Dec 10, 2021

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Nov 23, 2021

patient with covid19

Dr.Vijaya Palathadka:
In my personal experience in my family dashamoola rasayana 3gms twice or thrice daily along with other medication helps in reducing cough with in a day or two

Dr.pradp Noori:
In some cases we have tried 
Talisadichoorna 60g
Tribhuvanakeerthiras 5 gm
Tankan 2.5 gms
Abhrak 2.5 
Sameerpannag ras 2 gms
Mixture 1/4 spoon approx 1.25 g per dose every 2 hourly 
It gave good result

Dr,Dilkhush (DK) Tamboli:

Dr.pradp Noori:
we belive Here it is in a peculiar form Phlem it is dried with Agnimadhya .principle rajayakshma kshaya and sosha treatment

Dr,Dilkhush (DK) Tamboli:
HRCT shows severity score... 11
It's mild, but always keep in mind  it is alert.

Parenchymal bands are there it means
Lung fibrosis is there so lung rehab is the first line of treatment
Start lung exercise
Do pranayam 
Use respirometer 

Repeat HRCT after 6/7 days of treatment.....(MUST)
Is there any allopathy medication started.
Since 10 days

You didn't mentioned about spo2 , weaknesses and prakruti of patient
Even about past medical history and आहार अँड विहार 
Is he obese
Pls.write about this

Only virus is not important host media is also important so pls give details about patients prakruti, diet habits, working style /hours, profession etc.

Keep observing
Blood in sputum

Be alert.

Pls.Mention color of sputum

Vidya Viddhu:
He is thin sir...

Mild blood in sputum


Since 5months work from home....sitting that much stress also

Past history...2times dj stenting...and 1time pcnl...

No smoking...

Normal diet...mostly will take jowar roti....with all type of curries

Fever since 10days but...since 3days no fever...

Weekness present

Jst me allopathy traememt started sir..

As I knw one of the dr.he is treating only corona he suggested...

Dr,Dilkhush (DK) Tamboli:
बला पदमकाष्ट कर्कट शृंगी अमृता भारंगी विदारी शतावरी वासा,यष्टीमधू kwath Bid

गंधक रसायन 2 bid

Follow Dr Nori sir's prescription

Give follow up after 4 days

patient c/o pain in multiple joints

Dr Rashmi Patil:
Good morning sir, a male patient aged 25 having complaints of pain in multiple joints more in left wrist and ankle joints and interphalangeal joints.
Shoth present at wrist and left ankle.
Shula- is prashana vedana
Agni- madhyama
Satwa- madhyam

please give suggestions vaidya gurus.

Patient is sthoola kaya

I gave medicines 
simhanad guggulu
Vishamushti vati
Punarnavasav kashay for 1 months

But still pain is continued, he is favouring towards pain killer injection and tablets.

Please need suggestions for treatment of such patients...please throw a light how to tackle this amavata condition.

Dr S Mahesh Kumar:
AMA and Vata.first we need to treat ama,kokilaksha kashayam works as a super drug,but it’s wise to give after Amruttotaram.
Give some external application to relieve the shotha.
Eluminishadi Choornam mixed with tamarind juice is a good remedy to decrease the swelling.

Dr.pradp Noori:
Vaya pitta /prakruti kapha 
Vyadhi amavasta ( duration ?)
Shoola and sootha in sandhi .
(Ask about urination is it more or not )?
It is prime important for the doctor to see that our medicines removes the root cause of the disease and also pt should get symptomatic relief .
If it is very recent origin you have to start a 
1. Rooksha / apatarpana/ ushna treatment.
Select achoorna  vaishvanara choorna or ajamodadi choorna or shadharana choorna or musta shunthi ch with rasna eranda kashaya or amrutottaramkashayam or gandharvahastadi kashayam .ask him to take musta siddha jal whole day .( Agni and ama should be considered )diet light and digestable so that ama is not formed no snigdha foods .
No external application 

2. If it is more than 3 months 
It is slightly subacute condition 
Then treatment will be like vatarakta  shatavarichinnarihadi kashayam or kokilaksham kashayam or Manjistadi kashayam with kaishora guggulu . Gandharvahastadi choorna bed time and ask him to take light digestable non spicy food ( correcting Agni pitta and vata ) 
External application like pinda tailam or yestiadi tailam to the joints which are warm or hyperpigmented or tender .
Sunthi yesti siddha jala all day .

3. Chronic condition duration 6 months ( approx but depends on joint condition) amrutaguggulu mahavatavidwasaras
Maharasnadi kada with guggulu .
Aswagandhadi choorna with milk .bedtime vatanulomana drug .
Panchakarma clasical with virachana and vasti should be planed . Ext application can be planned depending on three things differently  swelling +pain or rednes + pain or cripitations dryness + pain .

A disease is not static it is kinetic after giving medicines it changes .observe and note all the signs and symptoms in first few visits then compair and check those symptom upashaya and anupashaya or a new symprom .using yukti it will be very easy to prescribe or prepair appropriate medicine .
Ayurveda is clear and simple when you believe and understand

In 1st condition you can use dry sweda just forgot no oil external aplication

Rishi Vashishth:
Last week a patient called in distress with renal colic. It reminded me of Surendra Sharma Sir's suggestion of giving ghee with luke warm water.

The patient called me today and he was so astonished by the quick relief that he got by it.

I am so thankful to Surendra Sir, CAV and most importantly Nori Sir for introducing me to this group.


. s. s Sir:
Simple treatment 
Simhanad Guggulu 4-4 bid
With Nager + Amrita Kashaya
Shuddha vishmushti ( go mutra Shobhita) tid with warm water
Vaishwanar Choorna at bed time with warm water 
🙏🌹☘️VdSs ☘️🌹🙏

Nov 6, 2021


Oct 18, 2021

5yrs boy c/o fever

5 years boy c/o Recurrent cough and fever
Bowels irregular 
Every month 1-2 times he suffering with fever and cough
Every pediatrician suggests antibiotic monocef or peptaz ect.. For 5days.
Please suggests diagnosis and Treatment in Ayurveda.

Gopikrishna Rasashastra:
In acute attacks 
Jaimangal ras 1od
Tab Tribhuvan keerthi 1/2 bd 
Sudarshan ghan vati 1tds

In post fever period 
Pravalagarbha pottali 5gm per month. 
Arogyavardhini 1/2 bd

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Check if it co-insides with monthly cycle of mother

Also post dinacharya of patient
Bath foods time
Check viruddhashana
Nonveg milk, milk curds etc

Dr.pradp Noori:
We generally give 
Agnitundi vati 
Sitopaladi ch with tankan and mukta sukti 
For children 
For 21 days

Dosage according to weight

Recurrent bacterial respiratory tract infection can only be suspected from this clinical presentation, run down immune system may be the cause

Vinaya Ballakur:
Overuse of antibiotics could have destroyed the natural gut microbiome. Some suggestions

Only home-cooked food with a small glass of takra at room temperature after every meal.

Indukanta ghritam 1/4 tsf with warm water twice daily before food. 

Septilin syrup 1 tsf twice daily for a month. 

Ask parents to give all these for a month. Resist antibiotics completely. Mild fever if it occurs also not to worry but report to you. If fever is there only Shadangapaniya and yavagu and yusha may be advised until it subsides. 
Mainly reassure the parents that it's only the immune system that has been disturbed and must be gradually brought to normalcy with minimum intervention.

Vd. Uday Patil:
What is d meaning of irregular bowels ?
Irregular in time (constipation) or irregular in consistency (solid / loose motions)

Jayakrishna Kulamarva:
Indukantham kashayam 10 ml twice a day bfr food

Quarter tsp avipathikara choonat bedtime

Vishwamrutham or vyoshamrutham 10 ml thrice a day after food

5 years boy c/o Recurrent cough and fever
Bowels irregular 
Every month 1-2 times he suffering with fever and cough
Every pediatrician suggests antibiotic monocef or peptaz ect.. For 5days.
Please suggests diagnosis and Treatment in Ayurveda.

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Aug 4, 2021

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Aug 3, 2021

covid remedy by Dr.CD sahadevan 2021

Covid 🥴Vaccine എടുത്ത☝🏼 വർക് 

Advice by Dr CD Sahadevan Sir:

ധാനവൻതരം dhanvantaram tailam

Whole spine ☝🏼massage for atleast 20 minutes

For ATLEAST ☝🏼7 days


ഒരു covid കാല ചികിത്സാ അനുഭവം


All 13 family members

COVID positive 🥴

of single big family 

By 7 th day

All നെഗറ്റീവ്  negative ☝🏼except 13 th person who refused😐 Ayurveda

He died 😖by next week 

Only 3 medicines used for all 12    who became negative 👍

Drakshadi kashayam

No worries☝🏼 about cardiac arrest 😇

Annabhedi plus citric acid നാരങ്ങ നീര്  1 bd

Has great ☝🏼 effect
Anti viral
Anti bacterial
Anti fungal

Very high action

Used Ayurveda medicines

Chukkumtippalyadhi gulika

1 bd 
 ചുക്കും തീപ്പല്യദി  gulika

Ingi neer 
Chukkumtippaklyadhi ONLY till fever exists... Usually 5 days..

This formula was streamlined after

16 hrs 🌈of contemplating permutations combinations in 2020

Being used🙏 since 2020 April

by Dr CD Sahadevan sir

This information is conveyed🙏

to his long time student 

Dr SP Sreejit & other Govt medical officers

Dated 21 May 2021🍏

To spread to


 5 thousand doctors

Jul 28, 2021

Avipattikara uses

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Any idea regarding action of avipattikara in CKD
It is working but samprapthi vigjTan needs analysis

Dr,Dilkhush (DK) Tamboli:
अविपत्तिकर भैषज्य रत्नावली में आम्लपित्त चिकित्सा में आया है
1.ये पित्त को बाहर निकालनेवाला है
   पित्त रक्त धातु का मल है

रक्त मेदो प्रसादात वृक्को।

रक्तगत पित्तको कम करने के बाद रक्त का प्रसादन होता है जो वृक्क को बल देता है

2.   इसके फलश्रुति में अम्लपित्त,प्रमेह,मल मूत्र विबंध,अर्श,अग्निमांद्य ये व्याधियां है 
अगर इनको देखे तो  समज में आता है कि सभी अग्निमांद्य जनित अविपाक के वजह से उत्त्पन व्याधियां है
अम्लपित्त..द्रव गुण वृद्धि...अग्निमांद्य
अग्निमांद्य....अविपाक...विकृत सारकिट्ट विभाजन ...मल मूत्र विबंध


क्लेदबहुल व्याधियां है

मूत्रस्य क्लेद वहनम।

इसलीये अविपत्तिकर पित्त प्रकृती,क्लेदबहुल प्रकृती,प्रमेह उपद्रव वृक्क विकार,लिन पित्त जनीत वृक्क विकरो मे result देता है

आप के अनुभव भी बतयाईए सर

वैद्य दिलखूष तांबोळी

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
I have tried avipattikara tablet in approx. 8 cases all  with +ve results. 
In one case creatinine was 9.2 and in one week reduced to 5.3 and later to 1.2 
always used with punarnava mandoora.
paedal odema and creatine reduce very fast also patient feels better in 2 to 3 days

Idea behind prescription in first case  was  he had acidity along with head ache, swelling but no difficulty in passing urine with albimin urea 
Tried to treat kapha sthana 1st and gave avipatthikara along with mandoora for albimin urea. It worked so repeated in other cases with out much concentration on other  tests except creatine and urea in each case.
It worked latest is cardiac bloc with renal function impairment 
in five days swelling reduce and difficult in breathing reduced.
Along with above two gave prabhakara vati with mukta 
Hope it will benefit others

Swati Totla:

Dr,Dilkhush (DK) Tamboli:
दारुहेमवतीकुष्ठशताव्हा हिंगुसैंधवै:।

देवदारू वचा कुष्ठ सौंफ हिंगु सैंधव

योग रत्नाकर आद्मान चिकित्सा

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
very effective yoga - result oriented and fast. results show the fastness

Now after your analysis and post result thinking 
I can add one line that avipattikara works in साम मल i.e. 
Last patient cardiac insufficiency had 
स्रोतोरोध –reduced urine and cardiac output 31%
बलभ्रंश -
गौरव –body heaviness due to increased fluid
अनिल मूढताः –ab-distension 
आलस्य –in ability to move
अपक्ति -
निष्ठीव –repeated expectoration
मलसङ्ग – mootra and mala reduction, absence of sweat
क्लम – strain without work
Aviapattikara removes sama-mala and creates agni, hrudya with mukta- prabhaka vati, punarnava mandoora – pittasthana –yakrut –rasa ranjana and anuloma.
Without avipattikara removeing sama mala other two would not acted.
All signs and symptom reduced and patient is avoiding cardiac surgery and dialysis.
Don’t ask how cardiac surgery and dialysis can be done together, I don’t know.

Jun 17, 2021


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May 22, 2021

latest news 2021 may

Entire RAS-Shastra will be labelled as Nano Medicine and will be Patented We are using Swarn Bhasm, Swarn Yog and many other Ras Aushadhis from several years in Ayurveda However International lobbies always labeled negatively against them and published accordingly Now when whole world is realizing the potential so the same Gold, Silver Bhasms will be labeled as Nano Gold or Nano Silver and will be marketed accordingly Hope Indian Gov and Ministry of AYUSH secure patents and copyrights for the same, prior to the entire world start claiming patents Anyways after reading this and attached picture the blind mindset towards minerals and metallic preparations of Ayurveda, of scientists , researchers and professionals in our Country should open-up         

May 20, 2021

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May 18, 2021

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Apr 15, 2021

hingwashtajachurna vs laghusuthashekara and indukantha kashaya

Dr ND Raju:
*Fresh Banana Leaf For those battling with bedssores*. 
Anyway, since most of us still have elderly loved ones to look after, I would like to share with you the healing properties of banana leaf.
My diabetic dad suffered from one persistent bed sore a few months ago on his sitting bone. 
Just when we thought we have lost the battle, our maid suggested for us to try her kampung method of covering the bedsore with a fresh banana leaf.
Like a miracle, the bedsore started healing within 48 hours and was gone after a week. 
So, if you know of anyone battling with bedsores, maybe recommend them the use of fresh banana leaf.🌱🌱🌱🌱
 For those who want to try, just wash and dry a fresh  fresh banana leaf and place it over a freshly cleaned bedsore".....POST THIS AS MANY ELDERS, FRIENDS AS POSSIBLE. IT MAY HELP SOME ONE ,SOME WHERE, WHO KNOWS🙏🏼

Dr.pradp Noori:
A pt came to dr chotu with complaints of 2 loose motions from morning. Burning in stomach with nausea

Had low BP on examination 
No other symptom, with temp 99.  
Dr has only few medicines in clinic . 
Hinwastaka choorna 
Swadistavirachan choorn
Bhaskara lavanam 
Soothasakhar ras 
Indukantam kashayam .

So have to select only 2 medicines from these . 

Help chotu for selecting the best medicine which works without complications .

Vd. Uday Patil:
LSS will be suffiecient.
If angimandya is more, add Higwashtak churna.

Indukanta kashayam

Dr.pradp Noori:
Good but a boubt Hingwastakachorna is it ptta vardhaka or shamaka? In this condition if agnimandhya is there . Or no agnmandhya is there  then what is your prescription

Dr.Vijaya Palathadka:
It may be suthashekara and amruthottara kashaya. Which are indicated in agnimandya,amla potta, jwaratisara

Dr Rashmi Patil:
Bhaskar lavana

Agnimandya, burning sensation...gastritis.

Indukanta kashay jwarahara, agnideepan...amapachak

Considering low BP ....bhaskar lavana is good

Sangeeta Sharma:
Bhaskar lavan and sutsekhar ras

Kashaiah Vasam:
Soothashekar ras in controlling the temperature , usefull in intestinal infection and Baskara lavana churna is improving B.P

Dr.pradp Noori:
Lavana hing and masalas are all pitta vardhaka . Loose motions or ati-sara is increase in sara guna so decide wether to give the pitta saraguna prakopa aushadhi . Yes if you are using soothasakhar ras it may not harm

Vd Uday patil to End are correct . Our guru ji vd ganesh sir should conclude

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
low bp after atisara we can ignore temporarily. 
depending on nidana 
If ajeerna - due to heavy food since it is summer Sootha shekhara and  laghu soothashekhara in ghee mix — reducess burning and ajeerna also fever
with admana hingwastaka churna with ghee / takra and if temp does not reduce amrutottra kashaya

With out h/o just atisara, jwara and daha it is sootha shekhara with gulcan and it is summer add amrutottara  kashaya  with more water and sipping slowly not drinking

Why sipping sir and not drinking

Vd. Uday Patil:
With Only 2 loosemotions, i think LSS is sufficient, as it is grahi, pitta shamak, mild aampachak, agnivardhak. I usually give LSS + shankh bhasma.

If patients prakruti is kafapradhan, agnimandya is more, and in Rainy season, Higwashtak churn could be better. Being ushna pittavardhak, definitely not in summer and in pitta pradhanya.

If pitta pradhan prakruti, addition of Sutashekhar could be helpfull if agni is mand.

For low BP, shadangodak can be given for Rasa tarpan.

Dr,Dilkhush (DK) Tamboli:
*Covid Revisited*

*Covid means ज्वर* इससे हमे थोडा बाहर निकलना चाहीये

पेशंट जब सिर्फ *ज्वर अंगमर्द कास* लक्षण लेकर आता है तो ठीक है
          आपका निदान *ज्वर* या *कास* हो सकता है

लेकीन जब HRCT मे Ground Glass Opacity आता है,तब मेरा निदान ज्वर नही रहता तब मेरा निदान *उरक्षत* होता है और उरक्षत के किसीं भी दवा से O2 level बढना सुरू होता है। chest मे हलकापन आता है।

अगर ऐसे रुग्ण की proper ट्रीटमेंट नही हुयी तो Symptoms की severity बढकर blood stained sputum या heamaptysis होता है

उरक्षत का पूर्व ही देखीये ना
*अव्यक्त लक्षणं तस्य पूर्वरूपमिती स्मृतम।।*

ज्वर आने के बाद जब lungs मे changes आना शुरु होते है तब O2 level कम होना शुरु होता है और patient को पता भी नही चलता. 

*Happy hypoxia*

*अव्यक्त लक्षणं तस्य* ही तो है

फिर in late condition मे sypmtoms दिखना शुरु हो जाते है

*उरोरूक शोणित: छर्दी: कासो वैशेषिक: क्षते।*

आजतक बिना सुवर्णकल्प के ही चिकित्सा दि है
काढा मुहूरमुहू is my best priscription

ज्वर से लेकर उरक्षत तक हमे सोचना चाहीये

वैद्य दिलखूष तांबोळी

Dr.pradp Noori:
A Two 35 years lady came to vd chotu's clinic . 1st medium built , coppery hair .was complaining of dry cough since 3 days . Other fat lady with bright skin was complaining of cough with phlem since yesterday . Both tested corona nagative . What will be your genral prescription .

Sitopaladi choorna 
Talisadichoorn  and many other medicines were there

gopi krishna:
For dry cough 
Talisadi choorna 30gm
Madhuyasti 30gm
Makaradwaj 4gm 
Abraka bhasma 4gm
Mrigashringa bhasma 4gm 
Mix all and ask pt to take this mixture pinch by pinch now and then through out the day for 8 times. 
(Small quantityof honey and more ghee as anupanam)

For obese lady with productive cough
Sitopaladi choorna 30
Yastimadhu 30gm
Makaradwaj 4gm Abraka 4gm
Talasindoora 4gm
(Honey as anupanam Could be better)
Mix well and take pinch by pinch for 6 to 8 times a day 

As supportive ,if bouts of cough is severe then its suggested with naradiya Lakshmivilas ras 1tds for both pts , in common

Demand for the natural products has increased substantially because of Covid-19: Girish Soman, Nisarga Herbs

Some of the major changes are happening because of the support of the Ministry of Ayush by introducing a task force for clinical trials and bringing together the industry for doing more and more clinical research.

 Covid 19 – Impact on The Wellness Industry
The wellness industry could be defined in three sectors: Government policies, Public perception and Wellness industry as a whole. The biggest change that has happened is the demand for the natural products has increased substantially because of Covid-19 as there is no known solution for the same. Covid-19 has majorly impacted the wellness industry, specially on the policy makers as well as public at large and eventually on the industry. The pressure of pandemic has led to a big growth in the demand for ayurvedic products and the ayurvedic companies have to enhance their production by using modern technology and also adopting newer techniques to create cutting edge products as well as start doing validation of the products in a modern way and modern clinical set up.

 Technology and Clinical Trials in Ayurveda
If we look at the technology part and clinical trials, then some of the major changes that are happening because of the support of the Ministry of Ayush by introducing a task force for clinical trials and bringing together the industry for doing more and more clinical research. Unfortunately, not many big players are really putting money into this kind of trials because the returns are not known and we do not know how many years the products would be marketed for this particular pandemic. With this pandemic now, the technology has already geared for making better quality products, the most important part is the investment in clinical trials are proving the efficiency of ayurvedic herbs or substances. The biggest reason is that the people at large have realised that preventive health is going to be more important to ensure their financial stability and that is one of the biggest driving factors in improving the market of Ayurveda. As far as the quality of product is concerned regulators are becoming more and more stringent. 

 Nisarga Biotech – the journey so far
In 1993, we started this group with a vision to provide alternatives to chemicals and chemical fertilizers rampantly used in agriculture and the residues in the food was creating havoc on the health of general public. We realised that until we create trust and give a quality product using natural substances, the farmers cannot think of organic farming as their livelihood was depending on their daily income. I am happy to say that we have grown this idea in leaps and bounds by providing natural alternatives to the farmers. We have provided more than 30 products in the range of organic farming inputs for the farmer to begin with. We realised that we need to provide solutions, it has to be coming from an organic source that is why we started first with organic herbs and later started exporting the extracts to the Western countries since the last 20 years.

We were the first company in India to launch our products in the US which is considered as a quality conscious market for ayurvedic supplements and then decided to launch the same in India. When we started providing quality products to the Western countries, we realised that one of the most unmet needs was the products working on the brain or products in the neurological segment. This was the major category where we did our research and filed our first patent on attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

 We believe that these two areas need such products as there is a large unmet need for such products which can deliver required effects and we are focusing on this even today. We are also having other categories of products that are mainly used in geriatric as well as cancer treatments. Overall we are focusing our attention on the chronic diseases where modern medicine has limited options and that is where we believe that modern day customers will prefer cutting age modern ayurvedic products.

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