Mar 23, 2014

Top beauty tips based on your dosha

Top beauty tips according to your dosha

In Ayurveda, it is said that every human body is made of a particular dosha, it can either be Vata, Pitta or of the Kapha type. Depending on what your dosha is your skin reacts and ages differently. Your skin dosha is a great map, which will guide you towards better and more fruitful skin care. Ayurvedic practitioners say that a number of skin ailments can be reversed or even abated if you practice the right kind of care for your skin type.

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Take this quiz to find out what your skin dosha is:

My skin colour is
a.       Pale

b.      Pink and looks fresh

c.       Darker than normal

My skin texture is

a.       Soft

b.      Rough and dry

c.       thick

I like the weather to be

a.       Warm

b.      Cool

c.       Both are fine

My skin is

a.       Dry and I rarely get pimples

b.      Clear but with freckles or moles

c.       Acne prone with blackheads and oily

I have or often suffer from

a.       Eczema

b.      Skin irritation and inflammation

c.       Water retention

Here are your answers:

If you picked mostly As then your skin type is ‘Vata’:  It is most likely that you have delicate yet dry and flaky skin. People with this type of skin are more prone to see signs of ageing earlier in their life, but don’t despair because you are also blessed with acne free and porcelain like skin. You are most likely to feel most comfortable in a warm and humid climate and conditions like Eczema and other skin issues related to sensitive skin are very common. Protecting your skin from these issues is essential to retaining your beauty. In order to maintain your skin, make it a point to use a good moisturizer or cream that will soothe and protect your skin.

If you picked mostly Bs then your skin type is Pitta:  People with the Pitta skin type have skin that is quite opposite to those with a Vata type of skin. Your skin is easily affected by heat and you prefer cold climates as compared to a warm environment. Your skin is easily sunburned and you often suffer from problems such as inflammation, irritation and redness. Although you are fair skinned, you have a number of moles and freckles. Common conditions that you might suffer from are rosacea, uneven pigmentation, rashes, and are quite sensitive overall. In order to take care of your skin make sure you use skin products that protect you from the sun and soothe you skin. As a preemptive measure, always remember to adopt a skin regime that will help ward away inflammation and red spots.

If you picked mostly Cs then your skin type is Kapha:  Your skin is usually oily and you have large pores. You are blessed with thick skin that is great in preventing those early signs of ageing from showing up.  It is soft and cool to touch but is prone to frequent acne breakouts and blocked pores. You are most probably prone to water retention. In order to take care of your skin well, make sure you have a good cleanser toner


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