Aug 2, 2011

Five Simple Rules for Healthy Life

Rule # 1: Breathe Properly
Breathing is the most basic condition for survival. If we breathe in a right manner, we give ourselves more prana (life-force). Always breathe deeply, slowly and smoothly. This way you relieve stress and send more oxygen to the blood, brain and muscles increasing your energy levels and mental performance. Never breathe through mouth. If possible, learn ayurvedic therapies like “Pranayam” which is a traditional series of breathing exercises. Even if you do not learn it, always pay attention to how you breathe. Gradually, you will develop the habit of breathing deeper and slower. Set aside some time in your daily schedule for aware breathing. When stressed, sit down for a while in a relaxing position and breathe deeply before you react.

Rule # 2: Drink Plenty of Water
Drink WaterWater is not only essential for rehydration but also leads to purified blood, glowing skin and healthy body tissues. Thus, you look beautiful, the natural way, when you drink plentiful water. Ayurveda suggests observing urine as a guide to know how much water you need to drink daily. If your urine is not clear or it looks too concentrated, you should increase your daily intake of water. Inadequate water leads to headaches and fatigue as also to dehydration which has serious health consequences. Sip water over time rather than gulping it down in large quantities. Do not have too much water just before or during meals. Drinks containing caffeine and alcohol do not substitute water. Fruits and vegetables with high water content can be taken but plain and pure water is essential.

Rule # 3: Eat the Right Food
Healthy fruitsAyurveda recommends right kind and right quantity of food planned according to one's own body constitution. Inappropriate foods and poor eating habits can result in many diseases like diabetes, obesity etc. If you want to reduce weight by natural ways, you should control your eating habits and exercise regularly. Food needs are unique to one's body. So, be attentive to what you eat and how these affect your overall health. Avoid those foods which do not suit you. Eat pure, fresh, whole, natural foods. Make an eating routine and follow it. Make eating your meals an important activity and don't neglect it for other works.

Rule # 4: Exercise Regularly
Walking-JoggingAdequate physical and mental activity are significant for health and longevity. As food should be taken according to one's body needs, exercise should also be structured in a way that is ideal to your needs. Walking and yoga are beneficial for all as they can be adapted according to individual needs. Exercising early in the day is best. Do not exercise on an empty stomach or immediately after meals.
Do not pain or exhaust yourself while exercising, do it moderately. Mental exercise should also be followed. Anything that keeps our minds engaged or where you can learn something new, such as traveling, reading, solving puzzles, taking up a new hobby or project etc. will give your mind the much needed exercise. Such activities like gardening, music, teaching and volunteering are examples of activities that enrich you mentally as well as emotionally and spiritually.

Rule # 5: Sleep Adequately
SleepingAll work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy- Ayurveda too believe this. Learn to relax and take adequate sleep as it recharges mind and body for the next day. Sleep deprivation leads to high blood pressure, obesity and depression. How much sleep do you need should be determined by yourself- eight hours sleep theory doesn't fit for all. Quality sleep is what refreshes you. It is when your mind completely disengages from other senses. 'Early to bed and early to rise' is not only a phrase- it's a universal fact for getting sound sleep because the sleep that you get in the earlier hours of night is the most productive sleep. You can adopt many techniques for getting better sleep like a cup of lukewarm milk, deep breathing and a bedtime lower limb massage. So, follow these simple five rules and stay healthy for ever!


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