Jul 24, 2011

Ayurvedic Tips For Weight Gain

31 August 2010- Not gaining weight is also a problem like losing weight. As per ayurveda the weight of the body should be in a balanced proportion with strong immune system. If you are working on the ayurveda weight gain then it should be properly distributed all across your body. Gaining weight in just one part of the body like waist, stomach etc is also the problem.

As per ayurveda people with Vata dosha have thin body type They are restless, energetic and high metabolism rate. Because of this reason they are very thin with less muscle development. They also have the protruding joints with cracking noises. People with vata dosha also have thin and dry skin with visible veins.

Why Normal Weight is Important?

  • • Normal weight is important for proper immune system.
  • • It will reduce the joint and bone problems.
  • • No anemia.
  • • Low weight people will have greater tendency for vattika disease.

Causes of Underweight

Ayurveda considers everything from the body type and kind of food you are eating to find out the specific problem.

Less Calorie Intake

Your body needs specific amount of calorie intake. If you are consuming less calorie than the required amount then you will face the problem of underweight. Inadequate calorie intake will lead to the problems of respiratory disorders, typhoid fever, cancer and circulatory disorders.

Bad Eating Habits

Bad eating habits also lead to underweight problems. Also if the metabolic rate is high then you will face this problem. Inadequate amount of meal and too much of bodily activity also causes weight loss.

Metabolic Disturbances

You may have overactive thyroid, hereditary tendencies, or any other chronic disease leading to metabolic disturbances. These can also be cause of weight loss or underweight problem.

Ayurvedic Tips for Weight Gain

  • • Increase the intake of dairy products like milk and cheese. But do not over eat anything as it will have other harmful affects of high blood pressure and all
  • • Eat food rich in ghee and butter.
  • • Take afternoon sleep.
  • • Try having the herbs like ashwagandha, shatavari, aamlaki rtc. According to ayurveda these are good for undernourished people.
  • • Keep your mind healthy and stay away from stress.
  • • Eat 30 gm of raisins daily.
  • • Eat muskmelon three times a day continuously for 40 days. For the first three days eat only three kilograms of muskmelon that should be increased by 1 Kg after that to subside the hunger. Try to have fresh and sweet fruit. But eat it in the season only.
  • • Start taking Chyavanprash that is a one extensive herbal tonic. It increases the immune system and age.

Home Remedies for Weight Gain

  • • Eat banana three time a day followed by milk of curd. You can also make the banana shake in milk to gain weight.
  • • Eat lots of fruit with milk.
  • • Take milk and boil it with almonds, anjeer and date palm. It will hep you in gaining weight.
  • • In summers you can drink mango shake in milk daily to gain weight. Also instead of this consume mango and drink milk after this. Mangoes contain too much sugar but without any protein. But milk on the other hand lots of protein and without sugar. So the combination of both will compliment each other.
  • • In case you are very thing eat figs that are excellent for weight gain. Take the dry figs and soak these in water. Take these twice a day.
  • • Certain nutrients have powerful effect on your nervous system making it calmer. Calmer the mind more will be the weight. The best nutrients for this are vitamin D, calcium, magnesium and vitamin B6. For Vitamin D drink milk and take sun rays. Milk is again a great source of calcium along with yoghurt. Green leafy vegetables are good source of magnesium.
  • • Do not consume products that are made from white flour and sugar as these may harm your body adversely.

Ayurvedic Tonics

However, here are some recipes for simple Ayurvedic tonics that act as 'Rasayanas'. These are especially beneficial for those who are physically weak, underweight and have weak muscles. The tonics given below nourish not only the body but mind too.
  • • Eat 3 or 4 figs and drink 250ml warm milk in the morning. One or two teaspoons of honey may be added to the milk for sweetening. Soak the figs in water if they are dry. It is a very good tonic and also cures constipation and anemia.

  • • Take 2 walnuts, 4 almonds and 7 raisins. Soak them overnight in water and eat the next morning with 250ml of warm milk. Chew well. It's good to add one or two teaspoons of honey to the milk for sweetening.

  • • Take 1 part dry dates (without seeds), 2 parts dry coconut and 3 parts sugar candy. Cut/break them into small pieces and mix together. Take about 50 grams of this mixture every morning. It's specially good for the children and prevents common ailments like tonsillitis, cold, cough, indigestion and diseases relating to teeth. The dose for children is 2 teaspoons and 4-5 teaspoons for adults. Do not drink water immediately after eating this mixture.

Take equal quantity of unpeeled apples and carrots grated. This mixture should be taken on an empty stomach in the morning. Dose can be up to 200 grams. Do not eat anything for 2 hours after eating this mixture. It is very effective in reducing extra fat, specially for the women. For increasing weight the same mixture should be taken immediately after lunch. Special Ayurvedic tonic for infants:

  • • Take 1 almond and soak it in water overnight. In the morning remove the skin of almond and make a fine paste by grinding it. Mix in 1 gram of honey. Give to babies who are 4 months or older. It is a nice tonic for both mental and physical development of the child. Please note that the almond should not be bitter and the paste should be very fine.

  • • Take 25 grams black chickpeas (kala chana). Soak them in 200 ml water in the night. It is advised to eat these next morning. The water can also be taken with or without mixing a teaspoon of honey. The sprouts made from black chickpeas can also be taken. They strengthen the lungs, help reduce cholesterol and are good in cases of heart disease. Those having a weak digestion or who develop heaviness after eating this, should discontinue.

  • • Take 2-3 dry dates and soak them in water every morning. In the evening boil them in 250ml milk untill half the quantity of milk remains. Cool and add one teaspoon honey as a sweetener. Eat the dates and drink the milk. This can be taken one hour before going to bed. Do not drink water for 2 hours after taking this tonic. This tonic helps to build all the 'Dhatus', gives strength to lungs, increases blood circulation, cleans the bowels and alleviates Vata and Pitta.

Kerala Ayurveda now Targets Sports Medicine

Kerala Ayurveda has till now been famous for kerala ayurveda resorts, kerala ayurveda tour, and its ayurvedic massage. However, now Kerala ayurveda treatment is set to take a big leap by entering into the realm of sports medicine. Kerala Government is exploring the potential of traditional Indian system of medicine, Ayurveda, and associated indigenous healing systems, as sports medicine. The Department of Indian Systems of Medicines and Homoeopathy, a unit of the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare has already formed a special wing called 'Sports Ayurveda.' Ayurvedic Sports Medicine

The basic function of 'Sports Ayurveda' is the treatment of athletes through Ayurveda and other natural medicine as well as prevention, diagnosis and rehabilitation of sports injuries. With the Commonwealth Games and National Games approaching, the 'Sports Ayurveda wing' has been made capable to heal sports-related injuries. According to Lathika Jacob, Director, Indian Systems of Medicine and Homoeopathy, Kerala, “we are hopeful in sports medicines in Ayurveda to help (with) health issues of sportsmen. More people accept quick relief, but in Ayurveda all medicines are relief. People want quick relief, we can change the medicines in faster action." Dr. V. K. Ajithkumar, Coordinator, Sports Ayurveda said, "there are so many medicines in Ayurvedic (system) and medicines mean drugs of plant origin and animal origin drugs. In Ayurvedic (medicine), pharmacopoeia, which increases strength, endurance, flexibility etc. can be used in sports medicines." The 'Sports Ayurveda' wing will undertake management of day-to-day health issues of sports persons, treatment of sports injuries, fitness of body, health food, and boosting body's power.

Prevent Hair Loss and Balding

Hair loss, alopecia, thinning of hair and balding are some of the common hair problems. Many of us suffer from these ailments due to our modern lifestyle and diet. Ayurveda can be very beneficial in treating these conditions as it investigates the root cause of the problem. First understand the ayurveda body types and then the causes for these hair conditions:

• Excess of Pitta dosha in the body is the chief cause of hair problems. Pitta is increased by excessive intake of tea, coffee, alcohol, meats and excessive smoking. Pitta is also aggravated by eating too much fried, oily, greasy, spicy, sour, and acidic foods.

• Intake of too many chemical medicines, low blood circulation, anemia, general weakness after disease, stress, anxiety, and mental tension are also prime causes of hair loss.

• Chronic diseases like typhoid fever, presence of dandruff or lice and hormonal imbalance also cause hair loss.

So watch out carefully for these reasons! You may be overdoing one of them, and thus losing your beautiful hair.

Hair Loss Causes
There are many things that aggravate the problem of hair loss. The major ones are:

• Stress is the root cause of any problem and the hair loss problem is also associated with stress.
• Severe or prolonged illness of about 2 to 3 months. Any major surgery also leads to hair loss.
• Hair loss also occurs because of disbalance in harmones. Like overactive or underactive thyroid glands leads to hair fall. If any male or female harmones such as androgens or estrogens are out of balance the the hair fall occurs.
• Baby's delivery in mother also leads to hair loss.
• Intake of strong medicines causes hair loss.
• Major hair loss occurs because of some fungal infection and diabetes.
Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss
As per ayurvedic hair loss treatment, hair are considered as a byproduct for bone formation. So the tissues from which the bones are formed causes the growth of your hair. People who have straight and blonde hair will face the hair loss problem more than others. Also graying of hair in these people will be sooner than the people having thick and coarse hair.

In ayurvedic hair loss treatment different things like herbs, yoga, meditation, yoga, balanced diet, and oil massage are combined to give the positive result.
• The first step is to locate the root cause in your diet or lifestyle that may be increasing the Pitta dosha. Once you locate it, try to give up or at least reduce the diet, habit, or activity responsible for increasing Pitta.

• The person should maintain a regular bowel movement everyday. In case of constipation, a mild natural laxative can be taken. Triphala, an Ayurvedic herbal powder, is also useful.

• Regular physical exercise is very beneficial as it helps in balancing the aggravated doshas.

Massage for Ayurveda Hair Loss Treatment
• Always use a natural shampoo or soap to clean the hair. As most soaps and shampoos have chemicals, they might be the cause of your problem. Usually the chemicals have a heating effect, and increase Pitta locally. Amala (embilica officinalis), Shikakai (Acacia concinna) are very commonly used in India for washing the hair.

• Oiling and massaging of scalp is very beneficial for stopping the hair loss. Use coconut oil or mustard oil at least three times in a week. Certain medicated oils like 'Mahabhringraj oil', 'Amala oil', and 'Arnica oil' are very useful. Put oil on the scalp, and massage gently in the roots of the hair.
• Rub your scalp vigorously after washing the hair. It increases the blood circulation, and activates the sebaceous glands. Take the oil that contains vitamin E. Vitamin E prevents the hair fall and reduces the brittleness of hair and also cure the dry and flaky skin.
• Daily application of coconut oil mixed with lime juice on the hair is also beneficial. Applying juice of green coriander leaves on the head is also good.
• Washing the hair with a paste of cooked Urad dal (black beans) and fenugreek (methi) 2-3 times a week, is also good.
• A paste of licorice made by grinding it in milk can be applied in the bald patches. It induces hair growth. A paste of seeds of lemon and black pepper may also be applied on the bald patches.
Food and Home Remedies for Ayurveda Hair Loss Treatment
• The diet should contain more green leafy vegetables, salads, milk, fruits and sprouts. Take more proteins, milk, buttermilk, yeast, wheat germ, soybean and vitamin A.
• Every morning eat white sesame seeds as these have plenty of magnesium and calcium that are essential for the growth of hair.
• Daily eat curd.
• A special Ayurvedic preparation made from Bhringraj (Eclipta elba), Amala, corals, iron and black sesame seeds is very useful, and even stops the graying of hair.
• A mixture of lettuce and spinach juice is good to drink to induce hair growth. The juice of alfalfa mixed with that of carrot, and lettuce juice is also good to take.
• Drink 1/3rd cup of aloe vera juice daily. You can also take 1 tbsp of aloe vera gel with a pinch of cumin. Take it thrice a day for 2-3 months to control hair loss.
Herbs for Ayurveda Hair Loss Treatment
• Take apple cider vinegar and sage tea to rinse your hair. This induces the growth of hair.
• If your hair are dry then consume burdock and marshmallow tea.
• Massage your scalp regularly with horsetail.
These remedies are worth trying and will solve your hair problems.

Home Remedies for Glowing Skin

Glowing skin is a reflection of the inner healthiness and perfect body metabolism. Every individual wishes to have a flawless radiating skin which can make even the most regular looking person stand out in the crowd. Glow on skin depends largely on the kind of lifestyle one leads. The meals, exercising and work out habits etc. directly effect the radiance on the skin. Thus if naturally glowing skin is what you aim for, it is rather important to have healthy eating habits and lifestyle. For extra care, one can try few natural skin care regimes involving home remedies and ayurveda. So if you are worried about blackheads, dark circles, pigmentation and all that is there on your face, you must adopt certain natural home remedies for skincare to get a clear and glowing skin as discussed under. Take a look:

Quick 5 Skin Glowing Tips

  • •Rub a piece of papaya on face for instant glow.
  • •Go glowing with milk-banana face pack. (Mashed banana in milk)
  • •Apply honey and rinse it off after some time with cold water for instant glow on skin.
  • •Boil some cabbage in water and wash the face with it(after cooling), would render immense radiance to skin.
  • •Mashed tomato in curd if applied on face can work wonders for skin.

Ayurvedic Tips for Pink Lips

Lips have very distinctive appeal of your face and it is first thing that is observed by others. Some have very pretty and attractive pink lips while some have close to black lips. If you are experiencing lack of confidence due to your black and dull lips then here are the ayurvedic tips for lips that can change your lip color and give you a smarter look.

You can have healthy and pink lips just by changing the routine and your diet a bit. There are many things in our kitchen that can be used for pink lips and other skin care. Follow the natural ayurvedic tips and ayurvedic solutions for pink lips. The home remedies are absolutely safe and without side effects.

Causes of Dull and Dark Lips

  • • Smoking is the major cause of dull and dark lips. If you are a smoker then you will have dark and very dull lips.
  • • Less blood circulation in that ares.
  • • Tiredness and stress of any kinds leads to dull and dark lip.
  • • Extra exposure to sun, humidity and temperature causes lips to look dull.
  • • Use of low grade cosmetics and lipsticks on lips

Ayurvedic Tips for Pink Lips

  • • Make the granular paste of olive oil and sugar. Apply it on your lips and rub this mixture in a round motion. This will work as an exfoliator giving your lips a natural shine and color. You can also use the tooth brush to remove the dry flakes.
  • • Take some home made butter and apply it on your lip after scrubbing. This will soften the lips and impart freshness to them.
  • • Cut down your coffee and beverages quantity as these causes the lips to darken. If you have the habit of smoking then also your lips will be of black color. It is advisable to quit smoking not only for pink lips but for good health.
  • • Eat lots of fruits and drink about eight glasses of water a day.
  • • Apply home made butter before going to bed. You can also apply the milk cream if butter is not available.
  • • To lighten the color of your lips, daily apply lime juice on them.
  • • As per another ayurvedic tips for lips, soak raisins in water overnight and eat these as first thing in the morning. This will help you in getting pink lips.
  • • Apply almond oil on your lips daily. You can also make the paste of almonds in milk cream. Rub this daily on your lips. It is a very good lip conditioning technique.
  • • To lighten the lips either apply olive oil or almond oil on them.
  • • Quit smoking. Although it is not easy but with this the lip discoloration can be stopped and many other associated diseases will not have any chance to occur in your body.

Tips to Get Rid of Dark Lips

  • • Daily after doing tooth brush use that to exfoliate your lips with the same brush. With this you will get rid of dry flakes thus making your lips soft and supple.
  • • Get the ayurvedic cream and apply it on your lips every night before going to bed. This will reduce the darkness and dullness of lips.
  • • Eat balanced diet.
Grate raw coconut and squeeze milk out of it. Apply this milk over your lips and face. It adds grace to your skin. You will get a glowing skin.

Eat plenty of raw carrot or cucumber. It smoothens your lips and also adds grace to your skin.

Ayurvedic Herbs For Promoting Hair Growth

Alopecia areata, Alopecia Totals,    alopecia universalis

Alopecia Totalis
Alopecia areata,
Indralupta – Alopecia areata,
Khalati – Alopecia Totals,
Ruhya – alopecia universalis

 If it is occurs on face, it is called indralupta, on head – kalathi,if all over the body ruhya

First pitta vāta, later kapha rakta
Commonest form is hereditary.
Can be caused by Old age, disease, chemotherapy

Treatment with Thallium compounds.
Scarlet fever can cause toxic alopecia.
It can occur in myxoedema, early syphilis and pregnancy.

Not all conditions are successfully curable.
Androgenic factors should be considered.

Internal Medicines.
Saptamŗtha loham
Nārasimha ghŗtam
Ayabrińgarāja kalpam

External Application

Cleaning the area with spirit.
Application of Triphala maşi / Hasti danta maşi / Indralupta maşi mixed with lemon juice or nīli oil.
Mālatyādi tailam
Kaiyan tailam



Bhringaraja or Eclipta Alba is supposedly the best herb identified in ayurvedic science for the prevention of balding and premature graying. It is one of the best natural herbs for hair regrowth. The entire plant as well as the seeds of bhringaraj carry immense medicinal value. It is in fact, quite useful both internally as well as externally. Apart from that, there is a black dye which is extracted from Eclipta alba and is used for hair dyeing and tattooing purposes. Traditionally, bhringaraj for hair was used by boiling its leaf juice in sesame and coconut oil to anoint the head which resulted in healthy black hair. Today, bhringaraj is used as a basic ingredient in various herbal shampoos promoting hair growth. One can also try the popular concoction of amla, bhringraj and brahmi oil for hair regrowth.


Amalaki or Embelica Officinalis is a proven hair supplement for hair regrowth. The Embelica Officinalis fruit better known as amla, is first sun dried and then boiled in coconut oil upto the point where the solid fruit part gets charred. After cooling, this solution is used for massaging hair which helps promoting hair growth and preventing pre-mature graying. In fact, amalaki for hair is so curative that the amla fruit soaked water can be used as a conditioner for hair. Just rinse them with this water and you will surely get a beautiful shiny mane.


Triphala refers to a combined mixture of three different herbs namely Haritaki also known as Terminalia Chebula, Amalaki also known as Embelica Officinalis and Vibhitaki also known as Terminalia Bellirica. This mixture called triphala if taken orally everyday, can effectively help in preventing hair loss. Also, it can be used by mixing it well in hot oil and then massaging scalp with it. Since triphala for hair is very effective, herbal shampoos and hair packs using triphala as a whole or either of the Terminalia Bellirica, Terminalia Chebula and Embelica Officinalis herb can be used for treating the issue of hair loss.

At Home Natural Spa Treatment

Natural personal care products and holistic health provide more nutrients to your body, skin and hair, without producing any negative side effects of chemical fillers. While every woman just loves the idea of having a spa treatment, it is not always possible due to exorbitant spa prices or time constraint. But then there are other ways of having a spa treatment in your own home and at very low costs. There are some very easy-to-follow home tips to get the effective and relaxing spa treatment without spa prices. You can try these tips for at home spa treatment and pamper yourself:

Hot Foot Bath

For this you need a medium size tub or basin and fill it with warm water. You should see that the tub that you use is big enough to fit both your feet. The water should reach just above your ankles. Add bath salts in it. If you don't have bath salts, you can use 1 tbsp of ginger powder or a few drops of essential oil. Sink your feet into the warm water. Take a book or a magazine or just an ipod and relax for half an hour. Wipe dry your feet and use a good foot cream. A nice hot foot bath will help you ease stress and tiredness and at the same time it helps in stimulating circulation in the feet.

Home Made Body Scrub

At Home Spa Make your own body scrub. It is easy and you will enjoy making it. While making the scrub will keep your mind busy, preventing you to think about work and other stressful issues, using the scrub will give you a relaxing feel. You can relax your tense muscles and cleanse and rejuvenate your skin. Follow these 5 easy steps to create your body scrub:
  • Take a bowl.
  • Pour 1 cup of olive oil or almond oil into the bowl.
  • Now mix i cup of sugar or salt with the oil.
  • Add 3 to 5 drops of essential oil. Alternatively you can add 5 to 6 drops of the lime or orange juice into the mixture.
  • Wet your body, scrub your whole body gently with your home made scrub and then take a shower or bath.

Dead Sea Mud

Have you heard about the dead sea mud? This is easily available in the market. This is a very traditional beauty treatment. Just before taking bath, you apply the mud all over the body and let it dry. After few minutes, take a shower. The entire mud is highly concentrated with minerals, some of which are specific to the Dead Sea. The mud when applied to the skin allows your skin to stay naturally moisturized. At the same time it increases oxygen flow to skin cells. Another benefit is that it pulls out toxins, opens up pores and purifies the skin. These minerals also have a very cool and relaxing effect. You can also heat this mud and apply only to aching muscles and joints, let it dry and then rinse it off. You can feel the difference immediately.

Lavender Treatment

Lavender oil is a natural sedative which when applied to the body, calms the nervous system and reduces stress in the body. Just have a lavender massage at home. This is a popular home spa treatment. Infact to create a proper spa environment, just switch off the lights in the room or make the room dark by pulling the curtains, light some candles, find a comfortable place to stretch out your body and ask your partner or someone to rub this lavender scented massage oil in your body. After the massage, just relax for few minutes and then take a warm, shower bath.

These are just few simple tips to have a spa treatment at home and you will enjoy it. It is necessary for the well being of your mind and body and to let go off your stress in the comfort of your own home.
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Hair Straightening : The Natural way

Hair straightening has become the latest fad these days. It is so because not only do they look beautiful and managed but also, one can try different styles with straight hair. Dealing with curly and wavy hair on a daily basis can be hectic thus, hair straightening can come to rescue in such cases. But, the permanent hair straightening products available in market today are chemical loaded which can render harsh effects on the natural hair texture. Hence, opting for natural hair straightening measures can be a wise choice.
Mentioned under are few natural hair straightening tips which can help in getting a sleek and shininng mane. Take a look:

Coconut milk

Coconut milk is known to maintain the sleekness of hair. A regular use of it can enhance the quality of your hair as well as render them soft and manageable. All you need to do is:

Take a one glass of coconut milk and add two table spoons of lemon juice (approx one lemon's juice) into it. Put this mixture in refrigerator for cooling.
Once the mixture has been cooled down in refrigerator, you would get a cream like mixture. Apply this creamy coconut paste on hair and cover it with a towel soaked in hot water.
Rinse it off after a while using shampoo. Repeat this treatment for about three weeks and you would witness your hair turning sleek silky and shiny.

Hot Oil Treatments Hot oil treatments as most of the people know are very essential and healthy for promoting hair growth. As for straightening the hair, these treatments relax the curls and and waves in the hair thus, making them appear straitened and sleek.

Just do a nice hot oil massage in hair with gentle hands and cover it with a towel for 15-30 mins. This would not only provide sleekness to hair but would also add a natural healthy glow to them too. Make it a habit to massage your hair with hot oil and you would see the blooming results for yourself.

Milk and Honey Milk and honey provide rich nourishment to the scalp and hair. They work wonders for hair texture and their straightness.
Take one cup of milk and add one tablespoon of honey to it. Next, mash some strawberries into milk and honey and apply this paste on your hair.
Let this creamy paste stay in for about two hours and then rinse it off using shampoo. A healthy, sleek mane is what you'll get after it!

Caring for Curly Hair Naturally

People with curly hair often counter the problems of dryness, friz and breakage. Thus, curly hair indeed call for an extra effort at their maintenance but the curly hair products available in market do no good to your hair in a long run. Thus, mentioned under are few natural tips that can help you manage your curly mane in the best possible manner naturally.
Have a look at few effective curly hair tips here:

Curly Hair Dryness

-Curly hair most often are dry and frizzy which need ample amount of moisture. Drinking loads of water helps hydrate not only the body but the hair too. Apart from that people with curly hair should also incorporate olive oil in their diet as it ends up in shine and softness in hair.

-Dryness of naturally curly hair can also be treated well with emu oil and jojoba oil. These are easily found in shampoos and also in pure forms. In fact emu oil is known for its super hydrating and deep penetrating ability. Just massage your curls and scalp with one of oils on regular basis and experience the difference for yourself.

Curly Hair Breakage -Curly hair styles are also prone to breakage and thus, needs additional protein supplement for hair repair. Deep conditioning with natural products can help a great deal in this context. All you need to do is, mix eggs and mayonnaise in 1:2 ratio and beat it well. Now run this conditioner content into your hair and cover the head with a cap. Leave it as it for 30-45 minutes and then rinse it off. This deep conditioning treatment helps in repairing the hair and render them smooth and shining.

Lusterless Curly Hair
-In most cases, curly hair are not as shiny and lustrous as straight hair. Thus, to add sheen and luster to your curly hair, just moisten your hair and massage the scalp and hair generously with a refined oil like sesame or apricot. Once the oiling is done, wrap your hair with a warm towel and leave it for at least an hour. Now, remove the towel and apply the paste of fuller's earth on the head. Rinse it off after a while by shampooing with lukewarm water. Lastly, run little amount of refined oil in towel dried, damp hair. Let your hair dry naturally. This would make the curls appear a lot more shinier and prominent.

Split Ends in Curly Hair

-Another common problem found in curly hair is split ends. Olive oil treatment is best for getting rid of it. What you have to do is, massage the hair and scalp well with olive oil and wrap the head with a towel dipped in hot water. Keep it as it is for around two hours and let your hair steam. Next,wash your hair using yogurt (buttermilk in case of oily hair). Rinse it off and shampoo your hair the next day. Repeating this treatment on a weekly basis for 3-4 weeks would render excellent results.

ayurvedic face packs

 Face Packs to Beat the Summer Heat

Summers bring along not only the heat but also a phase of dry, rough and moisture lacking skin. Imagine how would it be to have a perfectly hydrated, cool and glowing skin unaffected of the harsh summers?
If you too are looking for cooling skin therapies then check out here, the three super cooling natural face packs to get rid of the dead and dry skin this summer season.

1.Cucumber Face Pack

Ingredients Needed

-A Refrigerated Cucumber


Cucumber face pack is the most easiest and the most effective cooling face pack of all. What you need to do is:
-Take a refrigerated cucumber (it is essential to use refrigerated cucumber only) and cut it into small pieces.
-Now blend these pieces in a grinder real good to have a smooth paste of it.
-Next, apply this paste on your face gently and let it remain like that for 15-20 minutes to let the skin hydrate thoroughly.
-Wash it off with cool water and pat dry with a soft towel.

2.Natural Bleach to your face

1. Take lemon guice and honey in equall quantity and apply it to face and neck and wash after 15-20mins .this works as a natural bleach and makes your skin glowing.

3.Yogurt Face pack

Ingredients Needed

-1 table spoon of natural yogurt  
-1 tea spoon of honey


Yogurt is another natural cooling element in summers. Besides consuming it on a regular basis in summers, it can also be used for making a skin cooling face pack too. Take a look:
-Mix one table spoon of yogurt with one tea spoon of honey to make a smooth mixture.
-Apply this mixture gently on your face and leave it for 15-20 minutes.
-Rinse it off with lukewarm water and you will experience the rejuvenation of skin for yourself.
-Pat dry and get ready to flaunt your cool, glowing and well hydrated skin!

4.Aloe Vera Face pack

Ingredients Needed

-3 table spoons of aloe vera juice
-3 table spoons of aloe vera gel
-2 drops of your favorite essential oil (rose, lavender or whichever you like)
-2 slices of refrigerated cucumber


Aloe vera is a well known cooling and skin friendly agent. Check to how to make its cooling pack:
-Put aloe vera juice, aloe vera gel and essential oil in a bowl and mix them well.
-Gently apply this paste on your face and neck using a cotton ball. Make sure you don't put the paste near your eye area.
-Next, lie down and put the cucumber slices each on both your eyes. Leave the pack as it is for 25-30 minutes and relax.
-Now, wipe the pack using a warm wet wash cloth and luke-warm water. Once the pack is rinsed off thoroughly, splash cold water on face generously and pat dry with a clean towel. The cool glowing skin would indeed be too obvious to notice after that!

Skincare Packs For Different Skin Types

For Oily Skin
Make a paste of 2 tbsp of wheat flour with some water. Apply this on face in an upward motion. Let it dry and then wash with cool water. Pat dry. This remove excess oil from your skin.

For Dry Skin
Make a moisturizer by mixing ¾ cup rose water, ¼ cup of glycerine, 1 teaspoon of vinegar and ¼ tsp of honey and keep it in a bottle. Use regularly for cleansing.

For Normal Skin

Take juice of half an orange or tomato and mix it with two teaspoons of curd. Now massage it lightly on face in an upward direction. Allow it to dry and then wash with cold water and pat dry. It gives a nice glow to the skin.

For Mixed Skin

Mix 3-4 tablespoons of Multani mitti or Fuller's Earth with 8-10 ground pudina (mint) leaves. Keep this pack in fridge overnight. Take it out in the morning and keep at room temperature for 10-15 minutes. Now apply it on face. Leave for 10-15 minutes. Wash off and pat dry.

Face Cleansers

1.Grate one cucumber, and strain to the cucumber juice. Add curd to it and form a paste. Apply this paste over face and neck and wash it after 15 minutes.

2.Take two teaspoons of yogurt and add half teaspoon honey to it. Stir well. Apply this over your face and gently massage. Remove it with water after 15 minutes.

3.For oily skin, blend together 2 tablespoons coarse oatmeal, 2 tablespoons bentonite clay, 1 teaspoon lemon peel powder and 1/4 teaspoon neem powder in fresh yogurt and apply on face.

4.Take half a cup of unboiled cold milk. Dab a piece of cotton in it and apply it cirucularly on your face.
Natural Sunscreen Lotion

Prepare a mixture of cucumber juice, glycerine and rose water. Apply this mixture on face and remove after 15 minutes.

 The best way to Nourish your Skin

Soak a teaspoon of urad dal and 5-6 almonds overnight. Grind this to a fine paste .Apply this protein mask on face and wash it off after half an hour. This mask nourishes the fcial skin and also enhances the complexion.

Herbs such as Manjistha, Marshmallow root and Turmeric are good for nourishing the skin.

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