Jul 24, 2011

Hair Straightening : The Natural way

Hair straightening has become the latest fad these days. It is so because not only do they look beautiful and managed but also, one can try different styles with straight hair. Dealing with curly and wavy hair on a daily basis can be hectic thus, hair straightening can come to rescue in such cases. But, the permanent hair straightening products available in market today are chemical loaded which can render harsh effects on the natural hair texture. Hence, opting for natural hair straightening measures can be a wise choice.
Mentioned under are few natural hair straightening tips which can help in getting a sleek and shininng mane. Take a look:

Coconut milk

Coconut milk is known to maintain the sleekness of hair. A regular use of it can enhance the quality of your hair as well as render them soft and manageable. All you need to do is:

Take a one glass of coconut milk and add two table spoons of lemon juice (approx one lemon's juice) into it. Put this mixture in refrigerator for cooling.
Once the mixture has been cooled down in refrigerator, you would get a cream like mixture. Apply this creamy coconut paste on hair and cover it with a towel soaked in hot water.
Rinse it off after a while using shampoo. Repeat this treatment for about three weeks and you would witness your hair turning sleek silky and shiny.

Hot Oil Treatments Hot oil treatments as most of the people know are very essential and healthy for promoting hair growth. As for straightening the hair, these treatments relax the curls and and waves in the hair thus, making them appear straitened and sleek.

Just do a nice hot oil massage in hair with gentle hands and cover it with a towel for 15-30 mins. This would not only provide sleekness to hair but would also add a natural healthy glow to them too. Make it a habit to massage your hair with hot oil and you would see the blooming results for yourself.

Milk and Honey Milk and honey provide rich nourishment to the scalp and hair. They work wonders for hair texture and their straightness.
Take one cup of milk and add one tablespoon of honey to it. Next, mash some strawberries into milk and honey and apply this paste on your hair.
Let this creamy paste stay in for about two hours and then rinse it off using shampoo. A healthy, sleek mane is what you'll get after it!


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