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Discussions on 13th jan 2017

Dr Noble T M:
A female patient aged 42 Years is having  limb girdle muscular dystrophy,also she has hypertension,which medicine will be ideal

I suggesting Njavara kizhi (Rice bolus) massage,and internally vatagajankusa rasa is it ideal

Vinaya Ballakur:
I think senior Vaidyas are waiting for a proper appraisal of the patient's condition to give their advice. Kindly provide more details such as prakriti, agni etc. and history of the illness. 🙏

Dr Noble T M:
Agni Sama, prakriti vatakapha,pt  weiht 55 Kg, her complaints started as weakness for getting up ,now shoulder movements also becoming weak.Her nerve conduction study had normal results

Vinaya Ballakur:
You may treat it as mamsa kshaya. Go for agni deepan, brimhana , vatahara and mamsa dhatu poshana chikitsa along with navarakizhi

Vidaryadi kashayam, ajmodadi churnam, gandha thailam caps might be of help.

Geetha Rani:
@Vd. Noble TM, how is her activities of daily living? Can she walk and do all activities herself independently or does she require any help? Are there any evident deformities? Are there any changes in her gait and body movements?

If there are no major deformities, go by mamsa dhatu gata jwara LOT

If there are notable deformities then go by asthi-majjagata jwara LOT

Guduchi in all possible forms with ashwagandha would be ideal

Panchkarma - tikta sadhita ksheera basti

Since MD is a progressive condition, first aim is to arrest the progression of disease

Dr Noble T M:
Now she can walk ,but after sitting ,she cant get up by herself,No major deformities present

Thanks for valuable suggestion, Any rasa preparation  that can arrest MD progression

Dr,Dilkhush (DK) Tamboli:
+919028315048 ..
This is writer Dr.Ashok Wali's cell no.pls.contact him,he will send to you..
Thank you sir for your quick response...

Dr.nageswr Gokul:
Mamsa kigi
Bright chagalyadi ghritam
Swarna bhasma
Aswagandha ch.

Vinaya Ballakur:

The above link is for an Ayush  essay competition on prevention of diabetes. Its written by Dr. Narayana patrudu and he is one of the five finalists of the competition.

Dr.Vishwanath Dixit:
Vaidyas this is 4years boy with swelling above umbilicus. Was diagnosed as hernia.was suggested for surgery.patient wants to know whether it can be treated with Ayurvedic medicines.

It said as it is from birth. But there is no symptoms of pain.&no increase in size  But persistent since one & half year as observed by mother., kindly give your suggestions as to whether it can be treated with medicines.

Mala pravrutti is regular.

Venkatacharya PBA:
Dear all CAV family members
Happy makara Samkranti. Pongal Lori
On this occasion want to inform you Viswa Ayurveda Parishad a Global organization of Ayurveda is conducting its National Executive committee Meetings in holy temple city TIRIPATHI OF A P ON Feb 12th and 13th 2017 on this occasion AP unit of V A P and. TiS V Ayurvedic college TIRIPATHI are conducting a seminar on AYURVEDA FOR PRIMARY HEALTH CARE NEEDS IN RURAL INDIA
So. On behalf of VAP and organizing committee request all to attend theplenary and seminar the organizing committee will arrange moderate accommodation and food and we are also trying for one slot of Darsanam for all delegates at a time for which payment is to be made by individuals
For further details broucher is attached
For registration and details pl contact
Dr Sureesh Jakotia.       9440708757
Dr Lokdeep Sharma.      9440875119
Dr A Sridhar.                    9247716400
The CAV members of other states of south are also requested to attend the seminar and plenary so that we can meet there and plan for formation of units of southern states they can contact above mentioned Vaidyas
All are requested to attend
             Dr P B A Venkatacharya
             National Vice president
        Viswa Ayurveda Parishad

Discussions on jan 11th 2017

Vinaya Ballakur:
Slight hair fall is visible ,showing signs of  male pattern of baldness , patient has premature aging signs , looks older than his actual age.

Madam once check s.calcium

Recent case study...
Pt age 32 male
Tooth decay

He used many allopathy Ayurveda homeo medication

Advised s.calcium...
Very less

Reosteo(kukkutanda twak bashma)
Gandha taila  * 45days

S.calcium raised
Complaints also reduced...

Vinaya Ballakur:
I gave pravala bhasma for that reason only.
Patient is averse to lab tests . I had to force him to go for sugar test also.
Thank you Dr. Kamal.
Gandha thailam in your prescription along with kukkutanda tvak bhasma convinces me further to go for dhatu poshana. 👍

46 yrs male
Severe pain in right foot since 8 months...

Present treatment
Kaishora guggulu
Rasna erandadhi kashayam
Shallaki xt

Murivenna bandhana
Kottam chukkadhi lepa

Please suggest valuable opinions..

Dr.Kavitha Vishwanath:
Namaste Vaidya's I need your valuable guidance to treat the below mentioned case
27yrs female suffering from kandu all over the body along with karshnya vaivarnata in many parts of the body and more in ankle region since 6 months was diagnosed as having eczema and had taken allopathic medication now the lesions have increased so did jaloukavacharana 20 days Back and  yesterday did sadyovamana then gave gandhaka rasayana 1 tab tid patolakaturohinyadi kashayam 3tsp tid sidharthaka snana churna external application kindly suggest further

Doctor...can u post any pics of vaivarnyatha???


Dr.Kavitha Vishwanath:
sure sir I will send and patient is not diabetic

Hetal Karkar:
Plz check what type of shoe he is using and job pattern. As haglund deformity and calcification on Achilles' tendon insertion site is due to recurrent or continues friction caused by shoe. So advice Chappal.
And h/o injury 1 yr before so what abt severity of it causing sclerosis of calcaneum bone??

In such cases Dhara with dhanwantaram Kuzhambu + murrivenna.
And nagradi Lepam.

Ma'am it can be symptoms of Uttan vatrakta.
As you mentioned by you karshnya , vaivarnata and kandu .
Check for the  rakta , pitta Dusti hetu

Instead of ushna tikshana can use  saumya raktaprashadan and snigdha virechan medicine

👍 sariva kashaya or sarivadyarista. Kaishora guggulu and kamadugha

Hetal Karkar:
You can give argwadhadi gan kashaya
+guggulu tikataka kashaya
Triphaladi choorna

Kaishora guggulu
Manjistadhi kashayam

Yastimadhu or eladi taila

Discussions on jan 8th 2017

Vinaya Ballakur:
I need your suggestions for this case, friends.
Patient , male aged 40 years, pitta vata prakriti, madhyamagni, has loosened teeth after undergoing a dentist' s procedure since 5 years. Patient always had dental problems , gingivitis, caries and sensitive teeth as far as he can remember. Now came to me for bad breath and weak gums.
No h/o diabetes. I got it checked again to be sure

To control infection I gave kanchanar guggulu, manjishtadi kashayam and Valiya Arimedasthailam for kavala.

Bad breath reduced and pain in gums also reduced

Please do stools test to rule out krumi.

Vinaya Ballakur:
But teeth are very loose. Patient cannot eat rotis  and and any item that needs chewing

Since a year he also has mild joint pains when overworked.

Can we give lakshadi guggulu or gandha thailam/ dhanwanthara thailam caps for giving bala to dantha? Today I gave him pravala bhasma and agnitundi vati

there may be shithileekarana of dhatu. yes you can give lakshadi guggulu and add talisadi or vamshalochana. you can add shilajatu to MMKadha  so that shithileekarana will be cunder control and vata shamana will be there and pain reduces a lot. and bringarajasava or bringaraja ghana to strengthen data and asti by reducing shithilata

डाॅ. उत्कर्ष आर्य:
Mam, please rule out collection of plaque and tartar around the neck of tooth. If these are present no medicine will work to strengthen the tooth and only after proper prophylaxis with ultrasonic scaler satisfactory results will be obtained.

You can advise for massage with Dasansamsakar churna or G32 with Sarshap Tail.

Supplements for calcium, vitamin C will also be useful.

Vinaya Ballakur:
Patient is a bit scared to massage his tooth and gums. I had suggested using fingers to clean his teeth with neem toothpaste. But he is using baby brush now.
You are right . Plaque and tartar will have to be cleaned.
He does not want to visit dentist anymore.
But he is feeling hieginic with arimedasthailam.

I will suggest light application of G32 powdered first.

Amlaki churna or rasayana may also work fine for him.
He is sick of Calcium supplements . Taken enough without any strength restored to the teeth. So I was thinking of lakshadi guggulu

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Do not advice calcium supplements or scaling.
Dental remedies अर्क, न्यग्रोध, खदिर, करञ्ज, ककुभादि are primary remedies.
I have use karanja, arjuna, Shweta (vit)khadira, saindhwa, masi of rice husk (Best dental remedy tested in bangalore university.)

Vinaya Ballakur:
As mam said dhatu shithileekarana will have to be addressed now with rasayana

It seems to run in the family.
The patient' s six year old daughter also has discolored and weak front teeth.
She also has frequent indigestion . Stool exam is not showing krimi.
Started her on ashta churna + shankha bhasma and arvindasavam. Hope its OK.

डाॅ. उत्कर्ष आर्य:
Agree with you sir, I have tried Danta Dhawan with Karanja in many dental cases and got satisfactory results.

@ Vinaya vd.

You may try with a Guava leaf juice and or Thila kalka dhaarana.

Vinaya Ballakur:
Thila kalka has been described by susruta as having both vrana Shodhana and ropana guna when given with such dravyas respectively
Wonderful ! It may be a good poshaka for gums

Gandusha with Shirish twak kashaya... Twice daily...
Massage with Kana,  jeera &  SaindhavLavana...

Vinaya Ballakur:

Discussions from 4th to 7th jan2017

Dr.pradp Noori:
Q58🕵🕵‍♀ in a new look.
A 38 year women came to chota's clinic. She had c/o pain in the heel in the morning and after rest.how to see this .xray shows no changes in bone structure or factual or growth.
Please discuss (if you are intrested to spread practical knowledge ).length or full answers not compulsory just simple and straight answer required .which can be easily kept in mind.
Namaskar to all cav family members

Bleeding and the physical texture pain condition and hardness must be checked.
Painless hard irregular bleeding growths are to be send to further investigations

Mamata Bhagwat:
It's case of Parshni shoola. There will be vataprakopa in Parshni Pradesha and pain after long/short rest is the Cardinal feature to diagnose.

Similarly there is one more condition called Vatakantaka.. which is also due to vataprakopa but at gulfa Pradesha.

Ishtika sweda is the best answer in both the conditions.
Agnikarma for pain management
Siravyadhana for management of shotha and shoola are done.

The result is for only certain period ( depends on individual Patient)
Permanent cure is a million dollar question...
Correction of chappal (no high healed/, hard slippers) avoiding long time standing can help to some extent.

Dr.nageswr Gokul:
If the pain is on the sole of foot

Adv: apply erand Tel and valuka sweda. Kanchanara guggulu.

If the pain is at joint
Adv:Kaishora guggulu.

Nothing like million dollar question for permanent cure for parshni shula.
Bindu gagdha agnikarma with panchaloha shalaka will give permanent cure for this problem.
I have seen many pts who underwent agnikarma 2 to 3 yrs back by me, all are remained pain free till date

Bindu daghda

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Agnikarma 100% result. If don't have vavastha for agnikarma
Then advice 1. early dinner 8 -8.30
2. getting up early 6.30 AM atleast
3. Amrutha guggulu and dashmoola katutraya kashaya (single strength) or tell them to prepare and use.
If valuka / istika sweda done still better. In gas burners doing sweda is not practical. If can be done do it in the clinic.
Never relay on patients integrity of doing right.

vata gulpha different kettle of fish. So far I am unable to give relief with oral medicines.

Dr Kaveti Rajyalakshmi:
Agnitundi vati 120mg 6am given wonderful results for my patients.

Early morning pain suggests amacondition.

If you don't have vyvastha , you may use this simple method by heated hammer

Dr.suresh Jakotia:
Arkapatra swedan with eranda tail at Night.And bandage it.

Suddha Kuchala with Guduchi  kasaya.

Dr.nageswr Gokul:
Study conducted by IIT, kharagpur.
Heavy metals in Ayurvedic bhasma are in the form of NANO particles and there is no toxicity in it and gets excreted from the body.

डाॅ. उत्कर्ष आर्य:

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Jalowkavacharana if done in the edge gives faster results, why? Any Idea?

had this paper for a long time.  It is old one. Many things may have changed since

Dr.pradp Noori:
Day as a cold one a pt aged 43y came in with a file with the c/o fistula in ano .Mri showed outside opening 5°clock and inner hole with 6°clock opening. Liquid Woozing which is transparent to light yellow .no pain slight itch.how to go forword in this case .already underwent surgery for the same but failed. Please put your inputs regarding this issue. And what is your experence.to students of ayurveda
Vd chota and vd choti

डाॅ. उत्कर्ष आर्य:
Sorry sir, no idea regarding this. Please guide me if you have...🙏

Sir, I think only Kshar sutra is the best way to treat this patient.

Vinaya Ballakur:
I agree. No matter what we advice, kshara sutra application works best.

To some extent, murivenna gives relief on external application . Internally depending on patient's prakriti, age, diabetic status etc. medicines have to be planned.
Triphala guggulu, manjishthadi kashayam, Ras sindur etc. help.
No sitting on sofa should be advised. Keeping a small scooter tyre in a cushion cover and sitting on it by placing it on a chair is a practical advice.

डाॅ. उत्कर्ष आर्य:
Mam I have seen that patient suffer for a long time with medicine and ultimately under goes for surgery to modern system saying that I have taken Ayurvedic treatment but they could not treat so we should always advice for Kshar sutra with in proper time.

Vinaya Ballakur:
Yes agree completely. It is our duty to place the different treatment options and their possible outcomes before the patient.

Dr.suresh Jakotia:
Rasmanikya with Chopchini ch.is good.

डाॅ. उत्कर्ष आर्य:
🙏 agree Sir, but better results are seen when it used with local application of Apamarga Kshar.
Apamarga Kshar should be mixed with distilled water and applied in the fistula tract.

Surekha Mitta Dr.:
This could be plantar fasciitis. Massaging the feet with any vata hara taila( or rubbing the soles against each other), warm poultice, guggulu preperations will help

Discussions from 1st january2017

Dr.Vishwanath Dixit:
Ayurveda manufactures plea to Union Minister
The Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturers Association of India (AMMOI) submitted a memorandum to Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday requesting that the Ayurveda system of medicine be approved and recognised as a medium of medical treatment for the para-military forces.


Dr Manik Dixit:
A male patient aged about 45 years, non diabetic, sedentary and stressful lifestyle, presented with pain and discomfort in peri anal region for few weeks.
On examination - external pile mass.
Do we need to rule out malignancy ?
Opinion solicited.

डाॅ. उत्कर्ष आर्य:
PR examination and proctoscopy to rule out malignancy, probing to rule out fistula. If no malignancy, do Kshar sutra for permanent and quick relief.

Dr.nageswr Gokul:
KANNUR: With the campaign against the ayurvedic drugs gaining strength in the West because of the presence of toxic metals, it is time to scientifically prove before the world that the toxicity of the heavy metals is eliminated in the process of preparing ayurvedic medicines, said the experts.

"Scientific studies and clinical have clearly proved that the toxicity of the heavy metals will not be there once it is processed, and in ayurveda mercury is an ingredient, and not a contaminator," said Dr P M Warrier, chief superintendent, Aryavaidyasala Kottakkal, delivering the keynote address at a workshop on 'Standardization of kashayam' organized by Itoozhi Illam Ayurveda Charitable Trust in association with CARe Keralam, a public limited firm established with the support of AYUSH department of government of India here on Friday.

As per a study conducted by IIT, Kharagpur, the heavy metals in ayurvedic bhasmas are in the form of nano particles and there is no toxicity in it and it gets excreted from the body, he said.

In this backdrop, the Ayurvedic Drug Manufacturers' Association (ADMA) is preparing a drug masterfile to help the standardization of the ingredients and the process of preparing ayurvedic medicine, he said.

As part of this the ADMA is evaluating the efficacy of the formulations when they are prepared in different methods. Once this process is over all ayurvedic manufacturers can follow this standardization so that the formulation of all the ayurvedic drug manufacturers will have the same quality


Dr.Ganesh kumar:
one thing we have to remember; common question for Ayurvedic doctors- Wheather Ayurvedic medicine contains steroids?
What is your answer?
WE answer with yes. Because all plants have steriods and any preparation with plant ingredient should show +ve test for steroids. If we say no- then we have to defend a false statement.
State that even your rice contains steroids, major source of steroids in the market are from solanum and variety of Dioscorea.
tell them to test for synthesized steroids; this will shut their mouth.
Offence is better with persons with net knowledge.

Along with this, oushadha guna dharma shastra of "Gangadhara shastri Gune" Puna is essential.

Dr Ravi Kumar Sivva:
Mostly herbal extracts are alkaloids and tannins.....all alkaloids are not steroids...all steroids are not alkaloids....majority of tannins are positive for hplc and tlc tests....

Most of the tests done in herbal drug testing units have more specificity than sensitivity for steroids.....so the myth that herbal extracts hav steroids is a false statement....ie false positive....

EkAdasi ‘upavAsam’ and Nobel Prize!
“EkAdasi Upavasam” aka Langanam and this year’s Nobel prize..What is the connection? Please read on…
This year’s Nobel prize for medicine has gone to a Japanese scientist Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi for his research on autophagy.
Autophagy means to “self eat”. In other words, the process by which the human body eats it own damaged cells and unused proteins. Autophagy is a natural process and also one which occurs in cases of starvation. The failure of autophagy is one of the main reasons for accumulation of damaged cells which eventually leads to various diseases in the body. Autophagy is important to prevent/fight cancer and also plays a vital role in degrading and ‘consuming’ cells infected by bacteria and viruses.
We have to observe here that ancient India had recommended a practice of fasting (‘EkAdasi upavAsam’) one day in a fortnight. Many of us religiously follow this practice to this day as a penance for spiritual progress without any idea of the biological and therapeutic benefits of this practice. Through this process of fasting induced autophagy, our body repairs its damaged and degenerated cells or use up the proteins of the damaged cells for its survival.
Whenever modern science conquers a frontier in any field, it somehow relates back to a quaint spiritual practice followed in India for generations.
A day in a fortnight spent in prayer and divine contemplation was a tonic for the mind and soul while the practice of fasting ensured that the body would heal and rejuvenate itself.
Clearly, our ancients believed in a process of holistic healing of both the body and the mind. They were able to connect, quite remarkably, the yearning for spiritual progress in a human being with the biological necessity of the human body. We cannot but marvel and bow our heads with admiration and reverence at their wisdom and deep scientific understanding of the body and the mind.

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Specific point I wanted to make is "denying makes it more positive and accepting mkaes it them defenceless"
Can we make common man understand alkaloids, tannins, steroids. So best put them on defence. If we say yes, they will stop saying  —"I took ayurvedic medicine for test they said there is steroids in IT"
These statements are more damaeging and harmful for young practioers and their confidence. What I said is a way out, because we can't defend all those manufactureers who prepare sub-standerd medicine.

I have tested the medicines for last 34 years and found enough, So few things I manufacure and result is with in 2 minutes in case of Shwasa and title what I got is "must have added steroids and opium in It".
So I know what is neede for freshers.

langhanam means comlete rest for 11 indriyas and not fasting and working, TV, gossiping. there is lot of difference.
Don't eat or drink but work leads to gastritis.
"लङ्गनमिति —-----न तु शरीरस्य शोषणम्" chakrapani in 1st chapter of charaka.

It is true, our medicines donot damage. I know few persons who are on to rasas for very long duration.
One is from 1962 daily dose of BVC 1BID and vasanth kusumakar 1 BID and two gms of swarna bhasma every year.
he looks like 60 at the age of 80.

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