Dec 29, 2016

Discussions on 29/12/2016

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Date -23/12/16 statement needed explanation is why it is good--- ?
Dr. Srikanth - For your varicose ulcer case -I suggest
Guggulu tiktaka ghrita, Saptavimshathi guggulu2 tid, Arjunarishta 20 ML bid, Prakshalana with Triphala kashaya, Jatyadi ghrita ext. application, Jalukavacharana. , Diet Correction., Foot elevation.

This prescription included dosha prathyaneeka, vyadhi prathyaneeka, sroto-dustihara, stahnika chikitsa, stannika shodhana, Nidana parivarjana,
Medicines all are available, ready to use not a burden financially, not a dose which can create oushadhajeerna. It can be given by general practitioner and specialist. (Without jaloukavacharana)
Missing only dose and time of administration and method of use; time needed to expect results.
which is good. Person who uses will look up in the text.

Vd. Sambhaji Patil:
Mam ji pranaam 🙏 ,
Maharason pinda specially prepared to treat different conditions / types of vaatvyadhis, also Aamvata .

I found its very usefull in very veey  small doses in following vyadhies ...

Upasthambith vaatvyadhis,
Aamvata, sandhigat vaat, angina pain, gulm, udarshool, stri rogas , Rajyakshma, asthama,  grudhasi, avabahuk,  , aam atisaar, etc.

Reference for "Maha rason pind"

## महारसोन पिण्ड

८०वात रोग प्रकार,

४० प्रकार पित्त रोग,

२० प्रकार चे कफज रोग.

२० प्रकार प्रमेह,

६ प्रकार अर्श,

५ प्रकार गुल्म

१८ प्रकार कुष्ठ,

११प्रकार क्षय,



सन्धिभग्न,& अस्थिभग्ना चे सन्धान ,

दृष्टि चे बल वृद्धी,

ह्दय बल वृध्दी |

Aamvaat adhikaar Bhaisajya ratnavali

is it available in marke or we have to prepare ourselves?

Vd. Sambhaji Patil:
Not available with market -  mam ji .... We have to prepare it .

Dec 27, 2016

Discussions on 27/12/2016

Dr.nageswr Gokul:
@Dr.. Venumadhav
For your case BCG adenitis.
I advise.
First 1 week:
NallaThumma (Acacia nilotica)Bark kashayam.
8th day to 10th day:
Neem bark kashayam.
Above kashayam reduces toxity of steroids.
11th day onwords:
Gandhak rasayanam-100 gr.
divya sindhooram-10 Gr.
Rasa sindhooram -10 Gr.
Vyadhiharana rasayanam-10 Gr.
Mix these well. Bid dose. As per patient Bala.
Jatyadi ghrita
Ganga sindhuram with go ghrita ext apply.

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Good suggestion as I had one child patient with mild cramps and sort of seizures, tests EEG, etc were normal. After enquiring, they were giving pediasure regularly.
Advised serum calcium and found it was high. Rectified DC and diet. In last 3 months no complaint except worried about insufficient nutrition.
But what I am worried is rules / regulation/ moderation of total group.
We need some pattern to post questions; so that instead of just precription
there will be a guide line for further treatment and feed back from person who recived advise.

Prescriptions are needed to boost the morale/ to spread knowledge.
I can only sugest; but with out any feedback and pattern to ask for advice. We will be in more of a quicksand than crossing river in a  small boat.
My efferort is to retain the thought process in Ayurvedic tract, any medicine is OK / as long as it gives relief.
this is for group as whole not to any person.

So far no response,
may be need for explanation
pattern to ask is to decide why allopathic anti-biotics failed?
Ayurvedic approach means — i have one coolegue who was working in ICU and his father aged 72 or 76 was admitted to ICU with cardiac problems and concluded as muliple blocks, and sclerotic changes.
He was under monitering and my friend was in charge of ICU "yes Ayurvedic doctor"; he observed that every day at 12 to 1 PM and night 1 to 2 AM ECG changed. Already he was declared unfit for OP. and he was consulted US and it is nothing but  मध्यान्हे मध्यरात्रे वा पित्तं.
So started with sharat and greeshma pittahara chikitsa
It worked and he was able to be own for about 4 years.
I hope this will not create more confusion.

1.  Time how much time they allot for each patient
2.  1st visit how much they can ask
3.  Wheather they can get new reports
4.  List of medicines they are using totally (If they came for HT, then any medicine for meha, apasmara, cholesterol etc.
5.  If they are on any medicine & wheather they had any relief or not
6.  If there was relief then why they want to change the doctor or treatment

In second visit can they get all the complaints; from head to toe. This is needed to diagnose.
Next question if above things are possible.

Dec 24, 2016

Discussions on 23/12/2016

Dr.nageswr Gokul:
Dr. Srikanth
For your varicose ulcer case
I suggest
Guggulu tiktaka ghrita
Saptavimshathi guggulu2 tid
Arjunarishta 20 ML bid
Prakshalana with Triphala kashaya
Jatyadi ghrita ext. application.
Diet Corection.
Foot elevation.

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Great prescription
But mention dose in gms as 2 tid is misleading
I have seen saptha vimshat, kaishora, Cp vati weight varying from 125 mg to 2 gms
I my self use Cp vati 800 mg, shiva gutika wt 3 gms / tab (full dose 10gms/day for adult)

I thought it might be better to share diet to be prescribed in Ayurvedic practice as yesterday a child was bought with moon face after taking swasahara yoga’s.
DC was defective
RC was defective
Ahara was defective
Food Process was defective. I am sharing last one.
Preparing food in non-stick items dangerous as in case of “dosa”. Use of iron pan will give you daily dose of iron.
Seasoning in iron ladle will also give iron in ionic form.
Use of aluminum vessel, if not working in sun will create heavy metal toxicity (ICMR)
Use of bronze without tin coating creates toxicity, change of taste.
Copper vessel water for vegetarians will cause liver damage (kept overnight, use silver)
Most of autisum or manasa rogi’s are victims of micro-mineral deficiency. And have these history. Zn and tin are most essential minerals to maintain healthy intestine (govt. GO). Very low dose.
Use of non-stick items, Teflon coating, non-dipping of ladel in rasam while seasoning, vessels without tin coating are few causes of varied behavior patterns in higher socity.
Use of aluminum vessels is cause of hepatic and bone problems in lower middle class.
If possible check these in patients, but charge for that as dieticians charge 500/- for their idiotic prescriptions.

I am bit uncivilized.

Dr.nageswr Gokul:
@Dr.. GANESHA kumar
Dose of
Sapta vimshathi guggulu is
1 Gram tid.

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
thank you. I use the same dose, upto 10gms per day one karsha. enquried as new vd use tid with baidyanath/ dpl wich are 250 mg / 125 mg tablets. I prepare and use.

Vinaya Ballakur:
How about clay vessels. All micronutrients are found in prithvi mahabhuta .Many people are now switching over to clay vessels.

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
Got inspired by my American friend..just got two pots...didn't start cooking in it though! ( should seek grandma's advice from heaven😀)

Last date of admission for MD/MS Ayurveda course is extended to 30 dece if u r interested to perceive education at SDM, Hassan, Karnataka.. please contact 9448064277/9481400848

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
maufactureing or preparing clay vessel is a great tecnology.
generally they ask for what? how much you cook, what you store etc. As pot for each curds, butter milk, rasam, non-veg, frying, dry fry each has a different mode of preparation.
So micronutrients in clay vessels may be avilable if "Kumbara" does it.
when I was young elderly pot maker was incharge. So slight knolege is there.

instead of inspired by others, we should inspire others.

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
If action s got inspire others..inspiration is a great way to start......🙏

Has anyone analysed the cause of adhd or autism? Practically or theoretically?

Is garbhapamana is the cause? Or defective garbihicharya? Or any specific garebhinichaya which leads to autism or Adhd? Or defect in prasoothika upachara is leading to such problems? Or is it related to prakruthi, saara satwa obtained at the time of conception? How we should analyse the nidana and samprapthi? Is there any method to prevent it? h

Dr Kaveti Rajyalakshmi:
Madam what about role of garbhaadaana kaala ?

Dr. Tameem Ansari Shaikh:
Good evening Drs.....
Can anyone help me regarding different  "masi kalpana" refernce in classics....
Thank u

Payal K:
Dear all...Can u list market preparations for cough & cold in kids. I know more traditional ones but I want to know  OTC medicines with good results for wheezing, cold & cough...How about pankajkasturi syrup

and Graha vyaadhi.

Mothers sufferd by PCOS... incidence is high in ADHD and autistic  info from Research scholar IIMHA ...special education scholar...

Due to "garbhini vimaananam".

Maananam is a 'maanasa guna' by respecting the desires of pregnant, usually during period of 5, 6, 7 and 8th month.

This is exactly, the period suggested for "SEEMANTA-UNNAYANA SAMSKAARA" otherwise a 'garbhini samskaar' many ayurvedists are practising in the name of 'garbha samskaar'. This is only a replica of "douhrida maananam".

'Seemanta' are sutures (including fontanella) of the scalp and suggest the brain development. 'Unnayana' is a procedure to upgrade the brain development and it's functions.

For current days, it is applicable not only to traditional celebration but also ANC classes.

We, here, can offer
*ICE- ing of pregnancy,
*YOGA training,
*Music therapy,
*Saatvika pathana-drishya-shravanaandam,
*Edibles, etc.

Anything against the above may be the cause of AUTISM.

@ Vd. Paayal. K


You will get all range of paediatric useful drugs in syrup form.
Ayurmol, antipyritic/analgesic
Kho-kho, anti tussive
Ezoxy, bronchodilator
Acurti, urt-antibiotic
Bacinil, diarrhea
Zoemit, vomiting

One more triple action syp of ALOPA PHARMA
A 3 forte, anti inflammatory


Vinaya Ballakur:
Bresol syrup 1/2 tsf to 1 tsf in children older than 6 months
Its from Himalaya , haridra is main ingredient.

Can be combined with septilin syrup or drops

Mamata Bhagwat:
Kofol syp from Charak
Zeal from vasu
Commonly used ones

Apart from bresol and septilin

Geetha Rani:
Sushruta Aacharya while explaining rutumati charya quotes -
"मारुतायाससेवनादुनमत्तो गर्भों भवतीत्येवमेतान परिहरेत"
Ati vayu sevana and parishrama during menstruation leads to formation of unmatta garbha during the following ovulatory cycle.
Here Dalhana says unmatta as -
"उनमत्तो वातालः" which refers to conditions like ADHD, Autism etc.
In autism, Adhd - one of the major causative factors is excessive maternal stress

# leads to formation of unmatta garbha if the lady conceives in the immediate following ovulatory cycle

Vinaya Ballakur:
ADHD, Autism incidence 5 times more in boys compared to girls. So is beeja dosha the culprit rather than rithumathi charya and garbhini vimaananam.

Geetha Rani:
Study reveals why autism is more common in males | Fox News

Vinaya ma'am. In my observation those with pcos, diabetes, thyroid during pregnancy and taking medication for same do not give birth to autistic children/ Adhd children. But definitely those who take antidepressants during pregnancy are more prone to give birth to autistic, Adhd or children with other learning disabilities

According to one research, those who adopt a very young child - just born or 3 months baby from orphanage seem to develop some sort of learning disability at some point as they grow up. Hyperactivity too is observed in such children

If thyroid problems are not properly addressed during pregnancy, the born child is more prone for mental retardation

Vinaya Ballakur:
Thank you Vd . Geeta for sharing your observations.
The one on adopted children is interesting. Early deprivation of parental love is indicated though baby may be loved and cared for later by adoptive parents

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
what kind of kids you get to treat?
again I am questioning- no doubt; but to kids you have to be careful.
Any cough syrup with camphor give in less dose repetedly.
Always use rasna yoga and kamadugha or yasti together.
from dabur there is sithopala leha type preparation.
we use depending on their food, but cogh after fever shashivilas, or in midnight cough Nirocil syrup.
liv 52 drops, septillin, spasma of charak. koflet,
pushakara moolasava & dashamoola katutraya 1:1/4 tsf gives good result.
In cough if child opens the mouth yasti + kamadugha+ sithopaladi (Indication of ula inflamation)
Best is rasna guggulu powdred and mixed with nirocil syrup

about pankaj kasturi -NO
it contains rasa manikya, and gives very good results.
But it has a definite action on brain. once you prescribe patient will take on his own and 2 things loose the patient
2. most improternt —--it's acumulative toxin unless you are totally in control after 5 to 6 years child may devalop toxicity symtoms. you will not relate to pankaj kasturi.
SORRY I am for learning where not to prescribe than where to prescribe.

thank you, all the vaidyas for sharing your observation and theclarity abour the garbhinicharya etc., its scientific expalnation.

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
the change in the child is due to two reasons
1. According st.johns doctors since parents are unknown it is difficult to estimate their respone drugs.
2. My idea —if they don't know they are adopted, with too much pampering of one parent
then adjustebility disorders manifest.

one of my patient was suffering from chronic Bronchitis and Rhinit is and she was under treatment for the same at the time of conception, and during pregnency and after delivery she was under medication for bronchities on and off both allopathic and ayurvedic. her child is suffering from adhd and now he is 6 years now he is comparitively better and attending the regular school. what is your opinion regarding the same

Geetha Rani:
Ma'am I have seen many mother's taking nebulization repeatedly during pregnancy for their respiratory problems. In few cases child born will be having low birth weight. Some attention and concentration problems might be noted in the child but ADHD??? doubtful as per my observation.  ADHD, ASD, LD - these are problems of the CNS.  In most of these cases left side of the brain is more active. There is delay in co-ordination between left and right side of the brain especially in autism.

Dec 22, 2016

Doctors discussions on 22/12/2016

Mamata Bhagwat:
Regarding Autism one has to keep in mind the involvement of manas and other indriyas.
When ever indriyas are under subnormal or abnormal state, please think about Pranavata.

In autism, prana is avritavastha by vyana.

Treatment should be planned to remove avarana. Improve indriya and mana prasadana.

Shiro pichu, navana, gandusha, ksheeradhooma vidhis will be helpful.

So vagbhata says rogastu dosha vaishmyam dosha samyamarogata

Dosha samyata and vishamata are happening in throughout day and night, both catabolism and anabolism will be going on


To Vijaya laxmi vd,

In classics, we used to examplified Lord Krishna, Arjuna and horses in the positions of president, prime minister, other ministers respectively. Of course, the chariot is the body.

A beautiful example of current day.😊😊😊

Midde Srikanth:
PT of varicose ulcers. 4 yrs back surgery done, again suggested for surgery. Wants to take ayurvedic trt. Experts advice. Now he is having severe pain.

Kaishora guggulu
Av vati

Prakshalana with triphala and yasti churna
Jathyadhi ghrita or taila application and yasti dusting

Leg elevation....

Advise pathyapathya

Loknath ras +marich +SaindhavLavana with Tambool Swaras in d morning...
Kishore guggulu 2 tab. Tid..
Prakshalana &  oil as advised by Dr. Kamal....

Payal K:
I would suggest kanchanar guggulu , tapyadi loha , ashwagandha, gokshur, punarnava. Also better to start suvarna kalpa like suvarnasindoor

Kotla sunitha:
Sahacharadi tailam -external,sahacharadi -101avartam internal can be given , I have started the drug swellings reduced 


👍👍👍even we have given the same Priscription along with kaishora guggulu It has worked,

Instead of sahacharadi taila if sugar levels are high then dhanwantara gritha is more preferable both internally and externally

Midde Srikanth:

He is not a diabetic, I suggested guggulu tiktaka ks with sahacardi chikkanapakam kaisora guggulu with punarnavasavam and dashamoola hareethaki lehyam.

Ext application jatyadi ghritam. Advised for jalaukavachàrana.

Dec 21, 2016

Discussions on 21/12/2016

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
👍 along with this we advice to getup early and do exercise( preferably loosening exercice and soorya namaskara, or floor exercises) on all the seven days, bath before breakfast (stomach should be empty while taking bath) on all the sevendays. In auto immune cases of thyroid peace of mind is most essential factor, so depending on the patients councelling regarding the problem is needed to certain extent

In case of physical auto immune disorders properly prepared कैशेरगुग्गुलु along with  योगराज गुग्गुलु of Sharagadhara works.
Tried on Head of Skin and VD department Head of Allopathic college.
Procedure Rasayana Vidhana.
In any Variety of manasika vyadhi Madiphala rasayana helps. (using regulerly).
if you add daiva vyapashraya from Atharva "अथर्व विहिता शान्तिः प्रतिकूल ग्रहार्चनं" results will be seen in about 3 to 6 months.
In physical and mental deformities time needed is 49 * 7 + 49*4 approx.

If you have can you send all the other athrvasheersha or at least it's reference

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
Ma'am Devi atharvasheersham is in devibhagavatam

Before doing Devi bhagavatam we do ratri sheersham& devyatharva sheersham!


The same mahaa vaidyaas who included AATMA in defining SWASTHA, excluded while major classification of diseases viz., shaareera n maanasa. Why?

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Satvavajaya for children- Who are parents in the group might have observed that just 2 to 3 minutes before Father or mother comes home; young babies. saying  they are coming.
It's because they read mind waves not words. they are connected to mind of parents. Few of regression therapists use this tecnology.
First convince parents that child can be improved, once they belive, they have wait for "REM" when the child sleeps and say my child is healthy /or something related to +ve attitude.

If they say "pain of child reduced" it will not work; as pain comes first. Only positive statements in a low voice.
this gives result in one to two months. Even then medicines are needed.
You can create a drawing of house, to build you need raw materials.
PS - generally Rich parents when they come to us, they will be knowing more than us about the disease. So don't use allopathic terminology.
Practical side:- use our words - It has two effects. they can't question us; 2nd it will be something different.  it adds to satvavajaya. Donot try to advice in allopathic terms. Use ayurveda/ yoga terms and they can't counter it mentally.
Doshabhighata, नानात्मज, सामान्यज, ग्रहणी, मद, रक्तमद, रक्तवात, वातरक्त, they are not without basis.
Already this is too long.  If needed try to continue tomarrow.

Dr.Madhavi Rao:

Vinaya Ballakur:
Ravinder sir, Prasanna is the true nature of Atma. It can't be otherwise. Its part of our being. We fail to notice it and identity everything with body and mind.
In rogavastha Atma is not touched. Only share era and manas are seat of roga.
Correct me if not convincing🙏

Prasanna manas.

Vinaya Ballakur:
Unnatural is the false identification of atma with manas and body. Thinking I am the body... I am the mind....etc. when in fact the' I 'is unattached

Dr.Vishwanath Dixit:
Very True madam.,the seat or adhishtana for Roga  is manas & shareera.

In absolute soul consciousness there is no dukha the yogis do.

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
I am not sure, but for worldly matters, eventhough charaka uses आत्म,जीव, साक्षि, etc. from the point of treatment;
I or आत्म means with which this combination of shareera Indriya, satwa is made to remain united. there are 2 stages. one is Praana next is jeeva. when prana leaves person is called dead, can be revived, next is jeeva which if leaves person can't be revived.
In the treatment we consider 1st one; second one is field of yoga and naistiki chikitsa. this level is beyond level of ordinary kaya chikitsa; it needs aparigraha to treat.

Vinaya Ballakur:
Very informative sir. The practical advice on how to tackle patients is superb.🙏

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
you left out satva, indriya. and manas; manas is to be repeted twice as dwirindriyam manah. repetetion is not needed; but we forget to consider karmendriya part of manas. only buddindriya part and fail in treatment.

Dr.Vishwanath Dixit:
The sage of Arunachala(Ramana-Maharshi)underwent surgical amputation for cancer without anaesthesia. This illumines the kind of wonders that could be attained by transcending the world by over-riding sensorial inputs.

Mamata Bhagwat:
Namaskar to all respected Vaidya gana.

शरीरं सत्वसंज्ञं च व्याधीनामाश्रयो मतः।
Shareera and satwa are the vyadhi adhishthana.
Aatman is not an abode of vyadhi.
But here in the reference about swastha the word 'Prasanna aatma' refers to Purusha. Shareera, aatma and satwa samayogavahi purusha ie. Chikitsya purusha. This purusha is bound with Iccha dveshadi aatma Gunas. Hence called karma purusha as well. There fore the word Prasanna has been used.

In the state of salvation or Moksha, the purusha starts detaching the karmaphalas and slowly turns to his original state Jeevatma. Then will be devoid of various states of emotions. The emotions are possible only to Purusha.

Prasannata is the status of manas associated with aatma where in the uplifting is initiated towards manomaya kosha from pranamaya kosha. This is well explained in Yoga and bhagavadgeetha. It's actually a blissful status of mind where raga dveshadi are minimized. (Not absent yet! Only minimized)

A swastha person should be in that blissful status too to keep raga dveshadi away. Only then aatma Gunas will not influence the Rajas and Tamas to commit any Prajnaparadha.

Raja pravartana and Tama niyamana are possible when they are not provoked. Otherwise jnana pravritti will be altered and Prajnaparadha initiates. Sarvadosha prakopana happens.

Therefore Prasanna aatma( Purusha) indriya and mana are together mentioned to indicate the conglomerated state of all 3.

Thank you for patient reading😁🙏

Buddhi is in manas. So when manas is mentioned it is understood that buddhi smriti all are referred to.

Surekha Mitta Dr.:
The cognitive part comes under the 5 indriya buddhis

Mamata Bhagwat:
5 indriya buddhis then advance to dhee,  dhriti and smriti. Help in jnanotpatti. Then karma buddhis get into action

Vinaya Ballakur:
Vd. Mamathaji this type of scholarly response cannot come without in depth research. I know you are a professor of KC but want to ask you if you have you worked on manas rogas?🙏

Mamata Bhagwat:
Thank you madam, that's very sweet of you.
Yes I have been working on manasa rogas and manas in my practice for last 18 years. Seriously working on analysis and deciphering from past 5 years with documentation also.

Thus, raaga-dwesha are prime factors for pragjnaaparadha, which in turn leads to rogotpatti.

Pragjnaaparadha is dhee-dhriti-smriti vibhramsha.

Furthermore, leads to ati yoga, ayoga and mithya yoga.

Dr Prashanth Bhat:
We can infer that prasannata of Atma is attained when it is close to its original nature :- i.e like a lotus in water Atma stays in connection with budhyadi .......but is not attached much ....

Dr.Vishwanath Dixit:
🙏madam have  one doubt here  Aatma is mentioned as "Nirvikaara parastwatma...-Ch.Su1/53 is devoid of vikaara &satwa Bhuta, how is Aatma gunas to be understood in this context

Santosh Singarapu:
Dear All,
You can access following E-Samhita, E-Nighantu along with Teeka online (LINKS UPDATED) from National Institute of Indian Medical Heritage (NIIMH) (, Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAS), Hyderabad

1. E-Charaka Samhita (
2. E-Sushruta Samhita (
3. Madhava Nidana (
4. Following E-Nighantu ( 
    a. Abhidana Manjari (
    b. Abhidana Rathnamala (http://niimh.nic.inebooks/e-Nighantu/abhidhanaratnamala/?mod=read)
    c. Amarakosha (
    d. Asthanga Nighantu (
    e. Kaiyadeva Nighantu (
    f. Chamatkara Nighantu (
    g. Dravyaguna Samgraha (
    h.  Dhanwantari Nighantu (
    i. Nighantu Shesha (
    j. Paryaya Rathnamala (
    k. Bhavaprakasha Nighantu (
    l. Madanapala Nighantu (
    m. Madanadi Nighantu (
    n. Madhava Dravyaguna (
    o. Raja Nighantu (
    p. Raja Vallabha Nighantu (
   q. Laghu Nighantu (
    r. Shabda Chandrika (
    s. Shiva Kosha (
    t. Saraswati Nighantu (
    u. Siddha Mantra (
    v. Sidda Sara Nighantu (
    w. Sodala Nighantu (
    x. Soushruti Nighantu (
    y. Hrudaya Deepika Nighantu ( 
All these E-Samhita and E-Nighantu are available in Devanagari, Telugu, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali, Diacritcal, phonetic version.
You can search for specific terms.


For E.g. you can search for word "Tridosha" in Charaka Samhita ( ) (but you have to follow phonetic and type as "tridoSha").
You can copy and paste the Samhita and Nighatu to MS Word.
1. Before you copy and Paste to MS Word, you have download Mangal Font ( and for installation follow this link. (
Next copy the shloka and paste to MS Power Point and then from MS Power Point you can Copy and Paste to MS Word.
This makes you work easier.

Dr Girish K J
Professor, Dept of Kayachikitsa
SDM College of Ayurveda & Hospital,
Thannneruhalla, BM Road
Hassan-573 201, Karnataka, India
Mob : +91 944 864 6855, 66
Website: Personal :,

Mamata Bhagwat:
Vd Vishwanath Dixit Sir,
Nirvikara word is used for Jeevatma, (without association of chitta).. not for Purusha.

Purusha is samanaska. Bound to have Iccha dveshadi atmani Gunas..

Dec 20, 2016

Discussions on 20/12/2016

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
I did not get the drift. Can admin and moderaters explain what the group wants?

if discussion should be limited to Jwara - give sudarshana, amrutarista/ laghu/madu/swarana -malini vasantha?
If So group members should be like Bhikshuka or they can try to become krishika?
If it is to follow text, what was going on was rurtumathicharya of sushruta, not out of text.

I am bit slow in these indirect aspects.

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
Sir! We definitely want you to guide us with your vast experience of practice with patients!🙏 if any thing wrong....please excuse 🙏

👍👍has anybody saw the practical demonstration of this instrument. It was there in Hindu spiritual Mela in bangalore, I could not see it as it was not opened on the day when I visited. The report will be like scanning report it seems. We should check its application in day today practice. If anyone know more about this matter please share

Swathi Tumma:
Learing very much important and useful things thanku very much gurijis for sharing with us🙏🙏

Dr.Vishwanath Dixit:
Would like to echo the same🙏to Vaidyas for thought provoking discussions.,.&helping us to gain knowledge.

Payal K:
Has anybody cured thyroid cases completely . If yes in how many months and can you share your experience

Kotla sunitha:
Rajyalaxmi thank u for the reference of chandraprabhavati , now I will try to add this drug for anovulatary cycles

Vinaya Ballakur:
Coming to thyroid disorders, autoimmune thyroid disorders are on the rise due to mandatory consumption of iodised salt in many countries. Plenty of researches on the harm caused by iodised salt , yet governments continue to aid its marketing.

Geetha Rani:
Through the above PDF I'm trying to highlight the concept of the inter relation between Manas and buddhi. Both are affected in autism. The chikits should be at the level of Manas, buddhi and Aatma level. Autism comes under aadidaivika vyadhi. This is my inference by close observation lot of autistic children

Vinaya Ballakur:
Manovaha srotas and pranavaha srotas both require correction . It is great that our science speaks about channels of circulation for mental activities too.

Geetha Rani:
Aatmaa manasaa samyujyate!
Manam indriyena indriyam arthena gnyanotpattihi!!
This entire process is hampered in autism and actual treatment should be aimed at establishing the proper connection between Aatma Manas indriya and respective indriyartha.

Vinaya Ballakur:
आत्मानं रथिनं विद्धि शरीरं रथमेव तु। बुद्धिं तु सारथिं विद्धि मनः प्रगहमेव च॥ इन्द्रियाणि हयानाहुíवषयांस्तेषु गोचरान्‌। आत्मेन्द्रियमनोयुक्तं भोक्तेत्याहुर्मनीषिणः॥

Your approach reminded me of the link between atma, manas, sharira and indriya as said in kathopanishad

Connection between all four atma, manas, indriya and sharira is disturbed. In the article , it is said that autistic children face more physical illnesses and low  immunity than others.

You are working in a challenging area. Keep us posted on new inputs in this area. 🙏

Geetha Rani:
The most common problems with autistic children I have seen - sleep disturbances (very less sleep) constipation, urti and ear discharge, they are usually very heavy eaters or poor eaters but picky eaters, unusual fevers (few resembling balagraha),
Autistic children's immunity can be very well built up with rasayana chikitsa but what is a mystery is to establish connection between Aatma, Mana, indriya and sharira appropriately

Vinaya Ballakur:
Manas doshas rajas and tamas  have to be evaluated along with sharirika doshas I feel.
The link between panchamahabhuta, tridosha and triguna .

For an approach through Ayurveda or maybe Ayurveda + Yoga we may have to understand autism through Ayurveda. But its not easy . At least 80 diseases are covered under autistic spectrum disorders. How to evaluate it on basis of tridosha and triguna?

Geetha Rani:
It is very difficult to evaluate autism based only on tridosha and triguna.  That's why I mentioned autism as an aadidaivika vyadhi. It involves multiple dimensions - Aatma, Mana, indriya - indriya artha samyoga, buddhi. Aatma cannot be assessed on the basis of tridosha or triguna. It is beyond these dimensions

Vinaya Ballakur:
Purvajanma, karma, sukshma shareera impressions everything will come into picture

Tridosha and triguna will however help in identifying presenting symptomatology

since the body and mind are seat of disease

and the expression is obvious on body and mind. But coming to chikitsa , we may have to think about spiritual treatment in addition to restoration of dosha and guna balance.

Hope gurujan and thinking Vaidyas will give more suggestions and correct wrong inputs if any.

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Have you found solution of your doubt? If not then about which in the sloka you have doubt?

Vd Saraswathi Sharma K:
Sorry for interrupting the discussion. Can anyone give inputs about any experience regarding pneumobilia. Any idea if pneumobilia can trigger any neurological events including seizures.

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Forunatly or not as "Vinaya Ballakur" pointed out Iodine can cause and cure thyroid. easiest way to create iodine free salt is to fry it. (advice of a 8th pass store keeper aged 65)
If there is a cure I am attaching report I got today.
when she came 2 months back; she was on 100 mcg of thyroxin. we reduced it to 50 mcg. Changed the DC. (medicine not given) and after 2 months her report. you can see. today reduce dose by 25 mcg. Still no medication.
But excuse my hand Writing; also clarity .

Discussions on 18/12/2016

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Try Eulactin of Guffic pharmacy. Single dose 6 tablets, if milk does not increase with in 1/2 hour repete. then also no improvement then ask how and where she is feeding in the room or hall. once milk increases then 2 tab TID.

if nutrition or hormon defect then quantity of milk will increase. with in 2 hours.

Dr.Rekha Hegde:
Dhayavad sir 🙏 Nutrition is normal sir. First 3days she was upset about c- section & Baby with Respiratory distress. Then her Manasa Bhava is good

Have you given tikta jeeraka to her in first 10 days?

If no then give tikta jeeraka phanta early morning for till she feels tikta Rasa while consuming then gradually breast milk increases

Dr.Rekha Hegde:
Yes madam, she has taken tikta Jeeraka, dhayavad 🙏🙏

Vinaya Ballakur:
Along with the other advice suggested , give a warm cup of milk or some nourishing soup half an hour before feed . Even a glass of water before feed helps. Rasakshaya must be prevented since stanya is upadhatu of Rasa.

In my practice I got results with Tab. Leptaden two tabs thrice daily. It starts showing  result after 48 hours to one week.

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Same leptadin in high dose

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Same leptadin in high dose, 6tabs will give results in 1/2 hour if ama is absent

Vd Saraswathi Sharma K:
What's tikta jeeraka?

Was going thro all the information now. Thank u all for the wonder full discussions .many thanks to Vd.Ganesh sir. Vd.Vinaya maam Vd Vijayalaxmi maam .🙏🙏

Vd Saraswathi Sharma K:
Thank you. In which form is it usually advised. Is it a better stanya vardhaka than methika

Dr.Madhavi Rao:

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
It is shodhana, usually in costal Karnataka and Maharashtra it is used after delivery, to prevent vata prakopa due dhatu kshaya / or Inflammation. Generally after delivery it is given in the morning like tea, exact procedure may vary. one peculiar thing is that it is not bitter 1st or 2nd day. (गन्धन नाश) 3rd day it is bitter, 4th day refuse to drink. Then it is stopped. procedure or reasons in folk remedy. तत्र वृद्धनारीणां अधिकारः सुश्रुत ।

As per the text it is not stanya vardhaka directly, but by its deepana pachana action and garbhashaya vishodhana action

Indirectly it acts as stanya vardhaka once the stotras shodhana happens. It is customary to use it in South canara and kerala immediately after delivery. By its utrine contraction action it clears the remnants completely

जीरकत्रितयं  रूक्षं कटूष्णं दीपनं लघु । संग्राही पित्तलं मेध्यं गर्भाशयविशुद्धिकृत् ॥ ज्वरघ्नं पाचनं वृष्यं बल्यं रुच्यं कफापहम् । चक्षुष्यं पवनाध्मानगुल्मछर्द्यतिसारहृत् ॥

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
I would suggest            formula of               U-lactin of Guffic — — as it is rasa dhatu dosha hara. We have used it extensively in shwasa श्वास (approx. 200 to 300 patients 10 to 20,000 tablets) “not tamaka” which is indication of field of action.
We have used sthanya vardhaka dravya’s in shwasa extensively, they are better than marketed products for  shwsa due to rasa dhatu bala khshaya.

Vinaya Ballakur:
What are its ingredients?

and how are you using it for Shwasa ? dosage , anupana  etc.

Vd Saraswathi Sharma K:
Thank you Ganesh sir and Vijayalakshmi mam. I was a bit hesitant to ask about tikta jeeraka but glad I asked. Learnt a new point. Can anyone from telangana or AP pl tell if we use it here also and if yes what's the local name.

Sir how did you stumble upon the idea of using stanya vardhaka dravyas in swasa? Swasa mostly vata kaphatwakam and stanya vardhakas might increase kapha i think. Pl excuse if  I am wrong in my assumption I don't have ready reference for my inference but since it's brumhana i assume it's kapha vardhaka.

Dr.Madhavi Rao:

My neighbours use it frequently.....( Bengali 's)... We too use but not frequently.....

Dr.Rekha Hegde:
Tikta Jeeraka is different from Shahijeera

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
Seems jeelakarra is what we call...but some use shahi jeera too...

Vinaya Ballakur:
and how to identify shwasa due to rasadhatu bala kshaya. What is its DD with other five kinds of Shwasa

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
i did not stuble, it is logic & application of basic principle. only you have to think in a different manner.
explanation will be by Dr.vijyalaksmi

it is U-lactin not eu-lactin sorry, explanation later needs approval for english spellings.

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
Is it tamaka swasa?

Vinaya Ballakur:
Not " tamaka  shwasa" is mentioned in the post

Dr.Madhavi Rao: stanya vardhaka is tarpana...maha swasa..urdhwa swasa& chinna swasa ...need tarpana! So  here stantavardhaka can be used in swasa?? Am I correct? Waiting for your logical response

Rasa tarpana****

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Regarding shwasa totally it has a relation to 47 diseases in various stages; (ref. of Madhava Nidana by Late Dr.Rama Prasad Alwar & Dr.T.R.Dattari) as roopa, Poorva roopa, upadrava, etc.
There are two ways to diagnose shwasa. One is through lab reports another is logic. One is very short. And logic is very long.
Shwasa कफवातात्मकवेतौ पित्त स्थान समुद्भवौ  how due you Identify it? Take the history and  if it is repeated episodes then they want relief and cure. Send for LFT, haemogram.
If haemogram is defective then rasa dhatvagni defective. Check by asking ras dusti / vruddi lakshana like sleshma agni sadana —-ati-nidrata. (diva swapna etc.)
When ksheera is dusta; what is used for ksheera shuddi is treatment for rasa dusti. Easiest way out.

biggest head ache is understanding tamaka shwasa is prathyatma lakshana. we equate it to asthama and go to treatment of tamaka shwasa. It is not. We accept asthama as tamaka for only one reason. moment doctor says asthama patient accepts incureable and there is no hurry to cure it. patient will not blame doctor and accept his/her fate. Family h/o final nail of diagnosis.
problem is it is not hereditory nor asthama = tamaka.
We are deviating from the subject. So admins should agree and
If somebody states lab tests  of asthama then we can proceed even if it is out of present topic of study.
Actuvally what is the topic of discussion?

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
Sir it is tarpana rt?

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Actuvally stanya vardhana need not be tarpana in the sense of wt increase etc. tarpana can be correcting also.
no doubt discussion is around rasa — fibro adenoma / Brama / shwasa/ soothikopachara/ lactation.
may be we are deviating too much; and confusing others also?

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
Sir bhrama...& majja dhatu kshaya was related..

Rasa tarpana& swasa too are related ...discuss is on track...rt sir!

Only fibro adenoma im not able understand?

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Sthana of what? rasa -upadhatu

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
Good morning sir! Fibro adenomas & sleep patterns& places....

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
"ट्रिप् पूरणे" धातु of तर्पण ie to fill. Rt?
Where ever tarpana is mentioned srotas is to be filled with Dhatu if not done then vata fills that space and dosha chaya /prakopa/ lakshana are created.  this long sentence is given in one word tarpana / Dhatu "ट्रिप् पूरणे" hope this is OK?

Vinaya Ballakur:
Welcome to CAV prime group mam 🙏

Dr. Mamatha Bhagwat is a professor at Bangalore.

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
Welcome mamta avare💐

Mamata Bhagwat:
Namaskar everyone. 🙏🙏

Thank you Vinaya mam for joining me. 🙏🙏

Thanks Madhavi mam for introducing me🙏🙏

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
"not tamaka" means prakopa in "दुर्दिन" should be absent. "मेधाम्बुशीत प्राग्वातैः श्लेष्मलैश्च विवर्धते"
In case of sthanya doshahara dravya prayoga above should be absent.
This is shortest answer I can provide. It can be used as a supportive therapy in all variety of श्वास with good result.

Fibroadenoma in adolescence is not carcinoma or related to that. It is a connective tissue problem where surgery is not the only solution. Blood and lymph are also connective tissues.

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
this is related to भ्रम - "भ्रमःतिमिर दर्शनम्" is majja kshaya agree. Why left out  "कफे भ्रमः"
Always doshadi vijnaneeya, doshabhediya, doshopakramaneeya is to be refered. रसवृद्धि lakshana same as कफ वृद्धि. So कफे भ्रमः is to be applied to rasa also along with mentioned rasa kshya lakshana.

Dr Kaveti Rajyalakshmi:
Maize sprouts  on empty stomach increases lactation immediately. Sadya stanya pravartanam. Its our grandmas kit.

@Ganesh Sir and Vijayalakshmi mam. Gurubyaam namah.Sleeping with parents a causative factor for fibroadenoma of  breast .....
In this connection one more doubt am expressing. Pls explain. "A female new born sleeping with mother (21 days she menstruates)suffers  any hormonal related abnormalities in future?" One more thing I wish to inform is in our families we never allow new born to sleep with mother prior 21 days. During feeding only allows mother to touch baby.

This we have not observed in newborn cases. But we have observed many children suffer from one or the other disorder at time or immediately after mother's mc time. For regular pts we see the Priscription date and enquire or if they come with the history of repeated infections, even after giving antibiotics many time, child is suffering, then we enqire about mother's mc and we treat mother along with the child. Usually we ask the mother to take C..P Vati during mc or prior to that if pmt is observed

Our native people will not allow menstruating women to lift child, if it is mother or somebody else.

Dr Kaveti Rajyalakshmi:
Madam what is the role of chandraprabhavati here?

Raghavendra Rao.S:
Shouchāshoucha criteria in balagraha

This we have not observed in newborn cases. But we have observed many children suffer from one or the other disorder at time or immediately after mother's mc time. For regular pts we see the Priscription date and enquire or if they come with the history of repeated infections, even after giving antibiotics many time, child is suffering, then we enqire about mother's mc and we treat mother along with the child. Usually we ask the mother to take C..P Vati during mc or prior to that if pmt is observed

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Can you quote Cp vati action from sharangadhara?

Dr.Rekha Hegde:
Small doubt Sir, usually children are wished to sleep with mother upto 7-8 yrs,

Yes you are true. Even after that both children and parents doesn't want to sleep separately. In very young children it is the duty of the mother to make the child sleep safely and with security. But sometimes even they have to face the Problems also. Upto 7 or 8 years we will not ask the child to sleep separately after that we council the child as well as the parents also. Once the secondary sexual characters starts developing we advice not to sleep together

In some tribe in andra they will test the girl atthe time of menarchy, that she should water the plants, if the plant survives then she can mingle with every body , if plant dies then they should not mingle with any body at the time of mc. can anybody find the scientific logic behind this. first confirm is it true

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
There is a procedure in Upanayana samskara called maatru bhojana where mother feeds the child, before  child leaves to gurukula, after that she can serve; not feeding. (age =8)
In Indian  culture also once breast feeding stops child is left with grand-parents, Not parents. Hence you will not find these things in a time where nuclear family was absent. These started only with advent of nuclear family .  But it does not manifest any one of following conditions are present.

Parents work is physical, they sweat due to physical work for livelihood. 2. Children have physical work out specially “मुष्ठियुद्धं कुशलैः”.  3.Not exposed to a/c,  chilled drinks. 4. Allowed to play physical games like “ kabbadi, coco, lagori,” where they need to be quick in judgment or there is physical hurt. 5. Early dinner, sleep and early getting up.

Bit long; but Ayurveda means “knowing hita/ahita.; sukham dukhsm.” So  need to state both aspects when it works when it does’t is needed.

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
So....if followed they will not have hormonal imbalance?

In upanayana...what we follow in matru bhojana is she feeds the child from her plate...and aftr that a kid after upanayana samskara......should not eat food from others plate.......even till his death....

And also sir...whose kids are with grand parents also( if parents r overseas, somewhere or died) there also its there or not? ? Was your research covered these points too?... Thnx sir🙏

प्रचरणमिव भिक्षुकस्य बीजमिव कर्षकस्य सूत्रं बुद्धिमतामल्पमप्यनल्पज्ञानाय भवति; तस्माद्बुद्धिमतामूहापोहवितर्काः, मन्दबुद्धेस्तु यथोक्तानुगमनमेव श्रेयः|

CHARAKA Vimana 8th chapter 149 Sloka  .. 🙏

Like tanduladi (rice and other eatables placed in the patra)    is for a beggar and seed  for a farmer, so as the principles / formulations of therapy  are important for a wise physician, however little they may appear in true spirit they are abundant. 

Which means if sutra or principle, though may be said in a very small phrase if analysed deeply it leads to abundant knowledge (for a wise physician)

For bhikshu tandula and other eatables procured by means of Bhikhsa though may be little but it could be a life saving measure for him.

For karshaka, seed even though may appear small but has whole tree in it.

The second line:

The wise physician is permitted to make Uha, apoha, vitarka and can decide some changes based on logic

But the one with lesser wisdom is supposed to follow what is said in the sastra as it is........... 🙏🙏

who will not have harmonal imbalance? Moher or child?

Dr.Madhavi Rao:

Dr Sridevi C:
Wonderful discussions. I've learnt a lot many new things.
About lactation- Giving Jowar rotti and garlic to the nursing mother increases lactation. Also taking sweet items and more fluids too. But nowadays all ladies are weight conscious, so they avoid sweets. But the modern doctors are of the opinion that normal food also is enough for proper lactation

Dr Kaveti Rajyalakshmi:

Dr Sridevi C:
Though in upanayan mother feeds her son from her plate, the same rule is broken just before the marriage. If the boy grows and wants to get married then the rule is modified. But if he remains brahmachari, then he should not eat from others plate-engili.

Dr.Madhavi Rao:

This is one nidana which we have analysed. it is not the only nidana. we have told about ahara vihara also,since the clarification has been asked about this so with little knowledge and the little experince we have we try to answer the questions. even there are many children who sleep with the mother till 16 or 20 years of age are there. that does not mean vyatireka may be ture. but  those suffering children we have handled had got relief after avoiding this particlar nidana so it is anvaya roopa anyalysis not vyatireka roopa.

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
Thank you ma'am! I was trying to enhance myself.....thnx for your valuable time! Its a great learning for me from all the eminent & success full vaidyas! 🙏🙏

Dr Sridevi C:
I'm Dr Sridevi from Alva's Ayurveda Medical College.
I went through the msgs just now. So thought of sharing my views. It's not too hurt or insult anyone.

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
Sridevi garu! No rule breaking even after I knew.......frm man's side......forgive me if I was wrong🙏

Dr Sridevi C:
Nothing to feel offended. That rule is only for grihasthashram. Otherwise, yes no rule breaking.

Rule is broken*****

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
To create compatibility between husband and wife eating from each other plate is done, not for comedy.

Geetha Rani:
All the discussions by Vd. Ganesh Sir, Vd. Vijayalakshmi ma'am, Vd. Vinaya ma'am, Vd. Madhavi ma'am, Vd. Raghavendra Rao Sir, Vd. Sridevi ma'am are great and provoking all of us to think in different angles.  Thank you everyone for such a beautiful discussion. I'm learning a lot with these discussions.

Thank you Vd. Rajyalakshmi ma'am. Forgot to mention your name

Discussions on 17/12/2016

Vinaya Ballakur:
Some scholarly responses about prameha purva rupa from another group.

Dantadinam maladhyatam!
Typically described in Prameh.Why?
Dant mal is derived from which dhatu?
Due to dhatvagimandya  dhatumal increase according to Charak Samhita.

...आदिशब्देन नयन्तालुकर्णादिनाम ग्रह्णम
...अत्र च मल भुयस्वम मेदोदोषात
...चिक्कणता देहे मेदःकफदुष्टे

So possibly due to tge excess dushti of meda and kapha dhaatu and excess mala from these are manifested and reflected on danta, taalu, nayan and karna also..

All प्रमेह पूर्वरूपाणि are due to मेदस् दुष्टी
As मेदःसंश्रयांस्तु प्रवक्ष्यते।
निमित्ताने प्रमेहाणां पूर्वरूपाणि यानि च।
It can be understood by referring अस्थिवहानां स्रोतसां मेदो मूलं---।
Relation of अस्थि with केश and दन्त is well known to us.
चक्रपाणी also commented
निन्दितानि प्रमेह पूर्वरूपाणि इति केशजटिलत्वादिनि तेषां एव निन्दितत्वात्।
So to conclude केश,दन्त मलवृद्धि is consequence of दुष्ट बहुमेदस् +अस्थि मल वृद्धि।
चिकीत्सा should be अपनयन of धातुगत मल by उर्ध्व/अधो मार्ग!
Now I think it is crystal clear by referring only चरकसंहिता!

Surekha Mitta Dr.:
In Charaka prameha chikisa kesa nakhati vriddhi is seen as one of the purva rupa
This is true in cases with PCOD having abnormal hair growth / hirsutism
More over those patients are prone to DM in due course .

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
This type of observation is what we need; this is to be analyzed according to text; till we find samprapthi and link to lakshana.
There is observation of veterinary doctor that in case of “nephritis” in dogs excessive  growth of nails is seen. 
Possibility of Mala vruddi due to 1. Poorva-dhatvagni vaishamya; 2. swa-dhatvagni vaishamya
3. Uttara-dhatvagni vaishamya. 
DD of agni dushti उक्त कारण in srotho-vimana need to relate cause and effect; anyway along with Nidana probable treatment.

If meha lakshana has not manifested then we can try (“this is yesterday’s thought after reading “Vinaya Ballakur” post.) Brunga raja Eclipta alba or prostrata. Both have exhibited hair growth stimulation action.
And a peculiarity of brugaraja is that in vitro 1 drop of swarasa creates complete haemolysis of RBC in 10 ml of blood. (Time needed I have forgotten may be 1 or 10 min); but interestingly it is used as haematinic and increases HB count by 2gms approx.. in vivo in month (30 ml per day. Clinical study of medical botany students of NMKRV). All allopathic oral haematinics increase by 1.7 gms maximum.
As per Bhava prakasha भृङ्गराजः -कटुकस्तीक्ष्णो रूक्षोष्णः कफवातनुत् ॥ केश्यस्त्वच्यः कृमिश्वासकासशोथामपाण्डुनुत् । दन्त्यो रसायनो बल्यः कुष्ठनेत्रशिरो अर्तिनुत् ॥.
You can see it covers asthi dhatvagni completely It is keshya, dhanthya, twachya (meda and sweda) , acts on nose, eyes, ama, teeth and maha brunga raja taila is advised as “अक्षरोगहर” not “अक्षिरोग” . Brungaraja per investigation and text it acts on rakta, meda, asthi, used in kamala, dantaroga and in used in one case of perianal abscess by one of seniors with good result (ref-BP)
Going try it in PCOD, PCOS, thyroid, meha, Prameha as it may show sroto-avarodha-hara or dhatvagni-mandyhara  action which is needed in some of patients when response to anti-diabetics is less.

Surekha Mitta Dr.:

Thank you Dr.Vinaya

There is another purva rupa " karapada daha" which is observed as peripheral neuropathy in DM and is seen as a complication . How should we see that?

Dr.Rekha Hegde:

Namaste vaidys. Sorry for interrupting the discussion, My friend aged 35, delivered by C-section at 37 weeks. Baby wt-2.4 kg, Aft 2 wks of delivery she was facing STANYA Kshaya" . Taking Shatavari kalpa(DPL), Jeeraka ksheera, sabbasige, Methika. Baby's sucking reflex - N. Mother - good sutika paricharya, deepana,swedana, vatanulomana, abhyanga-- normal.No tightness in the Breasts.  She is a dedicated Ayurvedian. Please let me know your valuable suggestions guruvarys.

Vinaya Ballakur:

Mam, I feel karapada daha is a pitta dosha or better to consider as a pitta avruta vata dosha . purvarupas are seen in sthanasanshraya stage. So maybe dosha accumulates in peripheries. 

If we look at the other symptoms just described before it it may give a wholesome view.


......शीतप्रियत्वं गलतालुशोषो माधुर्यं आस्ये करपाददाहः.....

I am not sure of madhuryam asye but the other symptoms point to pitta or pittavrutta vata lakshanas. 

Agnireva sharire pittantargataha and tapa is Pitta's cardinal lakshana its avarana over vata may be causing peripheral neuritis.

Dhatvagni which is derailed in madhumeha presents in the form of these purvarupas during sthana sanshraya of doshas. 

Srotorodha happens due to accumulation of doshas in peripheries mainly. The excess sugar in blood does not allow proper micro channel circulation according to modern theory also. 

This is what I feel. I am unable to correlate it further. 

Welcome more inputs and corrections.



Yesti madhu + babul phali powder..  Tid with milk. 


Dr.Ganesh kumar:

Soory for the deviation.

But I have a point to about DC. nearly 20 days ago one of my patients came with a reading of 40 odd reading of prostare antigen. He had taken opinions of 3 to 4 doctors, Only one said you go for re-test. He is my pstient for last 12 to 13 years. 

but never changed his DC. this time I had a point and refused medicine unless he changes DC. He agreed to get up before 7 AM, bath and breakfast at 9 Am; dinner at 8 PM.

Had the test done and report was 5 odd reading N=4.3. I don't know the antigen is stable or can flucuvate in day to day work. May be it's due to change in life-style.

Hope who ever has chance will try it; and add to the knowledge of members and if it normal (change) then inform. I don't have knowledge about these tests and reliability of thses tests.

Doctors discussions on 16/12/2016

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
we need to understand sadvrutta better, there is a procedure in andra "girl when has first periods then asked  to get a flower from the plant. if plant survives she can go anywhere during periods, ifnot she has to follw rajaswala niyama"

there is research that if you keep cotton in the arm pit of female during periods for 1/2 hour and if keep smelling it, then meneses will be preponed by 5-7 days.

We have treated 66 recorded cases of children who fell ILL during mothers period time, and three case recorded where husband had gastritis and mood swing during period time of wife.
the sweat secretion during periods is enterily different and you can check easily. get sperm count during rajaswala and during rutumathi (ovulatioun)"
we have found difference up to 1.5 million
there was article in the net for a month which was removed after protests- which stated taht head bath during menses leads to mild degree of endometriosis, resulting in DUB, menno/ meto razzia.
All those advisement of scents and deoderent are not false. they immitate  pheromones of humans and create a state of euphoria.
in fact  pheromone which are secreted during ovulation trigger sexuval response in the partner.
In the same way a child sleeping with the mother even though not developed physically or mentally might react hormonally due to  pheromones of mother.  this can cause PCOD, PCOS, MILD increase in thyroid, over devolopment of secondary sex organs / stimulus / depression/ mood swing etc.

my english is not good so if difficult follow say so.

ati loma may be due to some race(sahaja) or may be diseased condition. in diseased condition in modern science it is because of increase in androgen or insulin sensitivity,. and androgen may be produced in ovaries or esticles but majority of it is produced because of pitutary stimulation. ( as I have read as far as my knowledge goes) . pitutary is a gland situated in murdhni.
again coming back to your question. murdhni is a pranayatana, and it is the stana of dwadasha pranas. so vikruthi in prana in pranayatana leads to dhatu and dosha vikruthis.
viewing the horror movie with full invovement definetly leads to prana vikruthi, along with that if one has the habit of taking vyavayi vikasi ahara then vyavayitwa and vikasitwa in the loma koopa leads to increase in the thickness of the hair already present and as they say increase in androgen levels(prana vikruthi) turns the small hair and the white part of the hair to grow and trn into black which we call as hirsutism. as we all know no of hair follicles will not increase in number.

testosteron is also one of the type of androgen

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Also need clarity on a few more things Vijayalakshmi mam.
Link between not TT. it is the immunization done by WHO. more vaccination more chances of devolping gulf war syndrom and WHEN I met head of FDA OF USA he said all vacciene like "hepatitis" may lead to false +ve test for AIDS.
Because genes of viruses like chiken pox, hepes, diffteria, missesles, hepatitis are same with change in gene strand orientation(i don't know what it means). this can lead to misleading lab reports. I am not in to genelogy. So try to link these factors and decide.

we may have number of varieties of treatment methods, but unless we know the nidana and the samprapthi and avoid the nidana and samprapthi vighatana according to that possibility of reoccurance of the disease is more.

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
During respiration in normal condition it is diaphrematic in nature.
If there is any difficulty in breathing then musles of chest take the load. Deergha swasa,
during which neck mucles get involved and this leads to compression of neck verbre due to insertion point of muscles.
Actuvally rhis is nothing but Avalambaka kapha dusti at त्रिक which leads to spondylosis. Everybosy has notion that spondylosis is a bone disorder No, it is disorder of muscle leading to bone rubbing.
All the tretment you do intitially is mamsa dhatu treatment, next it is asthi and mamsa and majja.

This involvement of neck and thorasic muscle was studied in case of ladies getting spondylosis
after breast implantation and corrective surgery for to increase in breast size.
We applied it to shwasa and also any variation in chest. this lead to Avalambaka kapha.

End if drilling and posting

In some research paper which I cannot recollect properly interaction of the harmonal antigens through sweat between two persons particularly  while sleeping creates both positive and negetive effects in the other person in all aspects like personality, and physical health etc., in children harmones are stilldeveloping and in elderly people it is properly developed or problem creating harmone may be there which interacts withthe other persons antigen. this again pranayatana and prana vikruthi ( see pranayatana in and both if you make out the deferance and corelate with the modern pathophysiology I think you can understand better in present terms)

fbroadnoma in adolocence is connective tissue problem

Dr Kaveti Rajyalakshmi:
Ganesh Sir and Vijayalakshmi Madam thank-you so much for clarifying our doubts so patiently.

Vd Saraswathi Sharma K:
Can we pl have a detailed discussion on rajaswala niyamas and the practical implications. I was of the opinion earlier that were formed keeping in mind the socio economic factors as well as psychological factors. Now I am not so sure. Avoiding snana etc for 3 days and staying in a corner not mixing with anyone or touching any edibles, clothes etc is a common practice amongst many sections of the society including mine. I thought earlier it was to provide physical rest for women atleast at a time they are bound to experience weakness. Now I don't think that alone is the reason. Also avoiding any form of shringar i thought was intended more in psychological aspect. But our texts detail about the I'll effects with each and every type of shringar . In such a scenario a thorough discussion about the possible scientific and logical reasoning behind the rajaswala niyamas and how disregarding them in the current scenario might affect a female's health will help us all

Doctors discussions on 14/12/2016

Vinaya Ballakur:
Dear Vaidyas, If you remember , I had asked for solution for a 75 year old professor with early Kampa vata lakshanas.
I am happy to inform that patient has considerable relief. Finger tremors are almost negligible now and patient is able to write and type without any difficulty. The response is there after one month of treatment and very positive over the last one week.
I had given, Brahmi ghritham 10 ml per day which patient used to take with food, murdhini brahmi thailam pichu, Ashwagandha churnam at bedtime, trivrith lehyam at 7 pm as well as triphala churnam . I have not given kapikacchu as it was an early case . I thank you all for suggestions🙏

Inventor Dr.A.K. Sharma:
अब हमने यह जान लिया है कि
1.डायबिटीज क्यों होती है?
2.ब्लड शुगर क्यों बढ़ा हुआ है?
3.अग्न्याशय क्यों ठीक से काम नहीं कर रहा है?
4.बीटा - सेल्स क्यों असक्रिय हो गए/ मर गए?
5.इंसुलिन का स्त्राव क्यों रूका या फिर इंसुलिन अपना कार्य - ब्लड ग्लूकोज का पाचन एवं सात्म्यीकरण क्यों नहीं कर पा रही?
6.डायबिटीज कैसे ठीक हो सकती है?

"अब हम भारत को डायबिटीज हब नहीं बनने देगें। " -           
डॉः ए.के.शर्मा, आयुर्वेदिक डायबिटीज मुक्तिदाता

आदरणीय चिकित्सक बन्धुओं!, उज्जैन के अखिल भारतीय चिकित्सा सम्मान समारोह में उक्त सभी अनुसंधानो पर वृहत चर्चा होगी।

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
sorry this is a bit late, I am not opening old arguments
vyayama in case of prameha is not ordinary either it is "yojanaani shatam yayaat" that is walking in away that you donot get srama shwasa, or with wts but a slow increase of time with out burdening with wt. i.e. 1 pound.
Any vyayama where person sweats before suger level comes under control increases keton production.
so when advice vyayama advicce slow increase of time and strain not sudden along with early dinner.

Dr.Vishwanath Dixit:
Vaidyas can you please help me   regarding to get relief from severe shoola at lower back at (ischial tuberosity)cannot move my left lower limb this incidence has been repeating for past 3yrs yearly once however X -ray findings revealed normal when got checked during my 1st time when presented with shoola. No daha,suptata associated during my past treating of myself had applied dashanga lepa not  taken MYG(Guggulu)no relief from shoola.kindly suggest.
2)Have one more query can Guggulu preparations  be taken along with pain killers or NSAID's.or to be avoided.
3)Twice I have experienced moorcha (micturation syncope )in midnight while attending to Mootra Vega, even yesterday night it happened.for few minutes I was not conscious.have not resumed to my work as even my wife was tensed.
Kindly guide me.

However this shoola persists for 2-3days & subsides after taking painkiller.had taken Orthopaedic opinion also.

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
try if allopathy vicks action 500  1-1-1
if ayurveda dashamoola katutraya kashaya (preferably single strength) 2-2-2 tsf add 1/2 glass of water and take.
along with rumayog plain of zandu (MYG with rasnadi kashaya)
liv 52 drops not syrup / or livex / nirosil syrup (not tablet) half tsf every one hour
In these condition treatment of prathishyaya works better than direct asthi majja chikitsa.
there is logic and lab report behind this answer not just prescription.

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
Sir...waiting for your detailed response relating to pratishyay& asthi majja chikitsa! Dhanyawaadagalu🙏🙏

Vinaya Ballakur:
Vd. Vishwanathji ,We might treat it on the lines of katigraha. Vata vitiated in its main sthana aggravated due to cold weather.
You might take Ashtavargam and gandharvahastadi  kashayam 10 ml twice daily,  ekangveer ras  one tab twice a day and trayodashang guggulu two tabs twice a day. Externally kottamchukkadi thailam might give relief.
Matra vasti with eranda thailam also can be considered.
Micturition syncope may be due to sudden dip in bp which will be relieved with ekangveer Ras I think.

Please do M. R. I, and see any other internal problem related to bladder or intestines or anal canal

you have micturation syncope only in midnight or in any other time also?

Dr.Vishwanath Dixit:
No madam .Had only in midnight (pitta kala)I felt its bcoz of medication.

If you can medication and get relief then fine otherwise you can take aragwadhadi kashaya night after food

1tsf with equal quantity of water. So that midnight disturbances will be avoided

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
there is DD
instead of MRI. Bend completly so your hand touches the floor, wait for appro. 30 sec.
then Straighten fast, if giddiness is felt, then you have functional anemia. This can cause Bhrama, timira darshan. Needs hematinic for 3 months.   Rotate head side to side fast if there is bhrama they mild spondylosis. Needs shwasahara Dravya

Dr.Vishwanath Dixit:
Sir this I had experienced when I was cleaning my  water tank at home almost 2weeks back after getting up from bending had felt brama but I had bended for more than 5minutes

Dr Kaveti Rajyalakshmi:
vijayalakshmi  mam namastey.  your observation is superb. Today one more PCOS case associated with Hirsutism attended my clinic. Aged 17 yrs addicted to horror movies. I advised to stop watching horror movies. How is this particular nidana causing Hirsutism? Pls elaborate. Most important what is the chikitsa sutra for this nidana?

Vinaya Ballakur:
I think horror movies, WWF ---> increase of testosterone levels in girls---> hirsuitism.

Vijayalakshmi mam ,is it so?

How to interpret in Ayurveda?

Dr Kaveti Rajyalakshmi:
I was also thinking in that line mam. Not directly testosterone, it may trigger adrenaline secretion.

Vinaya Ballakur:
Also need clarity on a few more things Vijayalakshmi mam.
Link between inj.TT and fibroadenoma breast.
Link between fibroadenoma in child and sleeping with parents during periods.

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
It's yadbhavam tat bhavathi

TRY TO think in Ayurvedic lines this hormones and chemicals should be used to understand.
it is not final as when you get involved "रागादि "gets agravated, anything in Ayoga, atiyoga, mithyayoga leads to disease.
If you like anyone you start imitating that person. This in turn can agravate shareerika dosha influencing  "manasika dosha" "doshaabhighata" or atipravruthhi. It can trigger pittutory/ thyroid etc Prana-sthana. प्राणोत्र— leading to change in heart beat, respiration, vagus nerve function etc.
this is our interpretation. end result is same. treatment first nidana parivarjana, sadvrutta, na-vegadharana / vega dharana
Next if they do it then treatment for prana dusti.

disease menifestation is shira -prana sthana... prane मुहुर्मुहुः

@ Vinaya, Vijayalaxmi, Rajyalaxmi n Ganesh vds.

The difference between Feminism and Feminity makes all the difference of ongoing discussion I feel.😊

Vinaya Ballakur:
Feminism is assertion not aggression

Thank you Sir for detailed explanation. Atipravrutti (addiction of any kind)is the nidana for many diseases. You have said prana dushti, does it mean pranavaha srotas dushti? Any insights on how we can plan treatment ,say in hirsutism case?

Do you mean dharana, dhyana etc. to pacify prana or some medication

Or textual references of pranavaha sroto dushti and chikitsa will have to be followed

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
doshabhighata chikitsa not dhyana dharana as they are of avara satva

Minutes is not important getting up is the test

Nidanastatu varjanam

Sir... swashahara dravya in spondylosis???

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
yes. try to analyze it on the basis of neck and chest anatomy and physiology / mechanesum of respiration.
if logic fails, then I will explain.

भ्रमस्तिमिर दर्शनं -मज्जा क्षय लक्षण
timira darshna due to various resons, one is as i have stated functional anemia / (my term). ie. blood does not function properly or it doesnot mentain its physiological functions.
Actuvally what happens to blood when you suddenly get up from a sitting possition?
if you under stand this there is no need for MRI in this case.

Discussions on 13/12/2016

Anupana according to disease or symptoms
According to diseases -

1.  fever – tulsi leaf swaras , adrak swaras , madhu, chiraita,  sugandha bala, pitpapda, shading water.
2.  chronic fever and cough – vardhman piplli, sitopladi + madhu, ghee, boiled milk
3.  shwas – vasa juce + adrak juce + madhu
4.  tuberculosis – pure shilajatu
5.  prameha – amla ras + haridra churn.
6.  vat rog – pure gugglu + lahasun
7.  aam vat – gomutra + castar oil
8.  anaemia – mandoor bhasm
9.  worm – vidang churna
10. diarrohea – kutag twak churn
11. grahni – takra
12. unmad – old cow ghee
13. khustha – khader and sariva kwatha
14. shvittra – bakuchi seeds
15. agirna – shayan
16. urdhva jatrugat rog – tekshna aushadi nasya
17. pashrva shula – pushkar mula
18. ashmari – pashan bhad, kulatha seeds, varun twak kwatha
19. gulma – shegrumul twak
20. vedradhi – raktamokshna
21. swara bheda – gargal with hot water and salt or pushkarmul kwatha with madhu
22. snahapanagerna – ushnodak but in case of bhallatak and tuvarak snahapan we will take cold water.
23. tail panagerna – usha and amla rus
24. murchha – sheet veerya brahhme and shankhapushpi and vacha
25. bhaybeet – aaswasan
26. vaman – lagamand with madhu
27. nidra kshya – bhas milk with suger
28. vruna – guggulu
29. aruchi – matulungnimbu swaras
30. vesharta – sheresha twak churn and fruit churn
31. udara rog – verachana drug
32. vatrakta – guduchi ras
33. medo rog – madhu with boiled water
34. pradar rog – lodhra twak
35. amla pitta – draksha
36. for eyes – triphla churn
37. bleeding piles – negkasor, amla churn, ghee, suger
38. non bleed piles – ghee + triphala churn
39. raktapitta and raktatisar – vasa ras, durva ras, moch ras
40. for hikka – myurpicchha bhasma
41. for unmad and apsmar – ghee + brahmi swaras
42. mutra krichha and mutraghat – rice boiled , gokshur kwatha
43. shotha – punarnava, makoya, bivbe
44. vrishya – aswagandha, musali, koch seeds + mishri with milk
45. gulm, udar, liver, spleen – gomutra, triphla kwath, kumaryasav with yavakshar with caster oil.

Forwarded as received

Dr.suresh Jakotia:
Anupana itself will reduce roga without medicine .Good info  for regular practice.

Raavi patches . I had used the Raavi taila n patches before .Sir can u pls let me know where i can get them .

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
In the above there are different variety of Nidana each leading to different samprapthi and different samprapthi leads to different roopa and Poorva roopa and chikitsa
Before going to Poorva roopa and roopa it’s better to classify Nidana
These are different  levels of nidana
अवश्याय अनिल रज  external factor / Aagantu
अतिस्वप्न प्रजागरैः –prajnaparada
नीचात्युच्चुपधानेन – heena / ati yoga / (defective head rest)
पीतेन अन्येन वारिणा । अत्यम्बुपान mithya yoga / ati yoga
भाष्य  अतिरमण Ati yoga
च्छर्दिबाष्पग्रह आदिभिः vega dharana, prajnaparada

Discussions on 12/12/2016

TDr.Ganesh kumar:
in case of prathishya
In today's life it is a medico-surgical case; if you consider all variets where prathishyaya is present.
In such cases it is better to consider nidana samprapthi lakshana chikitsa of vagbhata.
What he says is अवश्याय —--वर्धयन्तं क्षयप्रदम् ।।
accoding to nidana treatment has to vary, single tact approach is not possible.
Only pratishaya treat it with rasana yoga's and sudha yoga together,
always add vatanulomana brumhana in the end not malaanulomana.

To under stand anupaana see
1.tribhuvana krithi
2.Ananda bhairava yoga and analyse.
3. ealier "Prof. Dr. Ravinder Chiluveru" given explanation of samskara
same holds good here also.
Aupaana is used for targeting place of action NOT IN DISEASES but to control and concentrate the action of yoga.

for eg.- use of pippali along with antibiotic decreses quntity of antibiotic needed for cure.
Also use of silver bhasma reducess creation of resistent strains
this is seen in wide acceptence of septillin of himalaya by allopaths and ayurvedic / mixopathy practioners

If more explanation needed for juniors they have to read and ask.

Vd Saraswathi Sharma K:
Sir if you don't mind would be very much grateful if you can explain why you mentioned and what exactly you meant by saying vatanulomana brumhana in the end not malanulomana. Here 2 points i didn't get clarity. Mala sameeksha na is said only in raja yakshma. I don't remember reading absolute contraindication of malanuloman anywhere else. Then why here? In all pranavayu sroto dushti anulomana helps. This is the concept i formed after going through the samprapti of hikka swasa and kasa. I believe same applies to pratisyaya also. Then why not malanulomana since unexpelled purisha too can cause avarodha to vayu marga.

Dear Vaidyas need your valuable advise. My Cousins daughter has been Detected with Fibroadenoma of breast . She is 11years old attained menarche in may this year . There has been rapid growth . It was not seen May. Was noticed recently . It has spread in all Quadrants of breast .the allopathic drs suggesting for surgery . i just started on kanchanara gugulu n varanadi kwatha .kindly help

Vd Saraswathi Sharma K:
And by brumhana in the end I take it to mean any rasayana and brumhana chikitsa to be given only in nirama avastha when agni deepthi +. Am i right in my assumption or did i miss any vital point                                      
Large irregular mobile lump on right breast are aeriol a region 
USG: giant Fibroadenoma in the rt breast
Sir whether she has taken tt for any infection recently? I. e. After her menarche. What was her life style on weekends and during mc. Habit of eating lace, kurkure etc regularly? Does she consume food given in the school (some private schools like swami narayana schools are providing in the school itself ) is she too much pampered child?

madam, vatanulomana doesn't always mean malanulomana, but malanulomana is also included in vaatanulomana. anulomana means(not literally) move in the proper direction. praana vata should move in its own path, udana and its own path etc., and should so its own work and should not disturb the others function. so also pittanulomana and kaphanulomana. so here in prathishyaya gati of all the vatas should be coreected. not expelling the mala only.

Surekha Mitta Dr.:
Use of Triphala choorna externally as lepana along with other medications in this case

Her eating habits . Home madefood only . She is the only child . She has scalp ? Psorisis using only ayuvedic medicine .

Dr Kaveti Rajyalakshmi:
Sir whether she used shatavari for long duration?

How is her built? First immediately change the milk from diary farm to local milk vendor. Start of Jasmine flowers (2) on empty stomach.  If her built is stout medohar vidangadi loha 250mg at 11am with lukewarm water will help. Nagara churnam mixed with milk external application. Otherwise kanakalep ext apication will be useful. Check whether the pt is yogya for Vamana better go for Vamana in the coming vasanta Ritu.

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
two things are there-
1. I said "following vagbhata"
2. vatanuloma brumhana not malanulomana
now you asked why vatanulomana not malanulomana. vagbhata says " अवश्याय —--वर्धयन्तं क्षयप्रदम् "
prathishaya leads to kshaya not TB. It means prathishaya can be a poorva roopa of anuloma kshaya.
To prevent it's progression you need brumhana anulomana.
on this basis I advised the medicines.
hope this will clear, if needed I will explain.
even in nidana each nidana changes the treatment; but to state that aspect it needs
Bit of time and patience and response of readers. depending on readers doubts explanation changes not principle.

Since it is emergency start with Amruta kalasha of maharshi. it controls progression.
I need one information, wheather she was sleeping with parents, in same bed even during menses period of her or her mothers.
If it's so then treatment changes. but you can give MAK.

as you told changing to local vendor milk will balances the harmone to a great extent. even we have experienced it.  her eating habits affects the rasaagni,in turn formation of rasadhatu and its upadhatus and its stana, adistana etc.,.since dandruff was there dhatu s and samprapthi of that also to be considered for the treatment

since the formation of adeno -fibroma has already happened, you can start with panchamritha loha guggulu, along with mak, and you have started varunadi kashaya, along with that you advice varunaadi paneeya, so that the further growth will be checked and present growth also reduces. application of daarvishatka lepa helps in softerning the growth and reducing it. continue kanchanara guggulu.


A binign tumour composed of connective and or epithelial tissue of a glandular organ.

Usually, less vascular, non inflammatory swelling in the breast.

Dr Prashanth Bhat:
Along with other medicines suggested you can give Shiva gulika manufactured by BV pandith

1 tablet 3 times a day

STANAARBUDA composed of maamsa and rakta vaha srotas and it's dhaatu.

Non painful local 'utseda' or 'shopha' is a cardinal feature of Kaphajanya 'sroto sanga' in said srotases, not in rasa vaha or stanya vaha in the presented case.

D/D required among 6 types of arbuda.

Present case involved only 'maamsa snaayu' , it seems as per reports.


1. Palliative or conservative
a. Oushadha- shothaghna, lekhana, n or karshana.
i. Baahya lepa,
ii. Aamayika prayoga
    * kaashtoushadha,
    * rasoushadha
b. Ksaara,
i. local,
ii. Amaika.
c. Agni, local c/i, distant
2. Surgical- paatanam as in vidradhi and vrana ropanam.

1. Dosha vyatireka chikitsa,
Ex: amrita guggulu, pancha tikta ghrita guggulu, punarnava guggulu n tiktaka ghritaas.

2. Vyaadhi vyatireka chikitsa
Ex: shila sindhuradi, kuberaakshaadi,
Vriddhi baadhika,

Baahya lepa,
1. Ashvattha kseera/churn lepa (Raavi care plaster)
2. Dashaanga lepa

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