Mar 29, 2020

ayurvedic medicines to fight against corona virus

Ministry Of AYUSH(Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani,Siddha & Homeopathy) Department Of Indian Government has prescribed the following Medicines to fight against the Corona Virus...

1.Siddha : 

a).Nilavembu Kudineer/Kaba sura Kudineer - decoction 60ml twice a day.

b).Adathodi Manapagu - syrup 10ml twice a day

2.Ayurveda :

a)Ayush 64 : 2 tablets twice a day.

b)Agasthya Hareetaki :  5grams twice a day with warm water.

3)Anuthaila / sesame oil : 2 drops in each nostril daily in morning.
(Incase of nasal irritation,only swabbing the nostrils with sesame oil may be done)

For Full details about Unani,Homeopathy, etc Check the Image & For the source Check first Comment....

பி.கு : இது அத்தனையும் ஆய்வுகளின் அடிப்படையில் இந்திய அரசின் கீழ் இயங்கும் AYUSH Ministry வெளியிட்டது. ஆனால் இப்படி ஒரு செய்தி வெளி வந்ததே 99% மக்களுக்கு தெரியாது.....

Mar 18, 2020

Corona virus precaution

According to Ayurvedic medicine and modern Researchers 
Daily intake of

 Tulasi,Amla,Neem,Giloy ect... will protect us from most of the infection. 

Finally India got its Carona Dashboard

Updating every 4 hrs..  
Keep this link  for getting updates about CORONA virus situation in India.. 
No more relying on rumours!

As many as 255 Indians in Iran have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, Ministry of External Affairs said
Next 15-20 days
Corona Virus precautions for house-holds:

1. Wash milk bags the moment we take it & wash your hands while you are at it.

2. Consider cancelling newspapers.

3. Keep a separate tray for couriers. Courier person can place the envelope/pkg in the tray and courier may be left untouched for at least 24 hours. 

4. Instruct maids not to touch main door. On entering the home, she has to immediatly wash hands thoroughly, before touching other things . After that, wipe the calling-bell switch with a cleaning fluid :)

3. Avoid getting swiggy, amazon etc as far as possible.

4. Wash all fruits and vegitables once we bring them home.

5. Remote, phone and keyboards are the most highly contaminated elements in our house. Clean them at least once a day using cleaning fluid.

6. Wash hands frequently when in house or in office. Once every hour at least.

7. Avoid public transport as far as possible. Even Ola and Uber may be used when absolutely unavoidable.

8. Avoid gyms, swimming pool and other exercise areas, where surface contact or air-borne contamination is inevitable.

9. Cancel tuitions, dance/music classes, etc.

10. When you return home from office, shopping, etc. discard your clothes and wash your hands and feet thoroughly.

11. Most importantly do not touch hands anywhere on face. Inform children and parents.

12. Ask senior citizens to stop going for the routine walking exercise. 

Lets all be alert as we will enter stage 3 soon which is an outbreak of infection in community (from individual cases)

May be I am sounding a little over cautious but still wanted to share

Mar 12, 2020

golden rules of healthy living.

20 golden rules of healthy living.

Now-a-days living lifestyle is the root cause of many diseases, if a slight change is made, freedom from many diseases can be found without medicine. Let us know these golden rules.

1. Milk tea and salty taken with it are the biggest cause of skin diseases and stomach diseases growing nowadays.

2. Tying a tight tie has a negative effect on eyesight.

3. Reading more bends has a bad effect on the lungs, spine, and light of the eye.

4. Large intestine shrinks due to the consumption of excessively cold frozen foods.

5. Digestive power is slowed by taking a bath after a meal. Similarly, intercourse immediately after a meal, toiling and sleeping too much destroys digestive power.

6. The biggest reason for getting out of the stomach is to eat by standing or sitting on a chair table and drinking water immediately after. Always have food sitting on the ground. By doing this, you will not be able to eat more than necessary. Drinking water after meals is an invitation to many serious diseases.

7. In the beginning of the meal, one should consume sweet-juice (sweet), acid in the middle, salt juice (sour, salty) and finally, bitter, tikt, kashay (tart, peppery, kasela) juice.

8. Wash hands after meals and apply wet hands on eyes. This will protect the eyes from heat.

9. Drink a glass of plain water before taking a bath. This will keep away from the problem of high blood pressure to a great extent.

10. Start the bath with your head. If you do not wash hair, then wash it first. By pouring water on the feet first, the flow of heat is upwards and damage to sensory organs like eye, brain etc.

11. Before going to sleep, after bathing and after having eaten food, do urination. It can prevent unnecessary heat, constipation and stones.

12. Never give up completely in one go, instead of stopping. This rule is for both men and women. By doing this, procrastination related to reproductive organs can be easily avoided.

13. Standing and urinating gives the possibility of spinal diseases. Similarly, standing water and drinking water causes joint diseases like arthritis.

14. Water should not be drunk immediately after eating fruits, sweets made from milk, oily food. Never cold water at all.

15. Waking up in the night more often leads to lower immunity.

16. Whenever rinse, do wash the eyes. Otherwise, the heat coming out of the mouth when it gets filled will harm the eyes.

17. Every time thousands of brain cells are destroyed by consuming drugs like cigarette tobacco etc. they are never rebuilt.

18. Stool urine, Venus cough, sneezing, apnea, yawning, vomiting, apps, tears, tears etc. A total of 13 stagnant velocities have been reported, never stop them. Stopping them can lead to serious diseases. Many diseases are not allowed every day and a lot of money is given to the doctor. Make it an integral part of the treatment routine.

20. Please give thanks to God before sleeping. No matter how your day was Reviewing the work done throughout the day, make an action plan for the next day and now try to relax the body and mind by taking deep and long breath. Surrender all your stress, worries, thoughts etc. to the Supreme Father, God and go to sleep in a relaxed manner.

Feb 29, 2020

March 1st 2010 ayurveda jobs

Vacancy in karimnagar 
Qualification BAMS 
No need of experience
Salary 30000.
Contact 8919709517

Feb 7, 2020

case discussions

Good Afternoon gurus...

Yesterday evening...7 years child came to my opd...

Already diagnosed case...B Cell lymphoblastic leukemia ...

Already chemo done..

Now patient condition is very good
All reports are normal 

But that parents came for improve immunity and stop reoccurrence...

Kindly share ur opinion....

Dr S Mahesh Kumar:
Snehapanam with Maha tiktaka ghritam

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
A  male pt age 47 is having high diastolic pressure from 3-4 months,120-130/100 or sometimes more ,but yesterday it was 100and on Homeo medicines... Wanted ayurveda rx... Is it a good idea to continue with rx or to start allopathy medication ( by referring to allopath) 
He is having headache early morning& evening..otherwise complaints related kidneys or etc...

Dr.pradp Noori:
What is the diffrence between 
Arogyavardhini soothasakharras ras and Kamadhoodha ras ?

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
Avv is tridosha balancing 
Remaining   act in pitta
Ingredients too are different..

And AVV is aamapachan too

Veeratarvaadi gave good results in kidney stones.. Along with regular rx..  A patient from canada in the trip for 2 months corrected with pathyapathya& medicines worked in 3wks itself complaints...

Dec 25, 2019

ayurveda jobs Dec 29- 2019


Required *Higher Faculty- Reader and Professor* at K.V.S Institute Of Ayurvedic Medical Science And Research Center (Near Varanasi) with intake capacity of 100 seats is having vacancy in Panchkarma, Shalya Tantra, Shalakya Tantra, Rognidan & Vikruti Vigyan, Swathvritta  subject

Please email your CVs -
contact - 9130883428
Please share for someone needy.
Urgent requirement for Reader in Shalya,Shalakya, Panchkarm, Swasthwrutt.
Dr Shrivastav Sir

Required faculty in Bhagwant Ayurvedic College and Hospital. 


1.  Basic Principles
2. Sharir Rachana
3. Sharir Kriya
4. Swasthvritta
6. Panchkarma

*Regular Salary on every first week of month*

Intrested candidates shall apply immediately with all testimonials.
Mail id- 
Salary:- Negotiable
For more details WhatsApp No:-  9130883428

Urgent requirement for reader or professor 
In Kriya, Rachana, Chikitsa, Swasthwrutt.
Tiwari sir

Urgent requirement for Reader in Chikitsa, Shalya, shalakya, Panchkarm
Dr Rajesh Shrivastav sir

Required faculty in Bhagwant Ayurvedic College and Hospital. 


1. Basic Principles
2. Sharir Rachana
3. Sharir Kriya
4. Swasthvritta
5. Shalya
6. Panchkarma

*Regular Salary on every first week of month*

Intrested candidates shall apply immediately with all testimonials.
Mail id- 
Salary:- Negotiable
For more details WhatsApp No:-  9130883428.  

Urgently Required Readers in Following Subjects
Samhita Siddhant,
Ras shastra,

Attractive salary

Opening for Ayurveda physician at Nuayurveda clinic Mumbai. Full time consultant. Tuesdays off.interested candidate please mail your resume to

Dec 22, 2019


 Rasashala Medicines 

Arka pushpadi Yoga;;Ref: Vangasen
1.Shweta Arka Pushpa roasted chicken n mustard( sarshapa tail)
2.Gud -jaggery

 Abhrak Bhasma yog------Abhraka bhasma Yoga -
Reg: Brihathyoga chinthamani
Ingredients- Abhrak bhasma (shataputi) , Haridra, Triphala


Amladhya lauh... reff:Rasendra saara sangraha...Ingredients:Lauhwbhasma,Kana, Dhatri, sita

Bakuchyadi Lepam “Switra Roga Orakarana”-Vrinda Madhav


Ayushkara yoga --Aayushkar YogRed: Agnipurana;;;;Ingredients:musta, Rajani, Daruharidra, Ugra.

Bhringamalaki / Bhringarajadi choorna-------Bringarajadi Churna;;Red: Baishajya Rathnavali
Ingredients: Keshraja , Dhatri , Tila

Chincha paanakam
Red: Bhaishajya Kalpana
Chincha , Sita , maricha , jeeraka, saindhava lavanam

Chandranshu Ras-----Reg - Vangasen
Ingredients- kajjali, Vanga bhasma , Abhrak bhasma, louha bhasma
Bhavana with Kumari Swaras

ref: Bhaishajya Rathnavali , Chakradatta...
Dhanya, Nagar(Shunti) , Mustha, sariva, Bilva phal majja ...

Dhatri chatussama avaleha------
Dhatri Chatussamavalehyam - Ref: Vangasen
Dhatri, shatavari, sita & Madhu

Drakshadi guti ...
Ref: Vaidyachinthamani
Draksha , Khajur, chironji,chaturjatak, yesti, musli, chandan, Jaiphal &pavad ( chakramardha)

Drakshadi gutika -Drakshadi Gutika;;;Ingredients:Ras Sindhura Draksha Chaturjatak Yesti Pavad  R.chandan  Kajur  Piyala  Musali  Jatiphala
Reff: VaidyachinthamaniSnatugathavata prakaran
Drakshadi vati ...
draksha, Pathya , sita

Erandadi Gutika - ref: Brihat Nighantu Rathnakar;
Eranda beeja majjaa ,sita, nager

Gandhaka rasayana ---Gandhak Rasayan...
Ref: Vaidyachinthamani
Shuddha Gandhak,
Triphala ,
Loha bhasma ,
Shudh Ghee,

Gandhak Kalpa
Sudha gandhaka,
Go gritam,
Madhu... all equal quantities

Guduchyadi Yog - Reff: Vangasen
Guduchi, apamarga, Urga, nager, shatavari, pathya, vidanga , shankha pushpi-

Guduchyadi Modak...
reff: Bhava prakasha
Guduchi, Guda, Madhu & Gritham...

Guduchyadi rasayana -Guduchyadi Rasayan...
Ref : Vangasen, Bhaishajya rathnavali,Brihath Nighantu
Guduchi , Apamarg,Vidanga, pathya ( Harithaki) , Vacha , shankhapushpi, shatavari, Sunti ( nagara)

Hridayarnava Ras
INGREDIENTS: kajjali, Sudhha Tamra Bhasma,
BHavana with: Triphala kashaya,kakamachi kashaya... alternate bhavanas...

Hemadri rasa ---Hemadri Ras -ref: Basavarajeeyam.Kajjali 1:2 parad & gandhak ,Louh bhasma 1 part ,
Triphala 3 parts ,Sita equal to all ...
Indravaruni Yoga...
Ref: Vaidyachinthamani... vatarog prakaran ...

kajjali--Preparation of kajjali...Dwiguna kajjali...
Parad 100 Grms
Gandhaka 200 Grms

Kalagnirudra rasa

kanadi churna----Kanadi churna
Reff: Vaidya chinthamani-
Ingredients: kana, Jeeraka, saidhava lavana

Karshyapotaka rasa

kuberaksha vati ------Kuberaksh vati reff... Vaidya chinthamani
Ingredients- Gritha brishta Hingu, Lashuna, Gogritam, Kuberakshaphalamajjaa

Preparing  ref   laghusuta shekhara rasa ;;; rasaratna sangraha  ingredients
1.Sudha gairika
3.Nagavalli swaras

Lekhaniya Rasakriya ...
Ref:Sarangadhar Samhitha

Lohadi Guggulu ...
Reff: Bhaishajyarathnavali...

lokanatha rasa-Loknath Ras
Red: Vaidyachinthamani
Astasanskaritha parad, Sudha Gandhaka, kapardha, shankh, Tankan & Godugdhaa...

Mrigank ras -continuation of Mrigank ras - from last weeks preparation-
Reff: Vaidyachinthamani...
Astasanskarita parada , Astasodhita Gandhak, swarna patra, Muktha & Tankana..

Nagarjunabhra rasa

Nishada vati ...Ref: vagbhat:
In all kushta rogas ...
Nagara, tuvaraka beeja majja,chitrakamula, vayuvidanga, pippali, swarnamakshika bhasma...

pippalyadi churna

Rakta mokshana with jaloka in verocose Ulcer.

Rudra Ras ...
ingredients: Kajjali- Nagavalli Swaras Bhavana...
Ref : Vaidyachintamani- Arbuda prakarana ..

Roudra ras ...
reff- rasachandamshu
Ingredients: sudha Parad & shudha gandhak, bhavana with Bala, punarnava, meghanatha Swaras, + puppali- then bhavana with gomutra...
then subjected to laghu puta..

Shankhadi Vati - “Netraroga Prakarana”

Sapthamrit lauh
Ref: Vaidyachinthamani
Ingredients: lauh bhasma, Dhatri, yesti,pathya,vibhitaki,gogritam & honey

Sapthamritha loha- Navamritha loha
Red : Rasa Samhitha
Loha bhasma
Praval pisti
Yashada bhasma
Grita & Madhu

Shatamulyadi Louha...
Reff: Bhaishajya Rathnavali
Shatavari, sarkara, dhanyaka, Nagakesar, swetha chandana, pathya, vibhitaki, dhatri, Nagara, mareecha, Kana, vidanga, chitrakamula, swetha tila, musthaka;- all equal parts , & louh bhasma ( equal to all)

Shudha Vishamushti yoga

Sukshma Triphala
Ingredients: Triphala & Kajjali

Shilajathu Churna
Prameha Prakaran

shilajitwadi loha

Swarnadi Varthi
Reg: Rasarathna samuchai
Ingredients: Swarna bhasma ,
Parad , kapardhik bhasma , puthi karanja patra Swaras


Talakeshwara rasa----reff - Vaidya chinthamani
Rasa sindhur, Abhrak bhasma, vanga bhasma& lauh bhasma...

Trailokyamohana Ras ...
reff: Rasa Chandamsu, rasendrachintamani...
ingredients: Vanga bhasma, Muktha bhasma & shilaajeeth...bhavana with Pashanabadha kashayam,
Murva , triphala kada bhavanas later

Trijatakadi vati

Ref: Vaidyayogchinthamani...
 parada  gandhaka abhraka  all equal quantities... @ HEART /Hridai...

vata rakshasa rasa 

Vyadhiharan Ras

Vrukka shulanthak vati
Pudina phool

Kumari swaras


Kaparaboina Sabitha:
Gd evng all a pt. Of urinary incontinence female 55yrs, I gave chandraprabha Vati and charak neo tablets .for how much time it vl take

And can we give kashaya vasti to her .with what drugs can we give.please specify

Dr.pradp Noori:
Give a matra vasti it would be helpful

Kashaiah Vasam:
Give Agnithundi vati 2bid 
Better result.
I seened

.s.s Sir:
Give Taleshwer Ras 1-1 Tid

Dr S Mahesh Kumar:
Vatsyamayantaka ghritam 5 ml bd before food,
Dhanvantari taila pichu below navel region daily at bed time 
Kaegels exercises  will help.

Purnendu Mehta:
Gm all of you 
Im having # in my 9th rib lt side .
I am not abel to take any pain killer 
Plz any one can guid me 🙏

Kashaiah Vasam:
Cap.Fusion 2 tid 
Ganda tail 10 drops with hot milk twice daily 
Rasnadi guggulu 2 tid

Saraswathi Sharma. K:
Can you give more details? Reason for#- how did you sustain the injury? How bad is the fracture? What are the difficulties you are experiencing now. Is it only pain or difficulty in breathing too? What's the reason you are unable to take pain killer- any allergies or any other problems? The more details you give about your condition the better treatment advice you get

Also upload your x-ray

Purnendu Mehta:
Yes sir 
While driving activa i fall down 
Sir having hair line # in 9th rib 
I am having problem while banding in front while coughing . And while getting up from bead .
Not allergic to any pain killer but does not suit me .
Will up load the x ray

Saraswathi Sharma. K:
Are you wearing any braces for fracture? By the way I am a Lady doctor

Dr Kaveti Rajyalakshmi:
Take Hadjod 1bd

Purnendu Mehta:
Yes mam

Murivenna balaswagandha Pichu
Lakshadhi guggulu
Gandha tailam in milk
Calskel nutra 1 afternoon time..

If manjistadhi lepa available...Very effective..

Dr.Rajshri Soni:
Laxadi guggulu works very fast to heal  any kind of fractures

.s.s Sir:
Chuna + Gud + Imli ka pani 
Little warm 
Bharjit godhum + Arjun roust in ghee, Add gud . 
Make Halwa and take it once a day for four weeks.

Dr.Rajshri Soni:
Hadjod of Himalaya

Dr.pradp Noori:
Here you need to treat 3 keeping in mind 
1. Astisandhan where you need little help of astiposhaka 
2. Vata shamaka due to abhghata 
3. Vatanulomana for correcting all other vata which can create kasa swasa and constipation which increases your pain .
Immobilization on 9 th rib is only a show.
Keeping all this in mind my 
Costly treatment is 
Sringibhasma +abrakabhasma +

+ arjuna + haritaki  in ratio of 1:2:5:5  2.5 gms twice with milk and swadistavirachan choorna 1/2 spoon bed time

Cheap treatment is 
Triodasanga guggulu +mahavatavidwasaras 1 tid 
Swadistavirachan ch bed time

Both works

Jayakrishna Kulamarva:
murivenna and kethakeemooladi local pichu

apply a mixture of marma gulika and egg white over the affected part as lepa

asthisandh cap of Kashmir Ayurvedic 2 cap twice alongwith maharasnadi kashayam

take til and gud together for acceleration of healing

Dr,Dilkhush (DK) Tamboli:
*A case From Dr.Dilkhush Tamboli's DK files*

महिला रुग्ण ......वय 67 

सन्यास अवस्था मे ही पहली मुलाकात

Past Histroy में

1.पहले रुग्णा  को 
   ज्वर,कफज कास के लक्षण उत्पन हुए
   हॉस्पिटल में admit किया xray चेस्ट किया तो उन्होंने उससे Pneumonia का Dignosis किया 15 दिन के लिए रुग्ण को ICU में admit किया चेस्ट clear हो गयी लेकिन mild fever बचा रहा डॉक्टर ने डिस्चार्ज किया कुछ antibiotics और antipyretic देकर घर भेजा लेकिन कास उपशम से भी ज्वर लक्षण बचा रहा और साथ मे दौर्बल्य भ्रम जैसे लक्षण शुरू हो गए ...

2 अल्प ज्वर और भ्रम 1 महीने तक रहा उसके बाद patient को ज्वर के साथ
उभय हस्त पाद क्रियाहानी (quadriplegia)
ये लक्षण उत्पन्न हुये
रुग्ण को हॉस्पिटल मे भरती करके
ventilator पे लेकरं सब emergency treatment की गयी 15 दिनतक रुग्ण हॉस्पिटलमे था ventilator win हुआ लेकीन शारीरिक लक्षणो मे कोई सुधार नही हुआ इसलीये रुग्ण को हॉस्पिटल से discharge किया गया
डिस्चार्ज के समय के लक्षण

इसके बाद रुग्ण को एलोपैथी दवा के साथ
आयुर्वेद की दवाई शुरू की गई
वो presription आगे बताता हूँ
*ये priscription मेरा नही है*
1.बृहत्वातचिन्तामनी रस
2 श्वासकास चिंतामणि रस
3. महासुदर्शन
    तुलसी बीज
4.कपोत विष्ठा 
(This is not my prescription)

हुम् रुग्ण को मिलने से पहले ये दवा 15 दिन तक शुरू थी लेकिन इसका कुछ भी परिणाम नही मिला था

हमने जब रुग्ण को देखा तब जो लक्षण देखे वो आगे बताता हूं

-सन्यास के साथ
-ज्वर (mild fever)
-स्त्यांन कफ( tracheostomy tube से निकल रहा था)
-शुष्क मल प्रवर्तन (हर 2 दिन के बाद मल प्रवर्तन)
ये लक्षण थे

1st day...
1.पंचभद्र कषाय      सुबह........ शाम
2.एरंड तेल 2 tsp रात को

 (Through RT)

2nd day
       सात  वेग आ गये
       ज्वर लक्षण था
       1.पंचभद्र कषाय सुबह ....शाम
       2.एरंड तेल 2 tsp रातको
*शाम 6 बजे के बाद ज्वर लक्षण कम हुआ जो आजतक कभी आया नही*

*आँखोमे थोडा  2 मिनट के लिये awakning दिखा*

3rd day...
            6 मल के वेग आये

     1.पंचभद्र कशाय.. सुबह शाम
     2 एरंड तेल रातको

आँखे खुलने का समय  बढ गया

4th day

       6 मल वेग
         1.एरंडतेल रात को
         2.अनंता मंजिष्ठा लेप
         (at the site of Hematoma)
         3.अनंता मंजिष्ठा शतपुटी अभ्रक ( bid )

*awakened for 5 hrs. In afternoon. No fever*

5th day 

    Awakened eyes for 7 to 8 hrs
    Slight Leg movement started

          1. एरंडतेल रातको
          2.अनंता मंजिष्ठा लेप
          3.अनंता मंजिष्ठा अभ्रक bid
          4.अविपतीकर bid
          5. सुवर्ण सूतशेखर bid

कफ स्त्यांनता decreased
6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th

Same treatment given slowly
Patient become conscious
Responded well all movements become normal
After removal of tracheotomy tube patient started speaking
Started walking with help

Now no need of support

Vd. Uday Patil:
कोष्ठस्थ दोषसंचय से बुद्धी आवरण रूप संन्यास अवस्था मे गये रुग्ण को विरेचन रूप दोष निर्हरण से व्याधीमुक्ती 👌👍

Purnendu Mehta:
Respected all my guru and vidhya plz suggest treatment for lypoma one of my patient is suffering since last 12 year

Kashaiah Vasam:
Kanchanara guggulu 
Varunadi kashayam
Harithaki churna 1tsp warm water internal 5am

Dr Manik Dixit (B7-708) Authentic Ayurveda:
These look like neurofibroma.

Dr Rashmi Patil:
Yes sir mine same opinion

Sukashanth Padmashali:
Vrudhivadaka vati

Vidya Viddhu:
Hi gud evng is myself..age..29yrs..

Mild chest went fr ecg...

geetha madhuri:
Can u pls guide me in a case of palmar and plantar psoriasis in 8 yrs old kid since 3yrs

Is it a good idea to go for vamana in 8yrs old boy

Internally kaishora guggulu Arogyavardhini

External... Jatyadhi ghrita ointment application

Dr,Dilkhush (DK) Tamboli:
सर आज का पंचांगम नही आया

Dr.nageswr Gokul:
1.Brihat danta paala taila ext.application. Twice 

2.Arogyavardhani.2 tab BD

3.Guduchi ch + Yestimadhu  ch 1/4 th Akshaya BD .

4.Amrutha Guggulu 2 Tab Tid.

Avoid kapha prakopakara aahaaram vihaara.

Dr.pradp Noori:
Q. Yes or know or no 
Amavata condition : Sandhivata with soft swelling 
Kottamchikadi choorna ( main sigru Sarshapa sunthi chincha) apply with rice water or tamarind leaf water .till the swelling reduces 
After that 
Kottamchikadi tailam 
It produces heat .
Internally Simhanadaguggul or yogaraj guggulu with punarnava mandoor 
With any pain reducing kashaya like Maharasnadi kwatha with guggulu 
Good ayurvedic morning to all


Dr Manik Dixit:
Please suggest some ayu herbs for kitchen garden

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
Vajravalli is good
Doddapatre is good
Ondelega or mandukaparni
Lemon varieties
Ganike soppu
Honagane soppu
Tulasi varieties
Kapikachu( velvet beans)
Turmeric ( varieties)
Basale soppu
Nugge Soppu

Lemon grass

Hippali& betel leaf too

Chakramuni ( multivitamin)

Punarnava ..komme soppu

" *Ayurvedic Unit Converter*" as name indicates, it converts measuring units like weight, length, time etc. New thing is that it also has measuring unit of Ayurveda like ratti, masha, tula etc.
*please watch it and share as much as possible*

Schrebera swietenioides

Collected during recent expedition to Srishailam forest

One of Astavargas
Srishailam forest

 trichosanthes dioica.
చేదు పొట్ల

Dec 1, 2019

2019 ayurveda latest news


Cardamom (Elaichi) Tea For Diabetes: A Natural Home Remedy For Managing Blood Sugar 

Cardamom has been used in ancient Ayurveda practices for its healing prowess.

Indian kitchens are a stockpot of various foods with a cornucopia of spices that come together to make Indian cuisine a melting pot of flavours. There are some spices that are used in everyday cooking for almost all meal preparations. And, there are some spices that are used sparingly in selected meals. Cardamom or elaichi usually makes it to our traditional desserts and some select savoury dishes like biryani. The green pods of cardamom impart an invigorating aroma and a sweet minty flavour to any dish they are added to. Some people just chew into them straight after a meal for fresh breath. While we are at it, we would like to mention that cardamoms are also added to tea for its distinct taste and innumerable health benefits.
For the unversed, cardamom is a common ingredient for our ever-favourite tea. In fact, many people add this spice every day to their daily cup of tea. Cardamom has been used in ancient Ayurveda practices for its healing prowess. The spice is known to alleviate common infections like cold and cough; as it's replete with antioxidant and antibiotic properties. Cardamom has also been known to aid weight loss and help in dealing with some symptoms of depression and high blood pressure. The fact that drinking cardamom tea could assist in handling diabetes is something that may not be very well known. Many scientific studies conducted on the effects of cardamom suggest that the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and hypolipidemic properties of the spice may help in regulating blood sugar level.

Here's how you can make cardamom tea to combat diabetes –

Milk Tea With Cardamom

Crush 2 cardamom pods for 1 cup of tea and add in boiling water. Then add tea leaves and milk just like you make your regular tea. If you add crushed ginger with cardamom to boiling water, it would perk up the healthfulness and taste of your beverage. You may add natural sweeteners like honey if you want to, but we'd advise you to consult your doctor in advance.

Cardamom-Pepper Tea

For 1 cup of tea, add 2 pods of cardamom, 2 pods of cloves, 2 peppercorns and half inch cinnamon stick to 2 cups of boiling water. Bring down the flame and let it simmer for at least half hour. Strain the water and add milk to it.

Black Tea

Peel the skin of 2 cardamom pods and throw them along with the skin in boiling water. Add tea leaves and let it boil. Strain and drink this tasty black tea.
Make your tea the way you like it but with the addition of cardamoms, which naturally have a mild sweet taste. Make one of these drinks a regular part of your diabetes diet but we suggest you always consult your doctor or dietitian before making any sudden dietary changes.

AYUSH & WHO to develop standardized terms, benchmarks for Ayurveda, Traditional Medicine

The Ministry of AYUSH is hosting two World Health Organization (WHO) meetings during the last week of November and first week of December this year at the Institute of Post Graduate Teaching and Research in Ayurveda (IPGT&RA) at Jamnagar in Gujarat, and another in Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga & Naturopathy in New Delhi.
The first of the two meetings, WHO-International Experts Consultation Meeting (IECM) from 26 to 29 November, shall host 51 selected international experts (from all six WHO regions) of Ayurveda, Unani and Panchakarma, as well as Traditional Medicine practitioners, researchers, health policy makers, regulators and administrators.
The second meeting, WHO Working Group Meeting (WGM) from 2 to 4 December, shall host 42 selected international experts (from all six WHO regions) of Traditional Medicine literary research, and other related academics including different language experts (Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and Tamil) with specific knowledge and experience in working in the area of Traditional Medicine languages and scripts.
WHO is developing Benchmarks Document for Practice of Ayurveda, Panchakarma & Unani and International Terminologies Documents in Ayurveda, Siddha & Unani as part of its global strategy to strengthen the quality, safety and effectiveness of Traditional and Complementary Medicine (T&CM).
Development of this benchmarks document is included in the Project Collaboration Agreement (PCA) signed between WHO and Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, on Cooperation in the field of Traditional and Complementary Medicine (T&CM) under WHO strategy on T&CM covering the period 2014-2023.
The consultation meeting of international experts (IECM) on the benchmarks for practice is a continuation of the Working Group Meeting (WGM) WHO organized on the same subject during the September of 2018 at National Institute of Ayurveda at Jaipur.
The practice benchmark documents are expected to serve as international benchmarks for qualified practice of Ayurveda, and Unani. They will frame the safety requirements for practicing Ayurveda, Panchakarma, and Unani and provide qualifying criteria for practitioners of Ayurveda and Unani among addressing other details and nuances of medical practice.
These documents shall serve as reference to national authorities to establish and strengthen regulatory standards and ensure practice of Ayurveda, Panchakarma, and Unani, and assure patient safety.
The purpose of the WHO Working Group Meeting (WGM) is to review, comment and revise the draft documents prepared on the Standard Terminologies of Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha by a select group of nine experts.
The WGM shall help in arriving at an international consensus regarding the structure and content of each of the documents, including on occasions, consensus on the meanings and definition of words used in these systems.
The documents are expected to provide a list of terms in the respective systems; their definitions (short or explanatory descriptions as required) including contextual meanings of the terms; classical usage of the terms with references to the definitions’ suggested English terms; synonyms; and even define exclusions to the meanings of the term in medical context.
The documents shall cover terms related to basic principles, fundamental theories, human structure and function, diagnosis, pathologies, patterns, and body constitutions, pharmacognosy, pharmacology, preparation of food and medicines, therapeutics, and preventive and health promotion interventions, and miscellaneous terms in the respective medical systems.
93 International experts are being invited from nearly 30 different countries (Covering all six regions of WHO) including Japan, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Mauritius, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, UAE, Iran, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Latvia, Austria, Denmark, Russia, Hungary, USA, Canada, and Argentina.
Last week, AYUSH Ministry announced that it has teamed up with global health agencies to promote Ayurvedic medicines.

oct 27 2019 

Ayurveda practitioners honoured for their contribution to field

Four practitioners of ayurveda were felicitated for their work in the field by Shree Baidyanath Ayurved Bhavan Pvt Ltd, as a part of Dhanwantari Jayanti celebrations at Vasantrao Deshpande Hall on Friday.

Ayurveda practitioners honoured for their contribution to fieldNAGPUR: Four practitioners of ayurveda were felicitated for their work in the field by Shree Baidyanath Ayurved Bhavan Pvt Ltd, as a part of Dhanwantari Jayanti celebrations at Vasantrao Deshpande Hall on Friday.

The programme marked the fourth National Ayurveda Day, which the ministry of AYUSH has been observing since 2016 to create awareness about the numerous health benefits of ayurveda and to promote a holistic lifestyle.

Eminent ayurveda specialist Dr Samir Jamdagni presided over the function. Shree Baidyanath Ayurved Bhavan general manager BK Shrikhande, president Siddhesh Sharma, managing director Suresh Sharma, senior president Pranav Sharma and CEO Shruti Sharma were also present.

Dr VR Padmanabha Rao from Bengaluru, Dr Tushar Saundankar from Pune, Dr Gauri Mandar Borkar from Thane and Dr Neeraj Kanungo from Indore were honoured for their sincere dedication to the sphere of ayurveda.

Reacting to his felicitation, Rao acknowledged the gesture and said, “It gives me immense pleasure and I am extremely thankful to Baidyanath Bhavan for awarding me on this auspicious day when ayurveda is celebrated. This felicitation is a sign of recognition of my work, and also a reminder that I must not stop where I currently stand, but go ahead and reach the outer peripheries in this field.”

Breaking the myth of ayurvedic practice being a lost cause for women, Borkar said, “Women have the added responsibilities of nurturing a family. It is not impossible for women to establish a balance in this lifestyle if we consider our family as our strength. Also, the team that works for us is like our extended family for the support they provide to us.”

Saundankar said that the felicitation is an encouragement to put continued efforts in this field. Kanungo spoke about the affordability and effectiveness of Baidyanath medicines.

Adhering to the theme of longevity for this year, Jamdagni suggested tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He said, “One cannot escape the clutches of old age. It is a question of how healthy you are to keep the diseases at bay.”

Speaking about the importance of a sound sleep, he said, “Everyone must sleep by 10pm at the latest. A proper sleep cycle ensures efficiency in work and the energy of our body is utilized positively.” He also talked about the benefits of eating in appropriate quantities and regular exercise.

Shrikhande proposed the vote of thanks. Dr Ramesh Sharma and Kedar Joshi conducted the programme.

Maharashtra to set up Ayush hospital in every district

Maharashtra to set up Ayush hospital in every districtThe state is planning to set up at least one Ayush hospital in each district, said the assistant director of the state government's Ayush department, Subhash Gholap.

Speaking at an event celebrating National Ayurveda Day on Dhanteras (the birth anniversary of Dhanwantri, the god of Ayurveda), Gholap said that the state was committed to promote Ayurveda, the ancient system of medicine.

"In line with the Union Ayush Ministry to promote Ayurveda, the state has decided to establish an Ayush hospital in every district," said Gholap. He added that promotion of health and prevention of disease is the aim of Ayurveda, and the state is committed to take this traditional medicine to the doorsteps of people.

Shashank Sandu, who organised the event where Vaidyas (Ayurveda medicine practitioners) were felicitated for their contributions to the field, said Vaidyas have kept Ayurveda alive for centuries and the science could be passed on to next generations only because they safeguarded it in adverse conditions.

Govt plans to extend NPOP organic certificate to textile, cosmetic, AYUSH products

"NPOP, launched in 2001, is the world's largest organic certification programme. As a step further, NPOP now proposes to enter into organic AYUSH products, organic textiles and organic cosmetics," agri-export promotion body APEDA Chairman Paban K ...

NEW DELHI: To boost export of organic products, the government plans to extend its existing certification to textile, cosmetics and ayurveda, yoga, naturopathy, unani, Unani, sidha and homeopathy (AYUSH) products, agri-export promotion body APEDA Chairman Paban K Borthakur said on Thursday.

At present, organic foods are certified through the National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP) of Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) under the Commerc ..
"NPOP now spans over the entire organic agriculture production scenario and is offering certification services for practically all possible activity starting from crops, livestock, aquaculture, processing and niche segments like mushrooms and sea weeds," he said.

In order to further boost export of organic products from the country, Borthakur said the APEDA is targeting to get the recognition for India's NPOP from many more countries including Canada, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Compared to international trade of about USD 97 billion, Indian market seems to be very small, but it is growing very fast, he said.

India exported 6.14 lakh tonnes of organic food products valuing Rs 5,151 crore in 2018-19 to countries such as the US, European Union, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Israel, South Korea, Vietnam, New Zealand and Japan, he added.

According to APEDA, India produced around 2.67 million tonnes of certified organic products in 2018-19. The production ..

is not limited to the edible sector but also extends to organic cotton fibre and functional food products.

Total area under organic certification process (registered under National Programme for Organic Production) was 3.56 million hectare till March 2019. This includes 1.94 million hectare cultivable area and another 1.49 million hectare for wild harvest collection.

Among states, Madhya Pradesh has covered largest area under organic certification followed by Rajasthan, Mahara ..


I am 85-years-old. A few months ago I have developed itching all over the body. I have tried different types of lotions, creams, neem oil etc, but with no success. I am not getting peaceful sleep for a few nights due to uncomfortable “pins and needles” feeling all over my body. Please suggest a remedy.—Vishwanath

Since the application of different oils and creams did not bring the slightest improvement in your condition and the feeling of “pins and needles” indicates that the trouble is not limited only to the skin or blood impurity, it has a deeper origin. We would like to know about your daily diet. It is best to include 4-5 teaspoons of homemade Ayurvedic ghee every day in the diet as it nourishes nerves and purifies the blood. Drinking a glass of milk with ananta kalpa every morning will be beneficial. Avoid wheat and oil in your daily diet for some days. It is necessary to consult an Ayurvedic physician to get a proper diagnosis of your constitution as well as of the disease. The severity of the symptoms indicate that the cause may be either vata dosha imbalance or decrease in strength of nerves. You can immediately start taking panchatikta ghruta, which helps to balance the vata and the pitta doshas.

I am a 29-year-old married woman. Muscles of my chest and ribs have become very stiff, their flexibility has reduced drastically and I am experiencing a continuous pulling pain. There is also a slight swelling. I am under medication for blood pressure. I have undergone all tests for heart, and the reports are normal. Please suggest a remedy.—Nandini

To rejuvenate the flexibility of muscles and reduce swelling, apply Abhyanga oil regularly. It is an easy and effective remedy that pacifies vata dosha. After application of oil, one can foment the chest with leaves of the Rui-Calotropis plant. If not available, foment with a hot water bag instead. Take care not to rub the oil in; gently apply the oil so that it gets absorbed. Also, ensure the temperature of the hot water bottle is not too high. Taking Ayurvedic vata pacifying tablets like Yogiraj Guggul or Vaatabal tablets will be beneficial. You may also take Dashamularisthta, which will help reduce swelling and stiffness. Regular practice of anulom vilom pranayam will also definitely improve your condition.

I am a 31-year-old man. I am married for four-and-a-half years. I still don’t have any children. According to reports, the sperm motility is low. Kindly suggest a remedy.  —Vijay Shah

This problem can be solved with proper medication after consulting an Ayurvedic doctor. All the seven dhatus especially the majja or bone marrow, need to be nourished to tackle this issue. It is necessary to include food items in your diet that have a high veerya or potency, like milk, traditional homemade ghee, panchamrut (the nectar-tonic made by mixing five veerya-increasing substances viz milk, sugar, honey, curd and ghee). Every morning, eat four to five almonds that have been soaked overnight in water. Avoid intake of raw onion and curd, especially at night. Gokshuradi churna increases veerya. It is made of medicines like Gokshur, Anantamul, Vidari and Shatavary which can be taken with ghee and sugar. Rasayan rejuvenating tonics made from gum acasia, musali, dry dates, godambi like marrosan that can increase the dhatus and veerya will help. Sometimes the problem is in the mechanism of converting the food into energy especially up to the seventh stage of transformation or veerya. This is also a stage associated with sperm. Please consult an Ayurvedic doctor to diagnose your constitution, undergo special therapies, and take the appropriate medications.
 what to eat
Monsoon comes like a breath of cool, fresh air after the hot summer months. For most people, it’s their favourite time of year. Unfortunately, other species seem to like it too. Bacterias grow profusely in this season. And with the humidity at 70-100%, fungi and moulds also thrive in this season. As a result, the cooler temperatures and wetter environs can harm your health if you are not careful.
The proliferation of bacteria, fungi and moulds can cause any number of infections and diseases. From the flu to dengue, there is a whole range of diseases that raise their ugly heads during monsoon.
Ayurveda, India’s ancient system of medicine and good health, divides the year into six seasons. According to an article on India’s National Health Portal, seasons are determined by the movement of the sun into Adana Kala (northern solstice) and Visarga Kala (southern solstice) - each Kala is six months. During Adana, the sun and wind are powerful. During Visarga, the moon and earth become cool as the clouds, rain and cold winds gather. Varsha Ritu, the beginning of monsoon, is also the start of Visarga Kala.
According to Ayurveda, our metabolism becomes sluggish and our overall digestive system becomes weak during Varsha Ritu - from mid-July to mid-September. However, Ayurveda also has some strong recommendations on what to eat, how to stay healthy and make the most of the rainy season.
What to eat
  • Only consume fresh food.
  • Stick to a lighter diet. Control your portions and avoid fried and spicy foods as much as possible.
  • Incorporate healthier options like pure ghee, lentils, green gram along with rice and wheat in your diet.
  • Every day, eat a spoonful of grated ginger sprinkled with salt to taste. Ginger has medicinal powers to strengthen the immune system and protect you.
  • Drink lots of water. This will help in proper digestion, as well as improve metabolic rate.
  • Use pure and filtered water. You can also boil the water to kill most germs.
  • In case you have constipation, eat 3-5g of Kadukkai (Terminalia chebula).
What not to eat
  • Say no to food from roadside stalls.
  • Do not consume uncooked foods like salads.
  • Do not eat stale food. Try and eat it as soon as it is cooked.
  • Avoid food items like meat that take a longer time to digest.
  • Choose your veggies wisely from the market and avoid buying rotten and flabby vegetables.
In addition to these, Ayurveda suggests avoid sleeping during the day, keeping your surroundings clean and your feet dry, and you should be fine. For extra protection, use disinfectants like loban and dry neem leaves - just make a small potli in a muslin cloth and keep it in your cupboard, and it should kill insects and microbes alike. Ayurveda also recommends using perfumes in this season.
Health articles in Firstpost are written by, India’s first and biggest resource for verified medical information. At myUpchar, researchers and journalists work with doctors to bring you information on all things health. To know more on this topic, please visit
HP emerges as Ayurveda hotspot, gets Americans as studentsManali: A large number of professionals from various fields, including doctors, from the US have made Himachal a new hotspot to practice Ayurveda, the century-old ancient system of medicine in India, giving boost to the local tourism.

Several Ayurvedic doctors of Indian-origin in America are trying to motivate Americans to adopt Ayurveda and yoga to heal their body and Dr Naina Marballi is one of them. Born in Mumbai, Dr Naina had been running New York City’s oldest Ayurveda centre since 1998. From Hollywood celebrities to doctors and businessmen, a large number of Americans are pursuing Ayurveda with help of Naina.

She brings her students to Himachal for study programmes and her students further teach this ancient system of medicine to their students.

“India has already become a wellness centre of the world. Himachal has the capability to become the national wellness capital due to its pleasant weather and scenic locations. I bring 34 students at a time and most of them are from America,” Naina said, adding that half of them are students who wanted to visit India again 
“The atmosphere of Manali which is perfect to study Ayurveda has left an unforgettable impression on my students. They also practice yoga and chant Sanskrit mantras.”

Iwona Harris, a student from the US, said what can be the better place to learn Ayurveda other than India where Ayurveda evolved in ancient time. “I was excited to see Himalayas and study here. It’s beautiful. Ayurveda and yoga have impressed me a lot. Ayurvedic and herbal medicines ensure physical and mental health without any side effect. I have many reasons to choose Ayurveda,” she said.

Alexandra Martynova, the only student from Russia, who is also a renowned model, said she chose to learn Ayurveda because western medicines are used to cure a particular disease, but Ayurveda heals the whole body and can be applied before any disease attacks the body. “Regular practice keeps us physically and mentally fit. Learning Ayurveda in the lap of Himalayas make learning more exciting,” she added.

Given the demand from Indian and foreigner tourists, a large number of Ayurveda centres and spas are coming up in Himachal. A large number of hotels in Manali are emerging on the theme of yoga and Ayurveda tourism. Tourists are spending days, sometimes weeks practicing yoga.

Chaman Kapoor, owner of a hotel in Manali, said many of his clients were foreigners who come to practice yoga and Ayurveda. “I knew that yoga and Ayurveda tourism is the future of Manali. I tried to design my hotel keeping that in mind. I’m making more changes to the property to meet the demands of the clients. At times, they want to practice indoors and on other days they want to sit in open close to the nature.”

Atul Mohile from a Mumbai-based company, which organizes yoga and ayurveda tours in India, said this is the first time that he brought the Ayurveda and yoga tour to Manali and he is happy to choose this beautiful location.

“Manali has huge potential of Ayurveda tourism, but the government should improve the infrastructure. The government should not look at Manali only as a honeymoon and family tourism destination,” he said.

“The roads require a facelift. We had to travel for 15 hours from Delhi to Manali. Otherwise, this was just an 8-hour drive. The foreigners seemed upset with the journey. However, once we reached here, they were really impressed. After PM Modi spread awareness about Ayurveda and yoga, all want to come to India as it’s the place where both ancient practices took birth,” he said

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