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There are 5 types of Guggulu as per classics among these "Hiranakshya" is used in humans (confirm from ur guggulu suppliers) Sush.Chi.5/40-45

Guggulu properties & its effect on body.

🔹Rasa - Katu
🔹Virya- Ushna
🔹Vipaka - Katu
🔹Doshagnata - Tridishoshagna


* Sugandhi - useful in putikoshta (Halitosis of GIT origin / foul flatus )

* Sukshma - it causes agni deepana

* Teekshna ushna - Kapha- vata hara

* Sara - Mala pittanuth

Bhavprakasha adds ( *Vishada means clear
As per Hemadri Ast.Su.1/17-18 its Kshalana)

Bhav prakasha adds tikta & kashaya rasa in guggulu.

* Nava Guggulu - Vrushya , Bhrimhana , Snighda, Picchila

* Purana Guggulu - Shuska , Durgandhi, Virya Varjita.

* Contra- Indications of Guggulu -

Apathya during guggulu sevana -

Its Mandatory to educate pt. While prescribing Guggulu kalpa to avoid following.

Amla, tikshna, vyavaya, atapa sevana, madhya sevana, srama.

 There are about 20-25 guggulu preparations as per classics.

⚫️All Guggulu kalpas invariably contains
Triphala + Guggulu except ( Trayodashanga , Lakshadi , Punarnava Guggulu - these do not contains Triphala in it)

⚫️Hence Guggulu kalpa can be distinguished as

1⃣Ama hara/ Lekhana
(Containing Triphala + Guggulu)

in these guggulu kalpa's Purana guggulu should be used , Confirm once again from ur guggulu supplier he is using at least 1 yr old guggulu)

Includes Almost all guggulu kalpa's  exception as abv.

2⃣ Rasayana

MahaYograj Guggulu -
Contains Guggulu+Triphala+ Rasa aushadi's bhasmas

Hence Rasayana guggulu can be used prolonged.

3⃣ Bhrimhana


Note: Abv two does not contain triphala hence can be used in kevala vataja or dhatukshaya ja vata vyadhi.

⚫️Amahara/Lekhana guggulu with base purana guggulu should be used as long as 30-45 days after that please shift bhrimhana or rasayana guggulu (this is as per my understanding)

⚫️Dosage -

Classical dosage of guggulu is upto 2 gm/day , pls check we give atleast 1 -2 gm per day.
to get desired results.

Pls confirm once again from ur guggulu supplier the strength of each guggulu vati (125, 250, 500mg) so that we can adjust 2/3/4 tab
tid/bd dosage.
also can be classified with Samavastha & niramavastha use
as per contents pachak+dhatu poshak like mahayograj
& purely dhatuposhak like saptavinshati

Benefits of Guggul

Promotes detoxification and rejuvenation*
Purifies the blood*
Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels already within the normal range*
Kindles agni (digestive fire)*
Promotes healthy weight management*
Supports comfortable movement of the joints*
Is a natural source of antioxidants*
Strengthens the immune system*
Helps engender vibrant, healthy skin*
Supports a regular menstrual cycle*
Guggul has very subtle and penetrating qualities and because of this is considered a yogavahi, meaning that it is often employed specifically to carry other substances deep into the tissues.1 Further, its combination with other herbs actually lends direction to its powerful detoxifying and rejuvenating qualities. Guggul pacifies vata, pitta, and kapha, though it is especially renowned for alleviating vata aggravations.1 In general, guggul has an affinity for all of the tissues in the body as well as the circulatory, digestive, nervous, and respiratory systems.1 Guggul is very scraping, which enables it to clear toxins from the tissues and channels while rejuvenating them.1 In fact, it is this scraping quality that gives guggul a number of its beneficial attributes.


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