any other associated systemic diseases.. etc are important.
Thinking in a broad way u can initially suggest kativasti along with matra vasti. Selection of the tailas will be based on the above required info abt the patient.

Erand Tailam (Siddha) is our simple yet effective and unique product because of its contents i.e. Guduchi & Shunthi. Erand Tailam (Castor oil) when used alone created smooth muscle spasms in the abdomen due to its extra viscous consistency. Moreover it has a natural unpleasant smell (आमगंध) which causes the patient to stay away from it even though it is the best available purgative in Ayurveda. Both of the above demerits are nullified to a great extent when it is processed with Guduchi and Shunthi. This processing with Guduchi & Sunthi increases its therapeutic efficacy & thus widens its applicability in more number of diseases. It can be used in all types of #painful joint disorders, skin disorders, #psychiatric illnesses & GI tract disorders.
Classical #Virechanam & Sadyovirechanam can be performed by using Siddha Erand Tailam without any fear of untoward effects.

Dr.padmavathi vasanth:
A patient aged above 40 presented with completely white hair over head when he used hair dye he got severe allergic reaction
Now he approached me for natural hair darkening using Ayurvedic method
Please suggest me vaidya.....
I had given bringamlaka...Tails...eranda etc

Neeli bhringraj oil external application regularly.and natural hair dye,we can suggest only henna mixed with neeli powder application .

Very nice. Processing eranda Taila with guduchi and Shunti is

I agreed with dr.aparna Madam's treatment
Neeli bringadhi hair oil
Denz and darc shampoo(atrimed)

Extreme natural hair dye

Internally bringarajasavam
Vit Cal hair capsules or trichup hair capsules**

Night before going to bed any virechana churna

Before going to treatment first advise mundana karma(scalp hair shave)

Every day early morning before sunrise anutaila nasya

Discussions on 5th june

Dr.Rekha Hegde:
Namaste vaidyas.  One case of Pittashmari -19mm.with intense pain .no fever or vomiting. F. Age 39. Pregnancy induced Diabetes .Fbs 150. I have not examined the case, she called me. They adv. Surgery. Wheather we can do any intervention in this case with severe pain& slightly big gallstones. Other reports not available right now.  Please suggest me about this case,a kind request to all Gurujis ,vaidyas🙏

My opinion... advise surgery...

Dr.padmavathi vasanth:
Shubhodayam vaidya
A case of
Hyperpigmentation over cheeks nose vengam......
Need suggestions


First evaluate thyroid profile..

Then go for treatment..

Manjistadhi or sarivadhi
Any virechana churna very effective


Kunkumadi taila
Evenshade or evefresh cream
Eladi soap...


Vyanga... melasma...

Vinaya Ballakur:
Raktavaha srotas dushti

Treat with raktashodhaka and raktaprasadakas. Locally varnya

Swati Totla:
Pt age 32/M,prakriti pitta vaataj, software engineer. Having cebaceous cyst on scalp since 5 yrs. No other complaints, family history of cyst, pls suggest

Size 5 cm horizontal and 5 cm curvature

It's not hard, little soft like sponge

My opinion.. advise surgery..

Dr.Vishwanath Dixit:
Patient aged -70 plus years with serum creatinine -7 has underwent open heart surgery had fall from cot. Pain in right hip region below anterior iliac spine++ Have given Murivenna for external application,have suggested for x-ray.what internal  medicines can be given relieve pain??. Patient is already on Ayurvedic medicines for his elevated creatinine levels known hypertensive but not diabetic.(detailed case history yet to taken shall post it later)kindly suggest Vaidyas.

Viswanath sir..
Sahacharadhi mix external application

Gandha taila

Swati Totla:
Ohh but it's on scalp so is it safe, any other option?

No problem Madam...

Discussions on 3oth may

Avinash Jadhav:
Uzhichil is a part of Kalari Chikitsa (Kalarippayattu). It is a body massage with the help of oils and foot.
Do anybody have more information about these?
Do they follow any particular pattern related to Marma?
Are there any similar folklore massage methods in other parts of India?

​Have a look at this video

Dr Ashwini Ingle:
Can anybody give suggestions for Psoriasic Arthritis. Age 48 yr.. hand fingers deformity is there. Neck stiffness is there. Can't rotate neck a little bit. Bended forward.cant touch to bed, sleeping laterally only.


Since how many years??




Vinaya Ballakur:
Baby born with clubbed feet. At nine months of age underwent some corrective surgery for it. Now baby is four and half years old. Clubbed foot not corrected much but there are big keloids or keloid like structures at the operated site.
Baby cries due to  severe itching sensation on the area. On pressing there is also pain at the site. Can we do anything about it? Will another surgery to remove keloids be better? Doctors do not rule out keloid formation again if surgery is performed.

Right now the baby is undergoing repeated plaster of Paris applications for correction of clubbed feet deformity

From Dr.Ganesh
once keloid is formed any opration will produce keloid only. So oppose surgery.
there are many ointments which might affect.
best option is chinnaruha taila ointment to reduce itching /probablly work for keloid also

Vinaya Ballakur:
Thank you for the valuable opinion mam. Is any company producing chinnaruha taila ?
Any other ointments if this is not available?

Kusumolin ointment from Kumar ayurvedaashrama works

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