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Discussions on 25th March 2017

If anyone knows about the details of paarshwa sandhi marma with its anatomical explanation please share it

Dr.pradp Noori:

             Topic :
SBEBA decision making in Renal diseases. The first day will specifically focus on HOW TO CHOOSE MEDICINE IN ANY DISEASE

Dates: June 10 and 11, 2017

Who can attend?

Doctors, students, PG scholars and faculties of Ayurveda

Maximum participants: 40

Thalassery, Kerala
Nearest railway station: Thalassery, Kerala

For registration: Contact drremyaraj@gmail.com


Geetha Rani:
Thank you Vd. Vijayalakshmi ma'am and Vd. Ganesh Sir. Please let me know how to prepare gomutra haritaki and if any other company is manufacturing it. I had given gomutra haritaki tab which is available in Girinagar when my mother had cellulitis along with other medicines

According to recent research reports of NIMHANS, any epilepsy whatsoever creates certain changes​ in the brain which are evident most of the times in EEG and FMRI. Medhya rasayanas help to heal or protect further damage to brain areas along with other vatahara treatments and Shiro Dhara etc.  whenever there is damage occuring to the brain and neural pathways, cognition and memory are very much affected which are taken care by medhya rasayanas. In my opinion, medhya rasayanas are not at all harmful when given to a person with epilepsy. It acts as rasayana. Medhya dravyas in combination with ghruta or processed with ghruta definitely crosses the BBB. How to treat epilepsy during the Vega through Ayurveda? In few cases pradhaman nasya has worked out. Senior doctors please share your experiences in treating vaigiki chikitsa of apasmara including what first aid should be done according to our science?

Vd.Saraswathi Sharma. K:
Medhya rasayanas are not just helpful but a must in treating any diseases which affect buddhi functions  dhee, dhruti, smriti etc. Doubt is which ones to choose. Are all MR s safe in apasmara. Any strong stimulus can help during vegas. That's the logic i understood by the mention of apamarga beeja churna nasya

Dr.nageswr Gokul:
pathogenesis of psychosomatic diseases described in 
Ayurveda clearly depicts the relation of heart with 
them. While describing the etiopathogenesis of 
Atatvabhinivesha ,Apasmara  and Unmada.
Charaka  observes that, Manas gets enveloped by Rajas and 
Tamogunas  and Prakupita Sareerika Doshas   localized in the Hridaya impair 
the functions of Manas and Manovahasrotas. From the 
various references given about Hridaya in Ayurvedic 
literature one can infer that Hridaya to be an organ 
which performs the functions of both heart and brain.
Medhya Rasayana drugs Sankhapushpi, 
Mandukaparni, Yashtimadhu and Guduchi can be 
employed to promote intelligence/cognition . 
Medhya Rasayana and other Medhya drugs described 
in Ayurveda play an essential role in the treatment of 
psychiatric and psychosomatic diseases. These drugs 
promote intelligence Buddhi,  Dhriti and Smriti. As Hridaya is the abode 
of Buddhi and Manas the Medhya Rasayana drugs 
defnitely have an effect on the functions of Hridaya .

CCIM OKs  substandard colleges.  Retired and expert people teach the students  on paper.  Nowadays,  on paper students are also there.  Faculty  never fail students  in practical though same person may fail to pass in theory.  We never maintain attendance log books,  performance indicators and academic calendar.  Still,  we lift our collar to express I am a doctor. 

In a recently  conducted bridge course, only less than 40% of ayush  doctors were successful.

This is with modern subjects.  In ayurveda, we are already observing each other everyday on this dais what standards we could  able to maintain.

Nowadays,  Faculty PhDs are also coming out without clinical works as they produce PG scholars under their supervision.

Since long time,  I am questioning the legitimacy of giving swarna praashana to children only on pushya.  There is one and only ref available on this in Susrita  Samhita in the context  of rasaayana.  Its only a general statement and not particular  to only children.

Sadyo jaata  karma and jaatottara karma till 6 months or 1 year in the name of swarna praashana  and it's reference is very much available in almost all the Samhitaas.

For Sadyo jaata shishu,  a ring finger dipped in honey and ghee with or without swarna bhasma (not even bhasma but patra) is licked on tongue of child. 

The dose of BINDU is not a drop but how much ever dropped after dipping the finger as above. Thus,  it reaches to 2/3 drops based on the texture of liquid medicine. 

The dose of swarna  praashana for jaatottara shishu is as we read in KB,  beginning from harenuka  to badari  phala  and so on.

From Dr.Ganesh
I will be totally frank.
this swarna prashana was being done in Pune nearly since 40 yrs.
One of our seniors was doing it in Bangalore with shudda Swarna wire vacha / koshta (Kusta)piece.
We learnt it from him and doing it since 1989; but we started giving it to other doctors and demand was high.
procedure was rubbing of vacha piece 1 round daily with other 13 medicines. We were using it to those patients where parents are very anxious, delayed mile stones; too much of malnutrition / tension during pregnency.

Then SDM college cameup with the IDEA of Swarna prashana. Therotically monthly one dose; it can't help. But If the child is alpasatva anxity of mother /father can create a condition.
Swarna prashana prepared in SDM is in a way daiva vyapashraya and reducess tesion and creates +ve vibrations and helps the child.
It is Manjunatha swamy prasada "we call it manjunatha krupa poshita" 

Regarding Vacha / kosta suvarna -We have given more than 1000 to 1500 pieces of vacha suvarna and it is better than dumping vaccinations to children.
Finally one note
1.monthly one dose reducess tension and also helps newly passed out youngster to establish clinic.
2. Creates +ve thinking in parents.
3. they feel they are doing good to child.
4 It is totally with out side effects / proablly good.
Looking at all these condition we should allow new comers to do Swarna prashana.
And should not comment against it; as it is with out bad effects on child/ benifits new comers.
We donot comment on vaccinations which are harmful; then why on something which is harmless.
Some times Application need to change due to social conditions.
Thank you and sorry.
I support this since it helps new vaidyas to keep away from allopathic medicines.

Finally vacha suvarna / yasti / kosta suvarna done with shodita swarna helps in autisum etc.
we have used with almost 90 to 100% results.

@Vijaya laxmi mam.
I have undoubted regard for Swarna  praashana.  Nevertheless,  I do practice it even including pumsavana (garbage sthaapana).

What is the necessary  to midfix  the word BINDU in swarna praashana? Its mimics polio drops.  Truly,  it began with same sense it seems.  Immunisation never go only for infants or preschool going. When we advice for teenage children, tablet form is low cost,  convenient,  storable and easy transportable.

Dr.nageswr Gokul:
A study conducted on 3,48,177 children by SDM Ayurveda college.

Swarna Prashana has been traditionally practiced across India as a recipe for child growth and memory enhancement and also to promote longevity. 
Swarnamrita Prashana is a modified preparation of Swarna Prashana, containing Swarnabhasma along with Medhya (nootropic) drugs in the media of 
ghee. It is administered once a month on the day of Pushyanakshatra .This has been started as public health initiative by SDM College of Ayurveda 
and Hospital, Hassan in 16 centers spread across Karnataka. Acceptance of this public health initiative assessed on the basis of public response. 

3,48,177 children have participated in this public health 


Discussions on 23rd March 2017

Payal K:
Bruhatvatachintamani in rasayana kala along  with other medicines mentioned above will work wonders

Also daily Pratimarsha nasya with Brahmi ghruta / panchagavya ghruta

Hai all
Can anyone suggest line of tx for butter fly patches .

Dr.anitha madam...butterfly (malar rash) mainly seen in sle  and pellagra...

Any other symptoms???

Dr.suresh Jakotia:
[22/03, 9:47 a.m.] Dr Suresh Jakhotia: 

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6 Ways to Instantly Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve to Relieve Inflammation, Depression, Migraines and More

61k 1.2k

This post first appeared on Darou Wellness. Go check out their amazingly informative blog about all things health related with advice from some of the leading Naturopathic Doctors in North America.

I read an article yesterday that has me extremely excited about the implications. The article is called “Hacking the Nervous System” by Gaia Vince. In the article, the author describes the experience of a woman who suffered from severe, debilitating rheumatoid arthritis and her eventual treatment with a device which minimized inflammation by simply stimulating the vagus nerve. What this means, is that by activating the vagus nerve which works through the parasympathetic nervous system, we can greatly influence inflammation and the immune system. The role of the brain on body inflammation can be profound. If you suffer from digestive complaints, high blood pressure, depression or any inflammatory condition, please read on. Let me explain the possible implications step by step.

What is The Vagus Nerve?

First of all, the vagus nerve is the longest nerve in the body which originates in the brain as cranial nerve ten, travels down the from go the neck and then passes around the digestive system, liver, spleen, pancreas, heart and lungs. This nerve is a major player in the parasympathetic nervous system, which is the ‘rest and digest’ part (opposite to the sympathetic nervous system which is ‘fight of flight’).

Vagal Tone

The tone of the vagus nerve is key to activating the parasympathetic nervous system. Vagal tone is measured by tracking your heart rate alongside your breathing rate. Your heart-rate speeds up a little when your breathe in, and slows down a little when you breathe out. The bigger the difference between your inhalation heart-rate and your exhalation heart-rate, the higher your vagal tone. Higher vagal tone means that your body can relax faster after stress.

What is High Vagal Tone Associated With?

High vagal tone improves the function of many body systems, causing better blood sugar regulation, reduced risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease, lower blood pressure, improved digestion via better production of stomach basic and digestive enzymes, and reduced migraines. The higher vagal tone is also associated with better mood, less anxiety, and more stress resilience. One of the most interesting roles of the vagus nerve is that it essentially reads the gut microbiome and initiates a response to modulate inflammation based on whether or not it detects pathogenic versus non-pathogenic organisms. In this way, the gut microbiome can have an affect on your mood, stress levels and overall inflammation.

What is Low Vagal Tone Associated With?

The low vagal tone is associated with cardiovascular conditions and strokes, depression, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, cognitive impairment, and much higher rates of inflammatory conditions. Inflammatory conditions include all autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, endometriosis, autoimmune thyroid conditions, lupus and more).

How Do We Increase Vagal Tone?

In the article above, vagal tone was increased through a device that stimulated the vagus nerve. The good news is that you have access to this on your own, but it does require regular practice. To some degree, you are genetically predisposed varying levels of vagal tone, but this still doesn’t mean that you can’t change it. Here are some ways to tone the vagus nerve:

Slow, rhythmic, diaphragmatic breathing. Breathing from your diaphragm, rather than shallowly from the top of the lungs stimulates and tones the vagus nerve.
Humming. Since the vagus nerve is connected to the vocal cords, humming mechanically stimulates it. You can hum a song, or even better repeat the sound ‘OM.’
Speaking. Similarly speaking is helpful for vagal tone, due to the connection to the vocal cords.
Washing your fac

2/03, 9:47 a.m.] Dr Suresh Jakhotia: Washing your face with cold water. The mechanism her is not known, but cold water on your face stimulates the vagus nerve.
Meditation. Loving kindness meditation promotes feelings of goodwill towards yourself and others. A 2010 study by Barbara Fredrickson and Bethany Kik found that increasing positive emotions led to increased social closeness, and an improvement in vagal tone.
Balancing the gut microbiome. The presence of healthy bacteria in the gut creates a positive feedback loop through the vagus nerve, increasing its tone.
The implications of such simple and basic practices on your overall health, and in particular on inflammation are far-reaching. If you suffer from an inflammatory condition, digestive upset, high blood pressure or depression, a closer look at vagal tone is highly recommended. We’ve known for years that breathing exercises and meditation are helpful for our health, but it is so fascinating to learn the mechanism by which they work. I hope this short article has inspired you to begin a meditation practice, as it has for me, and also to look for other means to manage the body’s inflammatory response.


Pl. Observe the Relation of Vyanavayu&Vagal nerve with special reference with Yoga ,Pranayam&Dhyan ,Mantranada,Dinacharyas role.

Dr.Rekha Hegde:
Namaste to Cav family. Two weeks before I have posted about the case of Liver cirrhosis. udara . Now the patient is showing improvement in terms of symptoms-- vatanulomana .agnideepana. udaragourava&tightness reduced. Kandu alpata. Mutra pravratti-easy, creatinine-2.7---now 2.2. I have adviced AR vati. Patolakaturohinyadi k. Pippali mishrita takra. Kamilhar( bhringaraj.amlaki etc. Kittens pharmacy) . Katuki lepa& pathya. I didn't get the Gomutra haritaki , we have to prepare ourselves i think. Thanks to all vaidyas.gurus for there's suggestions🙏

Vd.Saraswathi Sharma. K:
👍 Gomutra haritaki we have to prepare ourselves. But there are few who supply it. I ordered gm vati from a maharashtra dr. Dr Kishore can help with his no i hope.

Geetha Rani:
Gomutra haritaki is available in Girinagar, Bangalore

It is not gomutra hareetaki
Hareetaki with gomutra

Vd.Saraswathi Sharma. K:
There has been a discussion on drugs useful in apasmara chikitsa in another group. These are a few doubts I've regarding apasmara management. If anyone can clear would be very much thankful.
If we go by modern classification of epilepsy what are the types of epilepsy that can be managed using our medicines. Till what stage. What can be done in case of status or multiple episodes of seizures in a single day.
What medhya rasayanas can be used in apasmara chikitsa and which ones to be avoided. I got an opinion that any drug that stimulates brain triggers seizures hence to be avoided in seizures. My doubt is how to identify or assess which medhya rasayanas work as stimulants and which do not.
Is it must for medhya rasayanas to cross blood brain barrier or not.
And how sira vyadhan helps in apasmara or unmada. What is it's mode of action. Is it to be done at the time of vega or in between vegas/seizures

Geetha Rani:
@Vd. SAS ma'am. This message is from one of the doctors of Europe Ayurveda Academy. Even I have doubts regarding this treatment. Most of the above are like home remedies. Senior doctors please throw light on this

Vd.Saraswathi Sharma. K:
Not just home remedies. I suspect they can be harmful if followed. I can't say with authority now since I haven't yet gone through apasmara chikitsa but   I think some of them like consuming grape juice can be harmful

In Modern treatment protocol,  sedation is first option and in ayurveda,  not allowed to sleep and even applied different types of tactile stimulation.  How this is interpreted which is contradictory to each other.?

Vd.Saraswathi Sharma. K:
There are many practices which are not sanctioned by the texts but still followed for convenience sake. Sedation in seizures is one such. So no sastra virodham i believe

Dr.nageswr Gokul:
Dr.Nageswara Rao.V:
Medhya rasayana's  action on brain Functions.

1. Yashtimadhu 
(Glycyrrhiza glabra)
Spatial learning and passive avoidance, 
preliminary free radical scavenging, cerebral 
ischemia and antioxidant capacity towards LDL 
2. Guduchi (Tinospora 
Strong free radical scavenging properties against 
reactive oxygen and nitrogen species diminishing 
the expression of iNOS gene, reduction in 
thiobarbituric acid reactive substances and an 
increase in reduced glutathione catalase and 
superoxide dismutase (anti-oxidant)
3. Shankhapushpi 
Anxiolytic, memory enhancing and mood elevating 
effect, retard brain aging, help in regeneration 
of brain cells and in Dendritic arborization which 
is the neuronal basis for improved learning and 
memory, increase in AGhE activity in CA1 with AS 
and CA3
4. Mandukaparni 
(Centella asciatica)
Neuronal dendritic growth stimulating 
property, effective in reducing brain regional 
lipidperoxidation (LPO) and protein carbonyl 
(PCO) levels and in increasing anti-oxidant status, 
improve the altered levels of neurotransmitters 
such as 5HT, acetylcholine, epinephrine, norepinephrine, GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) 
and Glutamate, improve the mental ability and 
fatigability of subjects under stress, inhibit the 
formation of beta amyloid plaques owing to the 
oxidative stress and activation of glial cells and 
thereby delay neuronal apoptosis.
5. Brahmi 
(Bacopa monnieri)
Positive implications for improved 
neurotransmission and repair of damaged neurons 
via enhanced regeneration of nerve synapses 
via changes in the hippocampus, cerebral 
cortex (areas critical to memory function) and 
hypothalamus regions of the brain.
6. Ashwagandha 
(Withania Somnifera)
GABA-like activity, owing to its anxiolytic effect, 
increase in the levels of three natural antioxidants 
superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione 
7. Kapikachu 
(Mucuna Pruriens)
Contain significant quantity of L-Dopa which could 
be the basis for its anti- Parkinsonism effect. 
8. Jyotishmati 
(Celastrus paniculata) 
and Tagara (Valeriana 
Role in brain and memory disorders in the elderly

For Apasmara,
"Acalifa Indica" commonly known as Kuppinta, is excellent drug for Apasmara along with suitable other drugs as per the condition. Since decades I am using to my patients.

Plz see link.
Anti-Epileptic Activity of Acalypha indica Methanolic Leaves ... - ImpactFactor


Vd.Saraswathi Sharma. K:
Thank you sir. The information you gave is very much useful. But my doubts still remain. When considering medhya rasayanas not mentioned in apasmara chikitsa  how to assess the safety as well as efficacy. First of all do we have to accept excitation of brain due to even medhya rasayanas,if it occurs, can trigger seizures. Is crossing BBB must for MR. What is the mode of action of sira vyadhan in apasmara. How it actually helps. In which stage

Dr.nageswr Gokul:
Dr.Nageswara Rao.V:
Medhya rasayana's are use full in Apasmara too.
Ref: Charaka chikitcha.

Brahmin ghrita indicated for
  Unmada, Alaxmi ,Apasmara.
It contains Medhya rasayana's like brahmi, Vasa, shankapushpi, and Go ghrita
It crosses BBB.
Gokul SWARNA MEDHA useful in Apasmara As it contain Swarna bhasma, Guduchi and other medhya rasayanas.

Vd.Saraswathi Sharma. K:
Yes sir. What I am asking is assessing the safety of MR which do not have apasmara or unmada amongst indications.

I know we have enough drugs indicated for apasmara but frequently we are forced to try new ones either  because they were ineffective or non available

Gomutra hareetaki is a avaleha preparation used in mootra vikaras of many types. But gomutra bhavita hareetaki we are using it for udwartana to reduce the excess fat

There are two factors in treatment of apasmara.
When attacks are frequent even after allopathic drugs then BVC in very low dose helps, (upto 8 attacks / day )  stoped with in one week.
1. For complete cure you need to add rasa manikaya. (Preferably with pippali). Gold preparations donot give complete result. With rasa manikaya result is within 15 days. (If on carbamezapine / tegretal)
2. It is must to add ghee (संस्कारित).
3. Check urine and motion, if they are not right add anulomana.
4 most imoptant in case of small children check wheather attacks coinsidw with poornima / amavasya/ mothers monthly cycle.
And finally always add Madiphala rasayana for children below 16 years.

In girinagara bengaluru it is available in tablet form, they are using it in all Mala and mootra vikaras.

discussions on 20th March 2017

Mamata Bhagwat:
Patient 52/M , c/o seizures several attacks in a day.
He got the first episode when he was 7th months baby in febrile condition. The episodes continued and was given​anti epileptics. Frequency and severity reduced.
During 1993-94 he again developed multiple seizures and advised tegrital eptoin, etc multiple medications in multiple courses.
He was hospitalized many number of times for the same problem.
Has undergone Ayurvedic treatment also by which he says had a better feeling with reduced frequency,  unfortunately for a very short duration. Has taken Patanjali preparations also for an year as advised by a vaidya.
Now he is getting more than 15 episodes in a day.

Respected Vaidya gana, please suggest and guide me to help him. What best treament can be advocated and the internal medicine can help him.
Here with attaching some of his investigation reports.
Anticipating all experts opinions and suggestions please 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Madhumeha classified as kaphaja type as it posted above is a wrong statement if not mistaken. Factually, as we all know it's vaataja type.

Dr.nageswr Gokul:
1.Smriti sagara Ras .
2.Aswagandha Arishta 3.Saraswathi Arishta
5.Nasyam with kuppinta
( Acalypha Indica) leaf juice once in a week.

Smriti Sagar Ras is well known drug ,used in the treatment of epilepsy, memory loss, neuropathy.

Swarna bhasma
all these drugs improves brain functions
Balances Vata, Pitta Kapha.
useful in Epilepsy , fits etc.
In combination with
Aswagandha Arishta Saraswathi Arishta
Drug act on micro level and beneficial in this condition.

Info in above Article published in NCBI
(Acalypha indica L. Sp. Pl 1003; FBI 5: 416; 
Gamble 1330 (930). 
Erect herb up to 50 cm tall with greenish 
flowers Vern: E: Indian acalypha, H: Kokali, 
S: Arittamanjari, T: Pippali, Pippinta RV 
Reddy 8530.
EPILEPSY: leaves ground with garlic, 
pepper and leaves of Leucas aspera, extract 
given orally. 
Fits : Leaf extract given as nasal drops.)

1. Vaata kulantaka ras 2 tab initially; as 'vegaas' come down dose may be reduced.
2. Pancha gavya gritam 10 ml bid, with warm milk or water.
3. Vacha and yasti powder equally mix and dose 3gms tid, with honey 5ml and kooshmanda swarasa 60ml.

# 1. 2tab tid.

*National Digital Library*

It is an initiative by HRD ministry. It is a huge collection of learning resources (68 lakh books) from primary to PG level. Students  can use it free of charge.

To register, go to:

Discussions on 17 March 2017

Dr Sridevi C:
Awesome discussion on Dysmenorrhea / Kashtartava. In fact very minute discussion.
Here I would like to share my experience with Kashtartava.
I usually ask patient to take one pinch simple Ghritha Bharjita Hingu along with Ghritha / warm water one week before the Expected Menstrual date. That is taken only once at bed time till menstruation starts. After that stop and repeat the next cycle. This is done for 3 cycle. After first round itself very good results are seen.
Hingu is Vata anulomana, deepana pachana, lekhana.
Strangely I never prescribed Ashokarishta. I reserve Ashokarishta for excessive bleeding cases.
Other option which I prefer is Rajah Pravartini. Given 2-2-2 again 1 week before the Expected Menstrual date. This has Hingu in it.
These are my personal experiences. These may not be agreeable to specialist😅

Dr Rudreswara M.D:
बहुत से मित्र आयुर्वेद सीखना चाहते हैं।
जो भी आयुर्वेद को गहराई से जानना चाहता है वह यह 4 पुस्तके डाउन्लोड कर ले ।

सामान्य हिन्दी मे लिखी हुई यह पुस्तके बहुत अच्छी है
विशेषज्ञ द्वारा लिखी गई हैं।

ऑनलाइन पढ़ने के लिए लिंक -

1- https://archive.org/details/brhannighanturat01vais
2- https://archive.org/details/brhannighanturat02vais
3- https://archive.org/details/brhannighanturat03vais

PDF मे डाउन्लोड करे

1-40mb - https://archive.org/…/brhannigha…/brhannighanturat01vais.pdf

2- 50 mb- https://archive.org/…/brhannigha…/brhannighanturat02vais.pdf

3-57 mb- https://archive.org/…/brhannigha…/brhannighanturat03vais.pdf

4-34 mb - https://archive.org/…/brhannigha…/brhannighanturat04vais.pdf

Vinaya Ballakur:
Eranda thailam with warm water

Vd. Uday Patil:
"Phaltrikadi guggul" in patients of Pittapradhan Prakruti with yakrut dushti (Avarodh) as main hetu

Hard stools is a symptom with different etiology i think. So best drug of choice depends on root cause.

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
Any good pharmacy with reasonable cost for kumkumadi taila? I wanted to prescribe Vaidyaratnam...but it's very costly ( 10ml-435 rs/) thnx🙏

Kishore Mahindraker:
Madam Kumkumadi lepam (not taila) of Amrita drug company Hyderabad is very good for al Lohita twachya layer janya vikara - Nilika vyanga Tilakalaka etc also in Yavanapidaka gives excellent results ...
speciality it Contains Rasa Sindura & olive oil as base..
Cost Rs.150/- for 25gm

Vinaya Ballakur:
Kumkumadi lepam from Impkops also is good next to Amrita drug

Mamata Bhagwat:
For abhyanga purpose oil goes good. If only for lepa then kumkumadi lepam is good.

Dr.pradp Noori:
Q60 🕵🕵‍♀What is the line of treatment during the acute pain condition in RA+ev amavata?

Dr.suresh Jakotia:
Jwara hara & Angamardha prashaman chikitsa can be followed with Drugs Like

Mahavatvidwans ras.with sunti+Amruthakasaya.

Hinguleshwar ras

Swedan with Baluka

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
Ajamodadi churnam

Good morning vaidyas
Can anyone pls suggest any best  drug which acts as VATA ,PITTA SHAMAKAM.

Geetha Rani:

Discussions on 15th March 2017

Dr.pradp Noori:
Q 59 🕵🕵‍♀
See this skin disease
Dry hypo pigmented burning and itching spots almost a lower the body .diagnosed as morphea genral .how to see this case female 27 yrs genral built  and kapha vata prakruti.prof home maker.economically week.hypo pigmented spots are itchy

Note Morphea is a thickening and hardening of the skin and subcutaneous tissues from excessive collagen deposition. Morphea includes specific conditions ranging from very small plaques only involving the skin to widespread disease causing functional and cosmetic deformities. Morphea discriminates from systemic sclerosis by its supposed lack of internal organ involvement.[8] This classification scheme does not include the mixed form of morphea in which different morphologies of skin lesions are present in the same individual.

Dr surya prakash:
As for kastartava, vatanulomana  and vedanastapana dramas work effectively. I have prescribed hingwastaka choorn,  and avipattika choorn on these lines to many rural patients. And patients were happy after 2 to 3 cycles.  Some times I have also prescribed dasamoola arista along with above medicines.  The therapeutic principle here is vatanulomana. If not for hingwastaka,  I have chosen avipattikara choorn as it contains trivrit.

Acne formation is a Hyperandrogenic effect, non aromatisation effect of testosterone; activated sebaceous glands; more sebum collection leads to white heads.

Vrana shothaghna, Vrana shodhana and ropana are the principles of local management in addition to pitta shaamaka chikitsa.

Pancha valkala kashaya prakshaalanam as well as its powder for internal use.

Sir..Does External application with yasti madhu works in this condition?

Aromatisation effect is better carried by Arogya vardhini and Chandra Prabha vati internally.

For external cleansing first with multiple fruit pulp or papaya pulp followed by Chandra Prabha ubtan (RTS) or mriddhara sringi with honey lime juice.

Black clay or multani Matti with Neem leaf juice application for exfoliation shall be tried before starting ropana application.

Midde Srikanth:
A male PT aged 70 yrs came with complaint of itching all over the body since 20 yrs. Whenever he scratches over leg black powder comes. Previously black powder coming from all over the body.

Above all, check aartava dushti as it is related according to your posting.

Midde Srikanth:
Previously he applied aloe vera gel on leg immediately infection spreader upto thigh, diagnosed as cellulitis and by doing incisions on leg they subsided infection. After taking ayurvedic treatment from kerala some relief. Now again severe itching. Diagnosis and treatment.

Vinaya Ballakur:
Any paediatric nasal drops in Ayurveda? I have a six year old female patient with nasal congestion and breathing difficulty since one week.
Checked for tonsils, its not inflamed. Chest clear. No running nose. Suspecting nasal polyps. Nostrils very narrow.
Suggested ghrita nasya and also saline drops . These are not helping.

.s.s Sir:
Instead of Saline drops use Tankan drop....

Vinaya Ballakur:
A pinch in about 50 ml . Will it be OK.

Dr.srikanth sir...any tikthaka ghrita bd and any virechana churna night...if itching is more add arogyavardhini vati...

External brihatdantaphala  taila

Avoid sour masala oily items brinjal curd jaggery sesame pickles nonveg

Advise boiled veg items buttermilk

Kishore Mahindraker:
Madam can go with Cephagraine nasal drops (charak pharma) as Pratimarsha nasya.

Vinaya Ballakur:
I have a personal experience of using it for frequent headaches many years ago and it was difficult to bear the irritation.

It certainly gives immediate relief.

Swati Totla:
@vinaya ma'am - anu tailam or panchendriya vardhan tailam from aushadhi bhagvan Nashik works well

Why chyavanprash is not advisable in this age?

Any rasayana which increases body mass can increase wt and growth.
body growth associated with maturity is ok. if not it is dangerous socially.

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