Mar 7, 2011

Hurthle Cell Thyroid Tumor

Hurthle Cell Thyroid Tumor 
A Type of Thyroid Tumor and Thyroid Cancer   Hurthle Cell Thyroid Cancer:  Not Quite the Same as Follicular Cancer Hurthle cell thyroid cancer is usually classified with follicular thyroid cancer, although it really is a distinct kind of tumor. It is an unusual tumor, making up about 4% of thyroid cancers and is only about one-fourth as common as follicular cancers.1  What is a Hurthle Cell? A Hurthle cell is a kind of thyroid cell which has a distinctive look: under the microscope it is bigger than a follicular cell and has pink-staining cellular material.  Is the Hurthle Cell Tumor Benign or Malignant? Like follicular tumors, there are benign Hurthle cell tumors and malignant Hurthle cell tumors, and the pathologist tells the difference between them based on invasion of the capsule and the blood vessels.  Benign Hurthle cell tumors are not a threat at all and should not come back once they are removed.


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