Black Ginger is natural Viagra

Vd. Sambhaji Patil:

Black Ginger: Natural Viagra
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Legendary reputation of this spice can precede itself, particularly if you are from the East. Kaempferia parviflora is renowned for its effects on male sexuality, endurance, sexual prowess, and increasing libido.

Viagra works via a mechanism known as phosphodiesterase inhibition: Phosphodiesterase-5 in particular is an enzyme that cleaves a bond into the compound cAMP known to mediate vasodilation within blood vessels via nitric oxide synthesis. The compound loses action and vasodilation subsides when these bonds are broken, inhibiting bond cleaving the compound persists longer within the blood and is able to exert its effects, most notably dilation of the cavernosal artery found in the penis translating into firmer and longer lasting erections. Black ginger extracts work using this same PDE-5 inhibition mechanism.

When using black ginger as a pro-erectile supplement it is important to set realistic expectations as it is not as potent as synthetic PDE-5 inhibitors. Viagra, Cialis and other pharmaceuticals are stronger inhibitors but they are also more likely to cause undesirable side effects such as severe headaches, dizziness, nasal congestion, and priapism. Priapism is the nightmarish never ending erection which absolutely no male ever wants to experience ever, which treatment for is typically done using a needle and syringe.

Black ginger also acts on the dopaminergic system boosting levels of this neurotransmitter that plays an important role in normal sexual function in addition to its PDE-5 inhibiting effects. Individuals who exhibit reduced dopamine sensitivity or low levels of dopamine commonly experience sexual dysfunctions, and it will not be fixed with mere use of vasodilators.

Dopamine levels are increased as an added plus for the beneficial abilities of black ginger, as well as improving moods and help to combat depressive illness, in this sense black ginger is considered to be superior to pharmaceutical options, as abilities tackle both issues of diminished penile blood flow and arousal to sexual stimulus due to upregulation of dopamine receptors.

Black ginger extract also possesses other beneficial functions such: decreasing time taken to become erect again; said to increase length and girth of penis; may promote lifespan via activation of sirtuin 1 gene; improves symptoms of BPH; improves brain function; anticholinesterase activity may help to offset dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Anything affecting functions of the heart via vasodilation or blood flow alteration is not a good thing if you are in sub-par health condition, the heart is resilient but it does have limits as to what it can handle. Black ginger should not be put on the nope list just because of a little extra fat as it has the ability to increase caloric expenditure. Facts are higher metabolic rate not only increases the rate of calorie burning it also boosts recovery, stress resistance, improved sleep patterns, and energy production. Stimulation of AMP-activated protein kinase increases rate of calorie burning in mitochondria of muscle cells resulting in increased energy production. Black ginger also activates brown adipose tissue that possesses thermogenic properties found in the mitochondria itself.

It is worth noting that there is very little to no evidence of any adverse side effects experienced while using black ginger, it has long been recommended by the Thai Traditional Medicine Institute as a safe supplement with centuries of proven use behind it.

Black ginger should not be used if the individual suffers from preexisting arrhythmias as it may exacerbate the condition. Black ginger does not affect blood pressure adversely nor does it affect hormonal balance making it safe to use with hormone replacement therapy. Doses between 1000-1500 mg daily is normal with the average dose being 1200mg.

Looking at black ginger from an overall perspective it c

A case discussion on skin disease

Shubhangi Fultambkar:
Vyadhi- kafpittaj kusht
Dosh- kaf,pitta,avrudha vat
Chronic constipation,was taking trifala since 20 years.
Lakshaneon 5 th Aug-kandu,lalima,strav 1+
T/t_ 1.Musta,vidang,trikatu
2.raktapachak kadha
3.avipattikar apankali panchtikta ghrit guggulu
5.neem+ mango powder for bathing
Aftr 10 days redness,strav reduced .. itching was planned virechan .. given 5 days snehpan n almost all sypmtoms gone... Tomaro giving virechan☝️ aftr dat vil do raktamokshan according ly

Why musta , vidanga , trikatu mam and in what form it is given mam

Shubhangi Fultambkar:
Pachak,krumighna was needed initially

Pottali for carcinoma

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
These are the reports of a pt.age 66/ squamous cell carcinoma of oesophagus.grade 2.
Patient is unwilling to go for allopathis treatment!
Please help me with rasa presentations & all the possibilities available!

Thank you all🙏

Will try to post a clear pic!.
But sir grade 2 oesophageal carcinoma spreads fast?
Without chemo can he live long?

gopi krishna:
Adviced hemagarbhapottali 8gm, Lohagarbha pottali 4gm per month Pravalagarbha pottali 6gm per month with panchavalkala kwatha anupanam.

Other supportive medicines
Punarnavadi mandoora, Arogyavardhini ras

Patient aged 60 ,diagnosed with Interstitial Lung disease since September 2018, he is on tab Pirfenex since then and he is Diabetic and on insulin. Severe breathlessness, fatigue , weight loss are the current symptoms. What Rasaoushadhi can be prescribed in this case.. Sir please guide me further.

gopi krishna:
Rasagarbha pottali scrapped and mixed with amalaki ,gokshura and gudhuchi and give half spoon twice daily.

Initially hemagarbhapottali with Mallagarbha pottali are given for instant result.

Pranayama is highly recommended in ILD

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Another formula that might work is Eladyrista,  srunga + BVC (we use vatachintamani) along with nidana varjana and very little pranayama or drill.very slow improvement

Respiratory diseases are not hereditary, look like genetic. With proper diagnosis, diet it can be cured.
but ILD we have treated very few cases. So conclusive statement can't be done.

Ajay Rao:
Sir, abhraka shataputi.... Can it be used in ILD?

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
on June 19th Patient came with Necrosis in the Rt thigh
was treated by allopathy with relief except for buring in thigh region, which was severe.
Nidana was stale food and exposure to Bleeching powder.
with out much change on 26th June.
On 26th prescribed Gorochana vati and Sukumara tablet and today patient came with report of reduction in Symptoms.
For me 1st case of Necrosis in 30 years of parctice.
So posted it, any dobts please ask.

I do't know about pottali much, i have used with fast and beneficial reasults.
Because I had a patient with low O2 concentation ranging from 48% to 86%  which impoved (99% of O2 with oxygen) with Hemagarbha  but O2 did not stabilize. Then I gave Siddha makaradwaja with anupana 50 mg in ten doses. result it acted in the same manner as hemagrbha, except O2 level stabilized at 78% to 99%. With hemagarbha it was 66% to 99% (with oxyzen)
So how to interpret?

mow giveing SMD with anupana same 50 mg in ten doses.
Siddamakaeradwja of IMPCOPS

Udarashoola treatment

A case of udarashoola

Dr.Rekha Hegde:
Namaste Vaidyas,, here is a case of Udarashula since 5_6 yrs.    61 yrs. Male. Pittavata nature,,  Shula time__ immediately after night food. Continues till morning. Site__ around Nabhi.,Udara. Anubandha laxanas__ severe hunger feeling for every 3 hrs.   Upashaya__ after anulomana 10 percentage,, initially he feels better when he does mushtihata around Udara. Anupashaya__ Guru, snigdha .vishtambhi aahara.                 ..           motion _ morning normal,, urges to pass bowel after dinner and at midnight.ghana, sometime semisolid.                               No urodaha,, chardi,, udgarabahulya.                      Nidra_ good ,only he get up for bowel in midnight.  No DM.HTN. . Tests__ Hb.ESR. LFT normal.

Done Endoscopy.colonoscopy 6 yrs back, no copy stored,, slight mucosal  errossion in gastrum... Given treatment 2 yrs back with pittanulomana. , Ropana like Avipattikara, kamaduga mukta,, Dhatriloha,, Tiktaka ghrita,, Dadimadhtaka.shankhavati. LSS. .. Food ___ avoided all pittakara , guru aahara..  # earlier pain comes during daytime whenever he takes sweets , aggravating food.# now only after dinner. ## stress __ medium. His family members says it's phscycological.   Thinking in line with Pittavata pradhana Grahani. Planning to advise Takra, karanjapallava,. Dadima Guruchyadi kashaya ,parushakadi lehya, kutajaparpativati. Pp vati ,then dadimadi ghrita... . I am looking forward for your valuable suggestions.line of treatment .

Jayakrishna Kulamarva:
Try using pippalyasava and bilagyl

Dr.Rekha Hegde:
Thanks for responding sir.pippalyasav will not increase hunger?

Dr.pradp Noori:
Good analsis and also medicines . You need to do what you understand .
Some clarification required about food habitat lifestyle job and physic .
Genrally what i do in my practice initially
We can analyse this case as
Age wise it is VATA
Prakruti (? Weight/hair /activity)pittavayaha
Shoola is vata
Hungry frequently is vata pitta
Pain sthana vata pitta( Nabhi Pradesh and not towords amashaya)
So tackle it as both grahani vikara +parinamashoola or annadrava shoola  (pitta vata treatment)
1.Amlaki 1gm +yestimadh1gm+swarnamakhikabhasma 65mg with go ghrutam or sukumaram ghrutam  half an hour before food twice .
2. Kutajavaleham 10 gms  morning
3. Swadistavirachan choorna bedtime
Is my choice for 15 days.
Q to think of .
▶️ why pain only in the night?
▶️ fatty live and prostrate are they linked to the disease or not ?
▶️ pain immidiatly after food is  kapha kala .
▶️ is galbladder involved
▶️ does inactivity in night triggering the pain .
▶️ can we expect amoebiasis ect
Thank you for presenting the case and please post the proceedings .

Jayakrishna Kulamarva:
Severe hunger can be a vagal response to the lack of nourishment to the cells and the root cause is malabsorption

If you rectify the absorption hunger response will go down

If the increased hunger is due to pitta adhikya you will see other pitta lakshana such as bhrama and daha(Pani paada,hrud)

In that case you will have to manage with yeshti,sariva combo with praval pishti

Burns treatment

A case of Burns Ayurvedic management

Jayakrishna Kulamarva:
Female aged around 60 suffered severe burns and has been taking modern medicine treatment but still lots left to heal

Visited yesterday and saw the patient

She is also diabetic

Thinking of treating internally with Vasant kusumakara,Triphala guggulu and madhusnuhithikthakam kashayam

Dr Kaveti Rajyalakshmi:
Sir prefer to add kaishore guggulu and Mahatiktaka ghritham

Dr,Dilkhush (DK) Tamboli:
Though they spent 15 lakhs...
What they get in return....

Relatives came to you in search of alternative to improve the health of the patient ..but
relatives don't have faith....

So let the allopathy doctor continue his protocol...I think ...

Actually...यष्टीमधू घृत +जीवनिय घृत
Local application is the best treatment  but they are following allopathy doctors advice.....

Dr Kaveti Rajyalakshmi:
Immediately  after  seeing the photo I thought yasthinadhu/ Jeevantyadi ghritha as Drug of choice. But patient is Diabetic. External it's okay. Internal???
Pt refused external application.

MT ghritha main ingredient  is  Amalaki. So it's good for Madhumehi.
Indicated in daha,  vispota, dushta vrana, kruccha pittahara.

Kaishore guggulu has very effective action on skin.

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