Aug 2, 2011

for easy digestion


Today INDIGESTION is the main problem among us. Because most of us now a days mostly work sitting all the day. We have only mental work but less physical work. So there is no balance in food we eat and work we do. So this Indigestion has become a problem now-a-days.

The Ayurvedic medicine which is given below is one of the best solutions in ayurveda to reduce Indigestion. It will effectively eliminate Indigestion.

Kasyapa Lehyam.

This Ayurvedic medicine given below can be easily prepared in house using the commonly used kitchen spices which are easily available in the market.

Cumin seeds
Rock candy(mishri,)
Take 100 grams of Cumin seeds, fry it lightly. Now powder it. Keep it aside.
Take 100 grams of Rock candy Powder it. keep it aside.
Now mix the Rock candy powder with one glass of water and boil it for 1 t0 2 minutes. After 2 minutes add the Cumin seeds powder which we kept aside and start mixing the solution while boiling. While mixing the solution add 100 grams of Ghee
Boil the whole solution until you get a HALWA like material and remove from the stove wait for some time.Take the medicine in a dry bottle and preserve. It should be kept in dry place and always use a dry spoon


For Adults (1/2-1) tea spoon before one hour to lunch and dinner.
For Children 1/4th tea spoon before one hour to lunch and dinner.

**** It is very essential to keep the medicine in dry place. Use a dry spoon whenever you open the bottle.


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