Jul 24, 2011

Kerala Ayurveda now Targets Sports Medicine

Kerala Ayurveda has till now been famous for kerala ayurveda resorts, kerala ayurveda tour, and its ayurvedic massage. However, now Kerala ayurveda treatment is set to take a big leap by entering into the realm of sports medicine. Kerala Government is exploring the potential of traditional Indian system of medicine, Ayurveda, and associated indigenous healing systems, as sports medicine. The Department of Indian Systems of Medicines and Homoeopathy, a unit of the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare has already formed a special wing called 'Sports Ayurveda.' Ayurvedic Sports Medicine

The basic function of 'Sports Ayurveda' is the treatment of athletes through Ayurveda and other natural medicine as well as prevention, diagnosis and rehabilitation of sports injuries. With the Commonwealth Games and National Games approaching, the 'Sports Ayurveda wing' has been made capable to heal sports-related injuries. According to Lathika Jacob, Director, Indian Systems of Medicine and Homoeopathy, Kerala, “we are hopeful in sports medicines in Ayurveda to help (with) health issues of sportsmen. More people accept quick relief, but in Ayurveda all medicines are relief. People want quick relief, we can change the medicines in faster action." Dr. V. K. Ajithkumar, Coordinator, Sports Ayurveda said, "there are so many medicines in Ayurvedic (system) and medicines mean drugs of plant origin and animal origin drugs. In Ayurvedic (medicine), pharmacopoeia, which increases strength, endurance, flexibility etc. can be used in sports medicines." The 'Sports Ayurveda' wing will undertake management of day-to-day health issues of sports persons, treatment of sports injuries, fitness of body, health food, and boosting body's power.


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