Discussions on 24th May 2017

Motamarry Harika:
Good morning vds
35 yrs male pt c/o 4yrs back he met with an accident , humerus fractured under gone for surgery inserted plate.
After surgery he had pain in upper arm region he is using pain killers,
Before 20 days he went to arthopedician he advised to remove the plate after removing the plate wrist dropped
Now he is asking  treatment for wrist drop
Vata kapha prakruthi
No htn,DM
Vds pls give me ur valuable suggestions

3 treatments
Do mucle impulse conduction test
Patient financial status and help in house available.

1. dhara with maha sneha 22 minutes for 7 days
2. navarakili
3.chincha patra (putapaka - local term) bandhana for 7 days. (highly restricteddiet for 15 days.)
Along with BVC for 15 days.
needsfollowup for 3months.

Grahi classification according to Adamalla 1. Ushna grahi 2. Seetha grahi

Ushna Grahi is consider As  sangrahi - used in Grahani disease

Seetha Grahi pakwamala sthambanana -used in atisara

Is there any significance of specification of 22 minutes mam

one muhurtha is 48 minutes.1/2 is 24 if you stop at 22 heat of dhara will be normal at 24 approx.
it's a village remedy, but effective.
basically Time is decided acco. to sushruta; here it is upadesha with shastra behind it.

Avinash Jadhav:
AyurConnect - Social Community for Ayurveda Professionals

Take a look at "Dravya"

These two apps I use regularly. Useful for Ayurveda Practitioners.

Namaste gurus...

Please discuss...

What is the line of treatment for excessive sweating in palmoplantar region???

.s.s Sir:
I'm getting good results with Chanakadyudhulanam choorna in Palmoplantar region In excessive Sweating...

Dr.nageswr Gokul:
Lagu soothi sekara ras is the  best medicine for your case.

Vd.Saraswathi Sharma. K:
Kamal is an experienced vaidya. He wouldn't have posted this case if it was really simple. So if it's ok for him, we can start with this case only or else any other case posted in the recent past. But let's have a thorough and meaningful discussion

Discussions on 21st May 2017

Bindu Vedantam Bindu Vedantam:
31/2 yrs male child suffering with these kind of papules n oozing later becoming black ulcers n patches. Child sleep disturbed due to severe itching. Hard stools. Diagnosed as atopic eczema using allopathic medicines atarax n topical applications. Reoccurence strong. Please kindly suggest medications Gurus🙏

gopi krishna:
Avipathikar choorna Godanti bhasma.

External application of panchavalkala grita

Bindu Vedantam Bindu Vedantam:
3 n half years only sir rasa manikya ok? Please let me know the dose also. Thank you 🙏

How many days to continue this  prescription sir godanthi n ras manikya🙏

.s.s Sir:
Ras Manikya 25mg+ Gandhak Parpam25mg in d morning with honey...
For application...
Triphala and mustered oil rost for few minutes than grind it. And apply twice daily...

Dr.suresh Jakotia:
Add Brahmi vati

Dr Ravi Kumar Sivva:
Pt is 3 1/2 yr old.....lets not advice Rasaushadas orally..
Local application with a mix of Karanj...Gandhapuran...Mint oils hav amazing result....

Yuvaraj Toraskar:
One patient 28yrs female complaint of amenorrhea since 5MONTHS .sonography report shows PCOD .,She is on ayurvedic medicines i.e rajpravarrini vati,ashokarisham,arogyavardhini vati,kanchanar guggul,PLEASE SUGGEST me expert opinion .

.s.s Sir:
Than why kumar kalyan Ras is indicated in Bal Roga.... Why Swarna prashana is advised immediately after birth.....

Dr Ravi Kumar Sivva:
Inmunity n Adoptions levels keep diminishing from generation to generation......moreover disease pattern is different for elderly and infants in the same family.....

ANOVA done by WHO for swarnaprashan results nothing......how can we justify then....?
And WHO view cannot b subdued....😁

Vd.Saraswathi Sharma. K:
If you have any proven data that the drugs mentioned cause hepatotoxicity pl share. At what dose and for what duration. What were the complications noted. Rather than quoting views or opinions such data helps if REALLY they are not SAFE

gopi krishna:
Why to avoid ,RASOUSHADHI .....???? any contraindications ??? In any text.

The assessment criteria afford by modern scientist and Ayurveda personality is entirely different, the way we assess is different.

Mamata Bhagwat:
In classics Rasoushadhi are prescribed from newborn too.
There is no mentioning of contraindications.
Yes I am also scared of the quality of the dravya.
Preparing oneself or procuring from reliable source can help instead of refraining in need also.

.s.s Sir:
Since my childhood I'm using
Vaishnavi Ras, laxmivilas Ras,  anandbhirav Ras,  kumar kalyan Ras etc... Since 55 years I'm using Ras Aushadhi only....

Bindu Vedantam Bindu Vedantam:
Vaidya Gurus this is the recent report of same child. Will those medicines will be sufficient?? Please kindly guide me🙏

Dr Ravi Kumar Sivva:
Ur 55 and the pt is 3 1/2 yrs.....dont adopt the same line of Rx works in both .....consider disease pattern ....environ changes..  satmya levels....in younger generations

Allpathy emphasizes on Evidence base......we practice shastra based .......Cant we b on line with allopathy.....Thats where v r lagging behind......

.s.s Sir:
Why not....?? 
To both my children's I'm using Ayurvedic medicine only...  Since birth... Done Swarna prashana also to both my kids....
For fever I will give them Vaishnavi Ras only....

When my son was 6month old I gave him Mrigank Potali Ras prepared with Ashta Sanskarit Parad... For abt 45 days...

Discussions on 19th May 2017

Good morning vaidyas.
A female aged 35yrs,complained of lump in rt.breast ,since past few days.had a history about 10years back and operated.sent her for scan,followed by FNAC,which suggested fibroadenoma,measuring 14×8mm.impression given as,BENIGN PROLIFERATIVE BREAST DISEASE.
kindly suggest our line of treatment.Does she need surgery or can be managed with our medicines.please give your valuable suggestions.

Dr.Ganesh :- soaps were very recent in history. (produced by bhasma any hydroxide.) main cause of destruction of natural water.
Before it; use of amala rasa yukta dravya like amala, powder of various plants (product in market by by prakruthi remedies called siddrthaka snana churna ref:- charaka). people go for ads but to remove odour you can use natural scents from khadi. but specifically ask natural. scents of jasmine, rose (attar), sandlewood, kevda, champaka etc. are in the market.
If tender mango levaes are put in to bathing water it also works. 
I have used the flower treatment in rutu shoola. also refer bach flower remedies to know what scents can do.
If it can cure then it can cause.
So my standered advice to all PMT, rutu shoola, pregnent, and PMs patients is use natural scents not chemicals.

Use of mango leaves and PVK in bathing water gives fast relief.
Or usheerasava with prakshepa of vacha also works

Dr Ravi Kumar Sivva:
Is any reference for Magnesium in Ayurvedic texts available.....?
Pl post .....Thnk u

Dr.nageswr Gokul:
👆Goat blood useful for thalassemia patients.

It  is big boost for RAKTA VASTHI.

Dr Ravi Kumar Sivva:
Any exclusive Magnesium compound References......?

Abhrak n Mica compounds has Mg as one of its constituents....

Dr.suresh Jakotia:
Herbs having Magnesium.Tulasi.Dhaniya.mint.Sounf.Karyapak.Saffron.Marich.Methi.Sarsoo.Haldi.Elachi.Chilli.Ricebran.  Spices&aromatic plants .Kitchen food.

Male Pt  age 25yrs.c/o bloody stools since 3days associated with severe pain and heavy bleeding.Having history of fissure in ano since 1yr.no other complaints.given chirubilvadi kashayam, bhallataka lehyam,styplon .kindly suggest the line of treatment for permanent cure.

Anal canal became narrow , adviced self dilatation with jatyadi ghrita n sitz bath with triphala

Respected vaidyas kindly give me the reference of sataputa Abrakabhasma and indications

Motamarry Harika:
Dr Swathi where it is available?

Dr.srilakshmi madam..

Jatyadhi just external application.  triphala and yastimadhu combination sitz bath continue

Internal... triphala guggulu
Tiktaka kashayam
Arogyavardhini vati
Pushyanuga night

Stop bhallataka lehyam

Sataputa abhraka bhasma...


Ind...prameha and its complications
Excess urination
Burning sensation etc

Dr.suresh Jakotia:
Kutaj than vati.

Madam in this case immediately stop bhallatakavalehya and for oral administration
Nagakesar capsules
Kushmanda avalehya
Along with external medicines mentioned above by senior vaidyas

Yes Dr Gayatri Here bhallataka is contraindicated .Bolabaddharada

Is best choice. Is there any side effects of prolong use of bolabaddharasa???? Apart from diet ,In this case how to prevent  reoccurance ?

Thank you Dr. Gayatri for helping me.

.s.s Sir:
Give Agni Kumar Ras  2-2 tid
kutajghan vati 2-2 "tid
Before meals.
Morning Narsimha Potli Ras with ghee.
dhanyapanchakam kashayam twice daily.
Sitz bath with Yesti+triphala..

Dr.pradp Noori:
Use kutajavaleham gms
Praval panchamrut parpati. 250mg
Chandrakalaras 500 mg before food

Thank you Mam and guduchi satva is main ingredient in bolabaddharas so up to my knowledge there won't be side effects
Need gurujis guidance😊🙏

Dr.pradp Noori:
Bhallataki preparations should be avoided. Adho gata raktapitta+ grahani(agni correction )

Vd. Uday Patil:
Shat-tal-muli yog (Shatavari + Safed musali + Suvarna gairik) gives good results in Bleeding per anum (Piles / Fissure)

Discussions on 18th May 2017

Good morning vaidyas.
A female aged 35yrs,complained of lump in rt.breast ,since past few days.had a history about 10years back and operated.sent her for scan,followed by FNAC,which suggested fibroadenoma,measuring 14×8mm.impression given as,BENIGN PROLIFERATIVE BREAST DISEASE.
kindly suggest our line of treatment.Does she need surgery or can be managed with our medicines.please give your valuable suggestions.

gopi krishna:
Chandraprabha vati
Aarogyavardhini ras.
For 1 st fifteen days of cycle

Kanchanara guggulu Punarnavadi mandoora
For 2 nd fifteen days

If it's chronic/ severe pain related/ progressive then
Tamragarbha pottali with varunadi kwatha anupanam

Dr Kaveti Rajyalakshmi:
If the pt is sthoulya, vata/kapha prakriti the best drug of choice is                        1.Medoharavidangadi loha 500mg after breakfast , 2.Triphala churnam 2 - 3 g bedtime with hot water.                     Pathya: Jasmine flower, takra, dalchini, methi seeds, chana         Apathya: dairy farm milk, curd

Dr.Vishwanath Dixit:
Namaste Vaidyas patient aged 32years female had hypothyroidism during 1st trimester of pregnancy was on eltroxin50mcg & after delivery was advised to stop eltroxin

However TSH range-7.7 IU/ml  as on 11th Feb-2017.

Recent TSH  range is-6.33 IU /ml.as on 27/04/17.(post virechana)have advised to stop iodised salt & to substitute with saindhava Lavana. Complains of Sookshma pidaka over hand after exposure to sunlight associated  with skit kandu .Nidra-normal kshuda-normal, M.C-regular. Kindly suggest.further medication not required for TSH levels?

gopi krishna:
Cp , avr required

Skin complaint , any local application of yasti,sariva,manjista......etc drugs can be given

Dr.Vishwanath Dixit:
AVR Arogyavardhini rasa?sir how it differs from Arogyavardhini vati. Clinical indications?

Dr. ganesh
For any thyroid patient stop iodised salt and check
But thyroid is not only one organ that gets affected.
earlier in december also I posted how to get iodine free salt. Just roast it. iodine is volatile and evopatates so iodine fre salt. use it. then check the symptoms.
check use of scent, deo, dove soap, johans soap, body lotion. if so advice green gram powder for wash. also use of vaseline on body

Dr.suresh Jakotia:
The chemicals get absorbed by skin and cause Harmonal imbalances. Like Ticlosan a clensér in soaps.

Swathi Tumma:
Dear vaidhyas patient aged 38 complaits of keloid
Kapha pitta prakruthi
Know diabetic patient

Dr.Vishwanath Dixit:
Madam how can deos be replaced for persons with sweat of profuse odour.through our Shastra. Because it is one of the most common problem we come across in lifestyle.

Dr.suresh Jakotia:
BILVA patra bath will reduce odour.

Putting lemon juice in bath water also helps.

Dr.nageswr Gokul:
👆Goat blood useful for thalassemia patients.

It  is big boost for RAKTA VASTHI.

Discussions on 15th May 2017

Motamarry Harika:
Good morning vds
48yrs female c/o sweating right side of the body since 5yrs, no htn, diabetis,thyroid,  menopause from 1yr,
No other specific health issues
Kapha pitta prakruthi
Appetite , sleep normal
MRI ,ctscan of brain normal, ECG normal
Vds pls give me ur valuable suggestions

Suresh Kumar:
Kushmanda avalehya 10gms bd,giloy satwa 30gms+ pravala  pisti10gms : daily 500mg bd with honey.

Bindu Vedantam Bindu Vedantam:
What could be the reason for only half side sweating doctors?   Recently i also got such ptnt but no htn n dm

From Dr.Ganesh
enquire about 3 things
1. H/o gastritis
2. Meditaion / yoga / rekhi/ pranic healing  related prctice - yes or no if yes variety
3. get a LFT done / usg of ab.
90% it is related to liver.
If possitive give pitta samakas like sariva, manjista, pravala, swarnamakshika, amrutha satwa etc., which are more of pitta shamakas avoid pitta stimulants or pitta rechakas like katuki etc.,. if lft is is proper then any kapha vata shamakas and agni vardhaka treatment can be given.

Avinash Jadhav:
Asymmetrical Sweating is seen in Horner's Syndrome or Harlequin syndrome.
It is related to pathalogy of Sympathetic nerves.

Sweda is sthana of pitta hence as suggested by Vijayalakshmi madam treatment should be followed.
I have personally not seen such patient but profuse sweating can be treated with Bilva patra churna 2 gm (11am, 5 pm and 10 pm) with Koshna Jala + Anulomana Dravya.

Dr.nageswr Gokul:
Lagu sootisekara ras useful in this case.

Dr,Dilkhush (DK) Tamboli:
Pls.confirms hypertrophied turbinates or H/O जीर्ण प्रतिश्याय

        In the morNing empty stomach.....
        Take lunch after Kshudhavriddhi  ....

        30 days

If hypertrophied turbinates present then add it's treatment with मंड.....

Dr.nageswr Gokul:
Salt.... regular salt that we use in cooking.

Chemically it is called as sodium chloride or NaCl2..

When we were young, this salt was produced by evaporating sea water. That was the only source of getting salt and it was abundantly available. It was so cheap that even the grocery traders in Mumbai used to keep it unlocked outside their shop during night time. 

But in 1986 things changed.

Tata's approached Rajiv Gandhi government with a request to sell "Iodized Salt". They gave a reason that people in North Eastern state suffer from iodine deficiency and their salt with iodine will prevent all deceases arising from iodine deficiency.

The corporate lobbying worked. Rajiv Gandhi government BANNED human consumption of natural sea salt and made it mandatory to use iodized salt all throughout india.

Since Tata's were the only iodized salt producers, they instantly created monopoly in this business. I hope you remember the commercial "नमक टाटा का.... टाटा नमक".

The ladies liked this salt because it was not getting sticky during monsoon like sea salt. A small quantity was sufficient to create taste etc. But price of Tata salt was almost 5 times the sea salt.   

Nobody knows the real story why Tata's lobbied to ban natural sea salt.

Tata chemicals had a huge chemical plant in Mithapur, Gujarat state. They used to produce tons of chemically induced salt as a byproduct in the chemical process.

This salt cannot be dumped in the landfill otherwise it would destroy farming land. Hence Tata chemicals had created railroad tracks to take this salt to the sea and dump it in the sea.

Naturally, they were spending huge money in disposing this salt. Hence they followed the western ideology of creating iodized salt.

When indian government changed the rules, Tata chemicals started making huge profit instead of spending money in disposing the salt. 

Basically Tata chemicals followed the same suit from western countries.

Over a period of time people started understanding bad effects of using chemically manufactured salt.

1) The sodium content in chemically induced salt is very high. That is why even a small quantity was sufficient to create taste. Prolonged consumption of This salt created high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack problems. 

2) To control this problem, people started taking medicines. As a result, business of pharmaceutical companies increased! Doctor' business improved. Hospitals earned more money.

3) Iodine level in the human body is a very delicate balance. If it is not within the limits then it creates thyroid problem. Generally speaking, Indians have a balanced iodine level and don't need extra dose of iodine. 
But with Tata salt, everyone was getting unnecessary extra dose of iodine. Result, people started getting thyroid problem, obesity problem and other issues.

4) again, pharmaceutical companies made huge profits by selling thyroid medicine. The blood testing laboratories got good business, the doctors got good business and fitness centers got huge business (to control obesity).

All this because of pinch of salt that was controlled by the government regulation.

In US, people realized heath issues due to this salt and asked to lift ban in the sea salt.

Government partially removed the restriction on sea salt.

But now the sea salt is available in US as a novelty with a premium price. It is dlmost 5 times costlier than the chemically manufactured iodized sea salt.

The point is, the sea salt which was cheap and abundantly available through natural sources, was banned by the government and after couple of decades, same sea salt is now available 5 times costlier!!!!

This is called corporate strategy and good governance.

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