Tinnitus ayurveda management

Dear drs ,
This is Dr Ajayita. I m dealing with Pt of Tinnitus , I am already managing stress and cervical spondylitis of this case , I did try to do Karnpoornam as well , but Pt could not tolerate it well , Differential diagnosis Meniers disease .
I will be highly thankful for this case discussion . Look forward

Thanks for ur response !!
She is 68 yrs female Pt , retired as Principal school ,
As per her Ent reports her hearing is impaired in totality of left ear and partially right ear .
Neurologist terms it Meniers disease and ent terms it tinnitus .
Vertigo was a issue but after handling her Cervical Spondylitis as per Panchakarma it’s under control .
Now the issue left is her Tinnitus and progressive hearing loss .
As per ayurveda she is purely Vataj

Sarivadhi vati
Go ghrita daily 1tsp BD before food
Balarista and aswaganda Arista mix

Anu taila nasyam...

Otherwise ksheerabala application sorrounding of ear and scalp region...as well as bilwa taila application into the ear


Pt age is 68years...(old age)..
Imbalence of vaata(prakopa)..
Ageing and tissue degeneration..


Chikitsa...Vata Hara...rasayana..

Go Gritapana...it pacifies vata..improves the strength of nervous system

Sarivadhi vati...for tinnitus
balarista and aswaganda Arista...best nervine tonic and rasayana

Naveen Dama:
Good evening doctor. Here Dr Kamal has given wonderful prescription , simply I am adding some medicines only,

Shiroabhyanga and padabhyanga, wherein the soles of the feet are massaged with warm sesame oil, has a specific effect in calming the prana vayu. At bedtime, warm sesame oil should be applied to the soles of the feet and also to the scalp. This treatment rapidly normalizes the prana vayu.

Karnapooran:  to calm the vata in the ears, ten drops of warm sesame oil is applied daily to each ear. The oil is allowed to remain in the first ear for five or ten minutes, then that ear is cleaned, and the same procedure is followed with the other ear, with the client lying on the other side. Typically, this treatment should alleviate tinnitus, and most other symptoms of prana vayu disturbance, within eight to ten days. Bilwadi tail, Apamargkshar tail, Dashmool tail can be used for Karnpooran.

Ashwagandha  can be used to great effect. The simplest way is to take 1 to 2 tablets (250mg to 350mg) of Aswagandha along with 1 cup of warm milk at bedtime along with a little sugar and cardamom powder mixed, so that resulting sound sleep will reduce vata dosha. Aswagandha phytochemical constituents increase serotonin, a sleep inducing hormone. Aswagandharishtam, of which 15 ml can be taken with water after dinner. This will relax the cranial nerves, reducing the ringing caused by Tinnitus.

severe cases of chronic tinnitus, 'Brihad Vata Chintamani Ras' is used. This is a bhasma made from silver and gold oxides that acts on nerves quite rapidly, calming vata. Being a gold oxide based medicine, this should be taken in a low dose tablet twice a day, mixed well with cow ghee and honey. The dose can be halved after the reduction of ringing as a prophylactic measure. can use the anti-inflammatory Yogaraj Guggulu (200 mg. 2 - 3 times a day) with warm water, after food

gopi krishna:
Indu vati , ksheerabala capsule , with bringaraja / hingu nasyam is good in meniers

If the pt did not respond in 1 month time , then start Abraka bhasma /abragarbha pottali with triphala anupanam .

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Skin disorders r usually due to collection of doshas in shakha. To clean them we need to bring them to koshtha & eliminate them through Apan vayu karma.

But which karma is disturbed may decide medicines to give in that particular patient

My intetion was to draw attention towards dosha sanchara and it's paka / nirharana or / to use deepana pachana in patients with skin and lungs complaints.
How to decide samprapthi. Went in a round about way.
Unforunatly I could not make a clear approach.
Now question is how to decide treatment in patients with twak and shwasa (not vyadhi) / lungs related symptoms.
Also why both get related sometimes?


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Namaste ,  a male pt aged 25 , suffering with gynecomastia . Guide me how to approach this further.

Vaman followed by virechan helps....

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
earlier also i have posted that demand case history. Ayurvedic way.
here is a gunshot remedy for time being either give same treatment given to to stop lactation.
Along with lepa of jatipatra.
Also post dina, ratri, married state, relation to family members, till what age he was sleeping near mother.
attitude, method of asking question, acceptence of treatment.
Why they came to Ayurvedic treatment, age of mother, details of medication during pregnency of mother. (there is chance that they gave hormones to continue pregnency), behavior male / female voice state. is it masculine or feminine.
change in satmya i.e. veg to non-veg or reverse. Final any underwent fear of death.
Generally thhis is my case taking method.
end of drilling.

Namaste sir, that pt s unmarried,pujari,slight feminine nature found in voice and way of expression .there wr no intake of such mdcns by his  mom. He s alone in a village .  Underwent blood test , they wr normal (I don't c the blood test s)

An important thing, according to his mother ,at the age of 20 underwent circumcision, after the circumcision  he got developed breast .  But by seeing his previous photos , he s bulky one with flabby muscles . His uncle also same appearance but he developed breast after the age of 30.

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Is it gynacomastia or deposition of fat around nipple.
due to circumcision he might have felt he is not male; which may result in sighns of female structure.
Appropriate case taking is needed.
If h/o is complete complie all together post to group and ask for advise.

This is the report of my uncle 73 yr old.With h/o Diabetes .since one month had fever on n off. wbc count was around 2000-2300 .Hb was 10.5
hence did bone marrow test . which shows AML. pls advise  what can be done.

Kashaiah Vasam:
This viral fevers


Ayush 64 tablet is good

Dr Manik Dixit:
This is more of a cosmetic issue , especially keeping in mind the age of marriage.
Otherwise, all the work up of aahar- vihaar- hormone...
.as suggested by other Vaidyas is essential for further quality family life.
Surgerical intervention as suggested by Venkatacharya Guruji is best for the present situation.

Vinaya Ballakur:
Complete history and pareeksha according to Ayurveda necessary. Investigations are only supportive and confirmatory.
As far as I understand Gynecomastia is a pubertal condition, many times resolved after complete sexual maturity.

Since this is happening in adult hood in this case, questions regarding obesity, sedentary life and sexual abnormalities or problems will arise.

Menorrhagia treatment

Vinaya Ballakur:
Patient , aged 26 had history of severe bleeding last year in June- August which got regulated after I gave Ashokarishta. In September Hb was 7.1 gm/DL.
The I started tapyadi Loha and drashasava.
Mandagni, slight constipation and stress were the other complaints.

Series of reports every month only showed Hb hovering between 7-8 and microcytic, hypochromic anemia.
Sharing one report taken in Nov. 2017.

Then I changed medicines and started lauhasava and dhatri lauha. Sharing April 2018 report

It was then I decided to talk with Ganesh sir.
Even though I had not shared the previous microcytic report, the guru with his insight asked me if it was change from microcytic to normocytic.
He said severe stress was the cause and asked me to add siddhamakaradhwaja.

microcytic anemia means she has undergone severe truma with in last 2 years / or in 2013-14. It can be pain or plessure.
If so she will need Siddhamakara dwaja.

if it was microcytic hypocromic now only hypochromic means your treatment is working. It kaes * months to become normal.
But add simhanada gugggulu and any stanya vruddikara yoga with methi in it.
or Methi ladu Ladu of roasted methi powder in ghee.
Also If there is a H/o disappointment -  of job/ salary/ working condition/ marriage
then you need to clarify that.
you can call morning from 7.30 to 8am or after 11am evening before 5

I confirmed about severe work related stress that patient underwent

Started treatment on 23 rd April

By the first week patient ' s pallor had gone. Under eye also was red. But did not get blood test done.

Patient also had a normal period in the ensuing month.

In a span of 50 days ( because Ganesh sir has indicated many times that it takes 49 days for results to show up) a leap from 7.5 to 11.

I hope this case study will trigger some thinking .


Dr.Ganesh kumar:
If you go through manjistadi of Sharngadhara in the end he says it should be given with guggulu and pippali prakshepa. Already triphala guggulu is there. How to add pippali - it is one drug proven as enhancer of anti-biotic action.
In sroto vimana Charaka says "प्राणवाहीनि —- स्रोतांसि अन्यैश्च दारुणैः " so defects of any other srotas will create defect in pranavaha - i.e. प्राणोत्र —— अक्षणां पाटवेन च । So need to treat prana in chronic and sever disease where patient devoloped bit of fear complex. Talisadi is from yakshamdikara ajeerna chikitsa. It will correct agnimandya of dhatu protect  prana  from defects of other srotas.
All these combined - anupana for manjistadi, to protect prana, enhance agni, improve dhatu poshana and kitta nirharana I use talisadi.
With proper medicine - It has givcen good results in treatment of S.aureus, kleibella sp. aslo proteas sp.
Results in 3 to 5 days.
as per advise of sharngadhara instaed of pippali alone I add talisadi.
Hope not too much confusing.

Shubhangi Fultambkar:
Respected vaidyas please tell me if anyone has used Arjun twak local application in vyang(melasma)? Is it useful alone wth hetuparivarjan?

.s.s Sir:
Yes, it's very useful in Vyang . Apply with milk

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